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My adventure

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1 hour ago, Resdayn said:

Great work! :smiley: 


Revenge :smiley: , Ralof deserved it :classic_angel:

Thank you so much! That's how Ralof disappear in Skyrim.

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Very lovely story. I loved the part about "being gentlemen". :smile: My prince is real gentlemen. :smile:

Please, don't be offended if I suggest you to put your pictures into spoiler, because, this way takes a long time to get to the posting and I like to read people's posts. :smile:

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So we've got a main protagonist who expresses more feelings and personality, a story with some nice twists featured, and of course a lot of sexy scenes...  Nice entry, miss Aq150. Smiley_jap_HFR.gif

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This is a very nice story. I really loved its development, it emanates a particular sensitivity that is not found everywhere and some scenes are surprising: what a great idea to move from a still image to an animated one, bravo!
The only point I would have to criticize is at the level of the light that lacks a bit of contrast to add depth to the scene, but this is just an opinion based on personal taste, do not hold account.

In any case I look forward to the continuation of your adventure, it was a pleasure to discover his prologue.

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