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The Blackreach Experiments Part 11



The Blackreach Experiments Part 11 - Trouble Brewing


If you missed part 10, it's over here: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/148/entry-660-the-blackreach-experiments-part-10/


Celine and Kiva arrived in Kynesgrove around late night. People were still frightened about a dragon that flew off from an area north of the city. Oddly enough, it didn’t bother to attack the town. It did fly off with a larger dragon though.




Celine was full of questions about the dragon and asked the innkeeper everything she could.




Kiva rented a room from the innkeeper and dragged Celine with her. As they got ready for bed, Kiva told Celine, “Listen, you can’t keep walking around in those fancy clothes. First off, they’re starting to smell, second people will assume you have high status and may ask you questions. You need to avoid that.”



“Yes Mistress. What did you have in mind?” Celine asked.

“Yes pet. Take this priest’s robe. You’ll need it.”



Kiva spent the day asking about shift changes, guard positions, and how often priests were allowed into the prison. Since she looked like a child to all normal folk, she just seemed like an inquisitive child.




****Later that night****

Celine made her way to the dungeons. Thanks to the Kiva’s instructions, Celine was able to walk in, under the guise of being a priest come to pray for the condemned.



Celine turned to the guard, “Would you mind leaving me alone? It is fitting that his last words be between the gods and himself.”




“Yes priestess, take all the time you need. The other guards are betting on a…I mean, have a rousing devotional going. I’ll be in the guardhouse if you need me.”



With that, the guard departed and Celine made her way to the cells.



She used a special spell that Kiva had imbued on her amulet. It would send her into the cell and back out again. She passed between the bars into Mani’s cell.



Mani realized someone was in his cell and quickly rolled over. “Celine! How did you get here?! Are you okay?”

“I’m fine dear, I heard what happened and I came here to see you.” Celine said.


“Dear, what is wrong with your eyes?” Mani had noticed how odd they looked.

“Nothing dearest. Now, you wanted to have a child with me. Now is your chance.”



Celine undressed and quickly removed Mani’s clothing. He was taken back by his wife’s sudden bluntness.



“Dear, this isn’t like you. Besides now isn’t the best time to have a child.”

“This is the last chance I will get to have a child by you darling.”

“Says who.” Mani retorted.



“Mistress. She told me your execution is pending. She made sure I got here before it happened.”

Mani noticed how blank eyes looked, like there wasn’t very much going on behind them. “Who is this mistress anyway? Besides you need to protect the dragonborn to make sure the future doesn’t turn out like it did.”



The entire time, Celine had been orally pleasing him. She knew what he liked and was doing all of it. She stopped for a second to say, “Mistress Kiva worries about my future now. She is all I need.” Then she got back to work.



Mani felt defeated seeing his wife like this and gave in to her demand for sex. He was simply too aroused to say no, besides this was probably a dream.



The sex seemed like the best they’d ever had. Celine was like an animal and it seemed to be rubbing off on Mani. All he could think about was burying his cock inside of her and unloading it. As soon as he came he heard a muffled scream from Celine, then he felt exhaustion come over him. His vision started to blur and he passed out.



Celine dressed herself and clutched the amulet.



She vanished from the cell, leaving Mani exhausted and naked on the cell floor.



She reappeared right where Mistress said she would.



****Back at the inn ****


“Did it go well?” Kiva asked. “Yes Mistress, it was amazing.” Celine still had a smile on her face.” Well, good job pet. Now we just have to wait and see if it took.


****About a week later, in Riften****

Kiva had managed to work out a deal with the Jarl of Riften to purchase the Honeyside house. She told them Celine was her mother, that she had been injured protecting her, and they desperately needed a place to stay.




Kiva displayed some of her magical talent and told the Jarl some of the spells she could do. She even displayed knowledge of alchemy and enchanting to the court mage.



Between the sob story and the display of magical talent/knowledge, the Jarl granted them the right to live in the city. As they were leaving the Jarl’s hut, she heard Jarl Lawgiver say, “I’ve never seen a child with so much talent. She’ll be someone important one day.”




The two women settled into their new home for their first night’s sleep. Celine drifted off first. Kiva walked up to her with a spell charged in her hand. “Pet, you’ve been too helpful to turn into mindless cattle. I’ll leave a bit of you in there.” She laid her hand on Celine’s head. Her body shuddered for a moment, but she stayed fast asleep.



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