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The Blackreach Experiments Part 9 - Accusations


You can read Part 8 here: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/148/entry-649-the-blackreach-experiments-part-8/



After meeting with Alduin, Arissa arrived at the Bannered Mare.

“Just waiting for the dragonborn to showup will be so boring. There is just nothing to do in this city. It’s a trade capital, shouldn’t it be busier,” she grumbled to herself.



She overheard Hulda tell Saadia that a man in strange armor was picked up by the companions. He had fought his way out of Blackreach and collapsed on the surface.

“Hmm,” she thought, “this could be interesting.”

She snuck up to his room to get a peak at the stranger.



“Wow,” he’s not bad at all.” she thought.

The man stirred in his sleep. “Celine…I’m sorry I couldn’t save you….” he mumbled.

“Well that’s no good. I need some entertainment…unless…” Arissa readied a spell she had recently learned. If it worked, whenever he looked at her, he would see the person he loves most. She charged the spell and struck him with it.



Sometime later, Mani woke from his sleep. “Is this the Bannered Mare? It must be. He walked to the indoor balcony connected to his room and looked out at the inn.



Then he saw her! His wife, Celine, sitting in the corner enjoying a drink. He blinked and realized it wasn’t her but a blue skinned woman.



Apparently she had caught him staring at her because she had gotten up and was coming toward the balcony.

“Got a good look?” she asked.



Mani looked down, ready to apologize but suddenly the woman looked like his wife. “Well, I’m waiting,” she said.

“Uh ummm sorry dear. I mean, not dear…. for a second you looked like my wife.”



“Well, someone is very forward. I’m really picky with my men but if you like what you see, then we can talk later.” She gave him a fiendish smile.



“No, I really didn’t.. I mean, you… agrh. Forget it. Mani went down to speak to the woman. He explained that his he and his wife, Celine had been separated and he didn’t know if she was alive or dead. Arissa feigned sympathy the entire conversation.



Mani straigtened in his chair “But the reason I am in Skyrim is to find the Dragonborn. All I know is there is a plot to kill him. I suspect the Thalmor so I need to find him and warn him.”

Arissa sat up straight and immediately wondered, “How did he know of Alduin’s plan to kill the dragonborn?” She knew she’d have to learn more. “Sure, I’ll help you find him. I’ve been curious what he is like.” She was of course lying but Mani had no clue.

She stood up, “Well, lets go.” Mani quickly looked because he heard that in his wife’s voice. And it was his wife staring at him.



But then it was just an impatient Arrisa again. “Yes, let’s go,” he said.

“I heard he may be travelling between here and Riften. I was going to wait but now that I have company, we can catch up to him.” Arissa patted Mani on the rear as she walked past.



The two made their way to Riften via carriage. It was an uneventful journey. By the time they arrived, Mani was exhausted. He booked a room and left Arissa to her own devices.



Meanwhile downstairs, Arissa spend the next half hour talking to the innkeeper about various things. “But anyway,” Arissa said, “I would love to meet the dragonborn. I mean, if he’s as amazing as they say what with fighting for the Stormcloaks, helping orphans, and being a champion of the people.”

Keerava leaned on the bar, “If you wanted to meet him, he just left. He shouldn’t be far. I’ll let your friend know you left.”

“Thank you,” Arissa said.



Keerava went about refilling drinks and didn’t see Arissa’s change in mood. “That bastard will NOT get away. I will not be deprived of my reward!” she fumed to herself.



Arissa was getting more and more furious as she left Riften. It was like she was tapping into power she didn’t know she had. Even her footsteps started leaving ice and frost on the ground.



She knew the direction he was heading and she was reacting on pure instinct. She ran to the cliff edge and threw as much magic behind her as she could. It was enough to propel her off the cliff.



She sailed gracefully through the air with her target in sight.



She used magic to cushion her blow. By now she was radiating with newly discovered power.



She was standing only feet from the dragonborn. “I’m going to enjoy killing you, What are going to do? Shout at me?”



“You’re not even worth the effort!” He moved with speed and agility that belied his stature. Arissa was caught totally off guard.



She readied her weapon but it only dinged his helmet. “By the gods, he can move fast!” she thought.



The battle spilled into a road, where it caught the attention of a Stormcloak patrol.



The dragonborn was taking the full force of her spell and still closing on her!



The Stormcloaks were almost upon them but she didn’t care. She let them share in the icy blast. The dragonborn dropped to his knees. He was gravely wounded.



Arissa turned her attention to the soldiers but there were too many. Far too many. She felled soldier after solider until one slashed her in the back. She shrieked out in pain.



She killed him with an ice spike but another guard got a well placed cut across her mid section. She collapsed.



The dragonborn came up behind her with the last of his stamina and stabbed her through the back. “Die you monster!” The sword grew cold as well did the surrounding air.




As he pulled the sword out, a surviving archer got in a few last shots.



She collapsed. Ready for death to take her, she whispered, “I just…wanted to go home.” Then a blinding light enveloped her and she was gone.



The dragonborn collapsed with the other bodies and the surviving archer ran to the closest city for help.



***Back in Riften ***

Mani woke to his room full of guards.

“What’s…” was all he had time to say.

The commanding officer spoke, “By order of the Jarl, you are under arrest for crimes against the city of Riften and the Stormcloak army. Now get up scum!”



He tried to reason with them but to no avail. Apparently Arissa had killed several guards in an attempt to kill the Dragonborn. “This can’t be happening,” he kept telling himself but when he got downstairs, he realized it was far worse than he thought.



He was stripped of all his gear and marched out of the city in chains. His only hope would be to speak to the Jarl of Windhelm and explain this was not his doing.



*** In Windhelm, several hours later ***


The priestesses had done all they could for the Dragonborn. He was given his own room at the inn but he had still not woken up.



Outside, the guards were discussing his situation. “So they say he fought some kind of devil.” The other turned to his comrade, “Hopefully the Jarl will do something about the guy that helped her. We had a chance against these damned dragons, but now…” The first guard tried to cheer up his friend, “Listen, when the Jarl returns from the summit, we’ll at least have a cease fire, Ulfric will think of something. Trust me.”



*** Down in the Windhelm dungeon ***

Mani had been locked into a cell. “Please! I’m innocent! I wanted to help the Dragonborn not kill him!”

But there was no one to listen to his pleas.



*** In a tranquil glade in Sovngarde ****

A magical explosion, followed by the cries of a woman in extreme pain shattered the silence.



Arissa lay before Alduin. “Rise mortal. You can not die here. Even know you are healed.”



Arissa got to her knees. She was still in terrible pain but thankfully not dying. Realizing Alduin was staring at her with anger, she began pleading, “Please Master, I’m sorry I failed you. I can’t beat him he’s just too strong. Please, just help me to get home and find someone else I beg of you.”


Alduin let out aa deep laugh. “Hahaha! I lied little one. That strange ship you came in was destroyed and I have no idea how to send you back.” But I won’t let you leave empty handed. He glared at her and magic engulfed her. She screamed in pain and the magic subsided.



“What…what have you done to me?!” Her tears were flowing down her face, she tried to wipe them but her hands had become claws. “Why?! Why would you do this?” She held her head in her hands, too ashamed to even look at herself now.

Alduin spoke to her again, “Once you leave this place, you will not be able to return. You will be feared and hunted across all of Tamriel. Not accepted by Man, Mer, or Dragon. That is your reward for failure. Mwhahaha.”



Alduin flew off into the sky and vanished, leaving Arissa alone with her tears.



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So Mani got kind of framed for the assault on the Dragonborn. Now, since Celine is kept as a pet by the Keeper, i wonder how he will get out of this one.


Also i'm extremely interested to see what will Arissa do now. I certainly didn't expect it to turn out for her that way.


The Dragonborn however is still alive isn't he?

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