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    Games, workout, ruinning.

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  1. Aq150

    What am I doing in these months

    I am just moving to Japan form U.S for months. My old file is fucked up. Just starting a new game. But I guess I don't have many times to play now. Dye hair back to blonde. My New Save Peace
  2. Aq150

    My adventure : Unbound

    Thank you so much! That's how Ralof disappear in Skyrim.
  3. Aq150

    My adventure : Unbound

    Thank you so much!
  4. Aq150

    Favorite Quotes

    Kids are cruel, jack!
  5. Aq150


  6. Aq150

    Three Word Pun=D

    True or false.
  7. Aq150

    The Banning Game - II

    Banned because pulsar explosion.
  8. Aq150

    Good News, Bad News - II

    Good News : The cat's term end.
  9. Aq150

    Smells like...

    Smells like getting hurts.
  10. Aq150

    Count to 1,000,000

    7892 dyeing red color.
  11. Aq150

    Jenna story : Her Past

    Thank you so much, guys.
  12. Aq150

    What music do you listen to?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5-X_3_Kpww Vitas - 7th Element
  13. Aq150

    famous last words

    Zu'u unslaad! Zu'u nis oblaan!
  14. Aq150

    Three Word Pun=D

    No, just kidding.