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The Blackreach Experiments Part 10



The Blackreach Experiments Part 10 - Second Chances

If you missed part 9, it's here: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/148/entry-655-the-blackreach-experiments-part-9/



***About 1 week after Celine summoned the Keeper into Nirn. ****


They had taken the long way to Riften and were only now getting close. They decide to make camp for the night. The Keeper waved her hands and the tent set itself up.



“Master, I have some questions. There is so much I don’t understand.”



“That’s okay pet, you’re not meant to understand much. But what is your question?” The conversation didn’t really bother the Keeper, she had been human once too and to talk to someone, even it was someone in a magical thrall, was still nice on occasion.



“Do you have a name? Something other than Master or Keeper?”



The Keeper laughed, “Yes pet, I do have a name, although I haven’t used it a very long time. It’s Solmyrkva.”



“Celine fumbled with the name, “Solmykiva…Solykvya…”

“The keeper held up a hand. “Why not Kiva for short? But when we’re alone, it’s Mistress. Master seems odd.”



Celine shook her head in agreement. “Okay, Kiva when we’re out and Mistress when we’re alone. Got it.” She was smiling ear to ear, overjoyed that her Mistress was happy with her.



Kiva continued looking at Celine. “Pet, you said you had some questions? Is there another?”

“Oh yes! I had forgotten.” Celine shifted nervously. “Well, you are all black and void-like. Why doesn’t anyone freak out when they see you?”



Kiva stood up and went to the mouth of the tent. “Well, when I was a dragon priest, I was tricked by the ideal masters. My body was destroyed, and …this is too complicated for you. Basically, things in the Cairn can’t normally exist in Nirn and the ritual that bound me to Nirn caused me to look like this. However, normal humans just see me as a young girl.



“This is normal humans see me.”



Celine had a headache from trying to grasp it all. She also looked a bit sad. Kiva noticed her mood, “Pet, what’s wrong?”

“I’m having trouble understanding. I used to be smart…I remember that.”



Kiva consoled her, “You’re as smart as I need you to be.”

Celine smiled, “Thank you Mistress.” Then she laid her head down and went to sleep.



“Sleep well little pet. I have so many more plans for you but you have too many questions.” She called up a spell and blue fire filled her hand.



She placed then placed her hand on Celine’s head. Celine let out a small sign. “Hopefully this is the last time I have to reduce your intellect.”



Kiva stepped out of the tent and placed a protective shield over it. “There. No one will be able to see or enter the tent.” Then she went to a nearby village to ask about current events and plan her next move.



Celine and Kiva resumed their trip to Riften. They arrived at the gate around noon. One of the guards stopped them. “Halt, before you enter the city, you have to pay the ta….” He squinted a bit before saying, “A kid and her mother. I can’t. Just forget the tax and go on in.”


As they entered the city, a woman named Mjoll told them to be careful, that this wasn’t a good place for two young women alone. Kiva brushed her off and they walked around Riften for a long while. When night started to comem they headed to the inn. Kiva ordered some food and drink and the two enjoyed a nice meal.


She noticed a couple of men kept looking over at Celine. “Looks like you have a couple of admirers pet,” she whispered. Celine blushed a bit but kept eating. “Oh, that gives me an idea,” Kiva said.



She got up from the table and spoke to the two men. Celine was thoroughly confused. Then Kiva spoke to the innkeeper. She handed her some gold and the innkeeper pointed upstairs.



Kiva led Celine to a bedroom. “Okay pet, this room is yours. I’ll be right downstairs. When you’re finished, I’ll join you. “Finished?” Celine asked. “Yes, pet. You’re about to have some company.



Several hours later, the two men came downstairs and left the inn. Kiva joined a very tired and worn out Celine. “Good job pet. Now we’re 500 gold richer.” Celine tried to get up but passed out. Kiva was about to lay down until she noticed the condition of Celine and the bed.




She locked the door with a spell and rented the adjoining room instead.



The next morning after a hot bath and breakfast. Kiva took Celine to a quiet spot by the lake. “I have some bad news,” she said. “Your husband Mani was found guilty of murder. Apparently, someone he was traveling with went on a killing rampage and Jarl Ulfric is blaming him since they can’t find the actual person.”



Celine had been playing with the bones on Kiva’s armor the entire time. She hadn’t even processed the fact that Mani was in Skyrim as being noteworthy. “Mistress, I still love him, and I don’t want him to die, but I don’t want him to take me away from you either.”



“Well, there is nothing I can do to get him out, but I could give you some time alone with him. Didn’t you tell me once that you wanted to have a child with him?”



Celine nodded her head.

“Well pet, I think you should. We’re heading to Windhelm. Lets go.



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Reads a bit like an interlude. I kinda like how Kive is keeping Celine stupid, almost mindless, i guess this story won't take a good end for her. Unless Mani has something up his sleeve, but i doubt that since he's in prison with basically nothing but rags.



I wonder what the Keepers intentions are.

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Yeah, there wasn't much action in this section. Some of these screenshots are getting harder to pull off too. But the more interesting parts are coming. The end is getting closer. 


This keeper isn't one of the ones in the Dawnguard story. The better question is, "What does she really want with Celine and what will happen to her when she gets it?" 

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