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word bubble: What's in here?



Hmmm, how to do this bloggy-thingy?

How can I write something down and remember a month later where it was?

Ah! I'll have a look at what the scholars teach. Let me seeeeee in my libraryyyyy. There!


Dragomir's Grimmoir on Scrolls, Books and other Writing, volume 1, chapter 2


Axiom 26: Start titles with repetetive keywords to classify the blob of content.


So, keywords it is:

  • Black Book - guides and walkthroughs through mods or quests
  • Curiosity - questions that I have, feedback needed, polls,
  • Entrails - looking into my mods, my load order
  • Flower basket - selected snippets of beauty, pick one, lean back, enjoy
  • Patchwork - step by step guides how to fix things
  • Ship Yard - my own mods, patches, scripts and tasty bits-to-be-installed
  • Think tank - I structure my idea of a mods or a feature. I may rewrite those later ... So they are not in stone
  • Window peeking - looking at fantastic pieces .... from others ... in their home
  • Word bubble - me myself and I and nothing of deeper value
  • .. to be continued


Oh, and if it's not obvious: NO english is not my mother's tongue.


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