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Chapter Eighteen: Shared Dreams



The Story of the Red Witch
Chapter Eighteen: Shared Dreams

My bad guys, I got caught up doing some things. Expect more releases soon. XD



Innis: Fort Hraggstad. The Clan Heads told me that what I needed to reclaim my sister lied here... But I was sure that it was surely in jest. After all, it doesn't even look like Sister as been here.




Innis: *sigh* I guess it's better to go off of their info though. All my other leads were trash, and I ended up finding Sister Dear Sister before using what they told me. *sigh*




Bandit: Hey! Back off if you know what's good for you!!


Innis: I love how arrogant you men are before I make you *snaps her fingers* bite the dust...




As soon as she snapped her fingers, a blizzard kicked up in Fort Hraggstad that none of the bandits were ready for...




This was no normal storm though, the magicka contained within this storm made it act as if it were in fact a familiar enacting Innis's will...




Piercing the bandits with ice spikes, icy winds tearing at their flesh...




The raging blizzard caused the temperature to drop well below freezing and it wasn't long before every single bandit that came to face her...




...Ended up being encased in ice...




Not only the bandits, but the structure itself soon was under assault by the blizzard...




While all this destruction was happening around her, Innis's uncontrollable laughter was carried on the wind as if to taunt the bandits, and remind them of the inevitability of their demise...




The last of the bandits tried to retaliate once they realized that the storm was weakening, but even then they stood no chance and it wasn't long before all of them had been wiped out...




As the last bit of the storm slowly dissipated, Innis smiled at the sight that she saw...




Innis: Well I'll be... They actually tried to mount an attack against me? I knew of course that they would, but I never imagined they'd get so close to actually leaving a scratch on me...




Innis looked at the end result of her handiwork and sighed.


Innis: It always annoys me how much destruction my spells do, but how little damage they leave in their wake...




Innis: Perhaps those old bastards were right. Maybe what I need is indeed here... If my Sister Dear Sister is going to go all out against me, then I've got to be as well...




Innis: Still... If I do find Sister Dear Sister using this information... *shudder* (I don't even want to think about what those old men will force me into doing...)




Innis went around searching every inch of Fort Hraggstad for what the Clan Elders had spoken of...




...But there was nothing of note to be found.


Innis: Dammit all to Oblivion... Was I lied to? Was this a test!? Am... Am I being played? Why would they send me here in order to find nothing!?




Innis decided to go to the highest point of the Fort, to see if there was something she may have overlooked. However, as she approached the top of the stairs, something changed in her...




Innis: DamndamndamnDAMN!!! I... I know I was wrong, I know I shouldn't have attacked you Sister Dear... Liri... But... But what else could I do? You acted exactly as they said you would. Why...




Innis: If only you acted differently, if only I... We both messed up Sis-Liri, and I wish... I wish... *sigh*


Innis nodded off and when she came to...




...She saw the visage of the one person she needed to see right now.




Innis: Big Sis!? Is... Is that really you? I... I can't believe it, we're not fighting? You're not scared of me? I... I don't want to... kill you...




Innis: I've missed you dear sister. I've wanted to tell you so much, to let you know that I've been doing okay, to alleviate your worries about me... So... Please sister, please face—




Liri: Do you really believe that? That you wanted to alleviate my worries? After calling me an 'invalid child pretending to be a woman' and beating the heck out of me and Serana...




Liri: Can you REALLY believe that?


Innis: I… I didn't… I just want you back Liri! I want my strong, unflinching, cool, awesome sister back that'll do anything to protect... that COULD do anything…




Liri wrapped her arms around her younger sister, and Innis tensed up.


Innis: S-Sis!? I… I thought that you'd hate me, that you'd only want to kill me as much as I seemed like I wanted to… What are—




Liri: *squeezes tighter* I knew this was you… the REAL you, not the warped version that those old farts made you into. Innis… I could never hate you, and I'd never want to kill you, not ever.




Liri released her sister and took a good look at her.


Liri: *sigh* This is all my fault. I left you with those… those animals! It's a wonder that you have any love in your heart for me…




Liri: Especially after what I'm sure they put you through…


Innis: I… I never hated you. I only hated my weakness. They told me everything after you left, and… I felt so ashamed at my powerlessness…




Liri: Ashamed!? Innis, you did nothing wrong! They took away our childhood, forced their backwards ways on us. How could I possibly blame you for not knowing? For just trying to be a child?




Innis: But look at me… I'm no longer a child, but I wasn't strong like you Big Sis… I couldn't… I can't escape from their influence… I don't think I'll ever—




Liri took Innis's hand in hers and pressed their foreheads together.


Liri: This may be a dream Baby Sister, but please believe me when I tell you to never doubt who you are.




Liri: Because I know when the time comes, you'll make the right decision.


Innis: But Big Sis… what if I—


Liri pressed a finger against Innis's lips to silence her.




Liri: What did I say about doubting yourself? Whether good or bad, when we next meet I know you'll do what the Divines know must be done. You're MY little sister after all. *smiles*




Innis: Eheehee! *winks* Then I'll make sure not to let you down, 'Sister Dear Sister'!




Innis woke up and realization of what she needed to do washed over her.


Innis: Yes... Thank you Elders... This is EXACTLY what I needed... I'm coming Sister...




Back at Volkihar Keep, Liri was doing her best to try and get a good day's rest as there were no beds in the entirety of the castle...




Liri: Innis...


???: Muttering in your sleep? That could be useful later... But for now... WAKE UP MORTAL!!!




Liri bolted up, but then relaxed when she saw who it was.


Liri: Huh!? Teresa?


Teresa: I thought you'd like to know that I'm going to be solely in charge of you from now on.




Liri: What about Rosalie?


Teresa: She had a conversation with Harkon and then was given permission to come to and from as was necessary. I think she knew what I had in store for her...




Liri: You lie! That girl isn't the type to leave when the going gets tough!


Teresa: Did you hear me call her a coward? Apparently her ex came around as well and gave her some news that... well...




Teresa: That her husband was having trouble acclimating with his 'changes.'


Liri: (Her ex... From how she described him, wasn't he that man that I saw yesterday? The same one from Whiterun?)




Liri: What does this all have to do with me?


Teresa: What do you think? It's been a week since you've been here and I think it's about time that you met with your new training 'partner'.


Liri: …






The scene of when Liri and Rosalie's Ex (Darius) met in Whiterun: http://cakesicles.tumblr.com/post/145213591729/feat-liri


The black and white photos were part of Cakesicles's Family Reunion set. You can read that here: http://cakesicles.tumblr.com/search/family-reunion


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