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Can a lady really wear anything? Is heavy armor fashionable?



We killed that notorious vampiress at sunset. Funny, she had roughly the same size with her clunky heavy armor. So we cleaned it a bit and try it on:




Now what? Does it fit?


Hmmmmm, let me think. Inigo, what's your opinion? Inigo? Could you please pay attention?



Naaa, ok. It's heavy, it's dented, it smells ... yes it's crap!

Let's see if anyone wants to buy it.


Aaah, much better in your own clothes:



Time for a break and to rest for the night




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Aria: I think she looks good in armour and light armour.

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> I think heavy armor isn't for ladies. Nice leather light armor or outifts that wears Super girl and Wonder woman looks good :)

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Well it depends on what you think armour is for

  1. do you want armour that is functional
  2. do you want armour that is fashionable

Functional armour will keep you from getting killed.

Fashionable armour will more than likely get you killed.


In the movies women all wear ridiculous armour that shows more skin, or protrude  to show more breast.

In reality anything that protrudes or sticks out is something for a weapon to "catch" on.


In the movies Helmets have horns

Do you know what horns on a helmet are good for?


Something for your enemy to hold onto, so they can cut your head off.


If you have superpowers and really do not need armour, then you are wearing it as a fashion statement

as is the case with Super girl, and Wonder woman.


spoiler: Vikings never had horns on their helmets in real life. 


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