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A Bunch of Sex Screenshots




As a sort of companion piece to my recent post in the Skyrim Counterparts thread, I also did a set for each of my active characters consisting of four shots each wherein they all have sex, generally but not exclusively in their preferred mode (I'll explain when we get there). Enjoy!


Kallista's Set

Sure it's a gross misuse of her authority in the Stormcloak army, but aside from some light nervousness, they don't tend to complain.


After all, it's not often a woman says she just wants to suck your dick and sincerely means it.


The skills of her tongue include more than just the Thu'um.


She likes to take her time and savor the act. She doesn't get to do it very often with her duties, so she makes sure to coax every ounce of enjoyment, among other things, out of it.



Selune's Set

Neloth's stipulations for Selune serving as his apprentice are simple - do what he says, when he says it. In Selune's case, that typically includes near-constant nudity and frequent blowjobs, among other things.


Selune doesn't have the same appreciation for blowjobs that her daughter and Kallista have, but she is objectively the best of the three at giving them.


Sometimes, as punishment for Talvas damaging something or generally just being a fuck-up, Neloth makes Selune put on shows for him, forbidding him from touching her or himself.


It's a bit awkward every time, but it's a lot less embarrassing than being marched around in next to nothing and unceremoniously stripped naked in the streets in plain view of dozens of strangers. So there's that.



Eldawen's Set

Something Eldawen and Kallista have in common is a deep and abiding love of slurping on dicks.


But unlike Kallista, Eldawen can't get off on just giving head. So while she's more than happy to service, you can't always be a selfish lover with her.


Also, not sure if anyone noticed, but she does occasionally like to summon a weak Dremora as a fucktoy when she's especially bored and horny at the same time.


"Oh... I didn't expect an adventurer to wander in. Lucky you. Enjoy the view, but don't stare too long..."



Maechen's Set

Atronachs are hardly Maechen's first choice.


But some rites and rituals require... unusual things.


Besides, sometimes it takes a nudge to coerce you into doing something you end up liking.


He probably won't be banging another Flame Atronach of his own volition, but at least this particular encounter ended up being pretty enjoyable.



Raelyndreth's Set (Contains bestiality)

Not Pictured: Beast Tongue is a racial power of the Bosmer.


Rae enjoys making her animal friends happy, and since not all of them fit inside her pussy comfortably, her mouth is generally her next choice of tool.


Dogs are her favorite partners, since they show such emotion and bond easily with men and mer. Wolves are her second choice - they taste better, but aren't as emotional or considerate of their partners.


Lucky for her, her partner Faelor, while protective, is not a jealous dog. Rae's his alpha, and the alpha's gonna do what the alpha's gonna do.



Nchella's Set

Nchella misses her Dwarven-made sex toys.


Soul gems still work pretty well, though.


In her time, she was definitely a wild child - she dressed in very little, always flaunting her assets, and was more than happy to have all those eyes on her wherever she went.


Though her kinks are anything but conservative, her actual sexual history is. She draws a hard distinction between showing off and giving herself to another, and had only had two partners before her unfortunate displacement in time.



Recommended Comments

Kallista is still my favorite. Also Sex with a flame atronach feels like it would burn really badly, and even if you were immune to it,its still like fucking a rock.

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Malicia : « Aaaaand the hottest of them all...





The flame atronach. Yep, no contest.  Measurements aren't everything !  » :P


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More! :D.


Great work :), But still I like Kallista the most :D.


Nchella seems missed a few toys, like an dwemer centurion ;)

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