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Cecilde - Character sheet




Hi guys ! Due to Mourning White scenario's, I had to overcome some of my weaknesses in modding technical knowledge, and though the progresses made were impressive, that took me one hell of a time (someone even asked me if I was dead or something :D). So I thought I'll give a sign of life by sharing that in depth presentation of the sensual Cecilde.
Compared to Malicia's I restructured it a bit (and so had to redo her's as well to avoid fratricidal conflict :angel:), but I'm missing doing comics so I hope I didn't went overboard...
Anyway, Have a fun read ! :classic_wink:















Cecilde - Character sheet




Musical theme :


1 - Identity

Name : « Cecilde » Marsoric
Her real name would be Cecile Marsoric, but as it sounded way too breton for her tastes she altered it into a more nordic « Cecilde » upon her arrival in Skyrim.
Gender : female
Age : 28
Race : she presents herself as a nord, but the naked truth is she's only quarter nord ; and has some breton and imperial blood.
Birth-sign : the warrior

2 - Physical description






Height : 5' 10'' / 1.77m
Weight : 145 lb / 66 kg
Hair/eyes : blonde, blue eyes
Strength : 4,5/10
Constitution : 6/10
Dexterity : 7,5/10
Beauty : 8,25/10

Cecilde is beautiful. Like, really beautiful, the kind of woman whose curves makes the heads turn and the gazes to follow. And though her lavish blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes could be read as a stereotype, her simple hairstyle and attire only demonstrate better her genuine natural beauty. She often indulges in simply using her wairpaints as her sole touch of make-up, contouring some eyes closer to a dark cobalt than the the usual brighter cerulean tones. She posseses rather generous forms, and while this may be seen as a blessing, she often stare in a somewhat anxious or even rather puzzled way at her environment : Cecilde is eye-candy, but struggles not to be reduced to just a pretty thing.


Though definitely a bit round around the bottom (detail which Malicia never fails to taunt her about), Cecilde is also quite tall, and her overall shapes are without a doubt healthy and athletic. She conjugates that superior constitution with a worked-upon agility which allows her excellent performances in physical disciplines. While obviously not as strong as a man, her stamina and robustness could compare if not surpass some of them. Yet, although able to endure a surprising amount of beating her lack of solution for restoring health is her downfall, as she has no inbuilt way to magically cure what little damage she took. Meaning that while at first look most women are frailer than she is, they only have to undergo one fight before recovering their full strenght. Cecilde, is more resilient than the average at the start, but has to sustain entire expeditions with her sole constitution. So while initially stronger, she becomes dangerously weaker than the usual as the fights goes on.

3 - Personality & skills

- Personality -

Intelligence : 5,5/10 (IQ 110/200)
Wisdom : 3/10
Charisma : 5,5/10

Alignment : Chaotic Good. Cecilde doesn't like rules and laws invented by powerful people to extend their influence toward others. She thinks people can make the right choices by themselves, and that the only law worth considering is nature's one. That being said, while the law won't stop her from an objective she deems as rightful, she mostly behaves according to the rules of the communities she encounters when meeting them. She has a good heart, and does not wishes to create problems to honest people : despite her aspirations towards anarchy, she's not conceited enough to pretend her solution is the best.


Likes : harvesting and studying plants, animals (ponies ! :heart:), games of skill, plushes, refining her gear and smithing skills, love books, strong men, sex, being recognized for her skills, walnut pies.
Dislikes : complex studies, magic, mages, pain, pretentious people, maltreatment of animals, sexists, being reduced to a pretty woman, horse meat, altmers.


While slightly more intelligent than the average, Cecilde doesn't appreciates having to apply it on abstract studies or long and complex theories. She prefers by far manual disciplines, where she can feel, see and taste the results of her actions. That fact induced two consequences :


— Firstly, she developed an affinity towards alchemy (specially beneficial potions), botanic, smithing and all forms of craftsmanship : she just loves to see the work of skilled hands, it's result being a flawless sword or just a well built chair. She also refined her overall dexterity, using her acute eyesight and senses to constantly improve her marksmanship, athletics and stealth abilities.


— Secondly, our blonde third-born grew a certain degree of underconfidence : wishing recognition for her skills and feats, she was confronted to the higher intellectual capabilities of her older sisters ; and afterwards to the remarkable strength and dexterity of the youngest one. Beauty was what was left for her, and that didn't half satisfied her.

Dreamy and pensive by nature, she also lacks the pragmatism and energy of her more dynamic or pragmatic relatives, which also limits her progress in regular applications. She started to search her own way through less common practices, and that led her to meet marginal people, which had marginal ideas regarding life and politics. That being said, while she maintains a degree of curiosity towards plants effects and properties, she never really got addicted to any subtance or drug, regardless of its origin. And she discovered enough about being drunk not to trust alcoholic beverages anymore.

Despite being quite social, that discomfort towards the lack of respect of most people towards environment and alternative ways of life also led her to search the company of animals, and to learn more about them. She matured a strong bond with nature, with the laws of the hunt, and an intuitive understanding of the circle of life and of its value. That is one of the reasons why she feels very at ease while trekking into deep forest, and a bit uneasy with larger establishments of people, which she knows would probably never fully understand her.

- Skills -


Occupation/Class : Archer ranger (an archer with infiltration and hunting skills)
Main skills : Archery, Alchemy, Stealth.
Secondary skills : Smithing, Light armor, and some knowledge regarding Two-handed swords.

While atypical at first, her skill-set is in fact very logical : Cecilde can't allow herself to take damage. So her archery is the perfect tool to kill or defend without endangering herself, and the range of her two handed sword allows her to keep opponents at distance when her arrows couldn't. If things should go wrong, her knowledge of plants and alchemy serves her to prepare significantly powerful cures and balms, able to heal even deep wounds at unnatural rates. However, those ressources being limited in quantity, she will most of the time prefer to kill her preys without being seen or heard, which she's reasonably good at.

- Ways & habits -

Clothing & personal care


Cecilde thinks of herself as a warrior, a blacksmith and a botanist. This implies that while being afar from cities, she most of the times wears light armor, her preference going to light, practical and silent old sets of leather. Which, in order to allow maximum freedom of movement, are often quite revealing towards the legs area : she's not prudish. And in fact loves to feel the wind over her skin. Nonetheless, she doesn't like to be ogled at by unwanted individuals, specially if grouped. The ranger also has heavier and more complete armor sets designed for colder regions or Skyrim.


Those are both exchanged with a simple mining shirt and pants during her town stays, being the most practical answer to her smithing needs, and the most casual response against the bimbo accusations. That is also why she's not too drastic with her shaving of armpits and pubic area, despite the contradiction of those being done regularly.... to still please her partners. Her haircut, warpaints and earrings reflects those conflicts : simple and practical, yet always with a touch of seduction. The answer in fact lies into appearances : Cecilde wants to appear pretty, but not to look like she's into it.


Sexual orientation: heterosexual (occasionally bisexual).


Cecilde hasn't the rather traditional point of view of her sisters : to the blonde ranger, sex is just a natural part of life, an animal instinct she sees no reason to refrain. That made her very accessible in that domain, and demonstrated a frankly libertine way of life since her adolescence. But contrary to Malicia, she doesn't feel addicted to it : she has sex when she wants it and that's all. That hot blooded behaviour led her to know many men, sometimes for no longer than a single night. And, as she realized her power over males, even to prostitute herself in certain circumstances ; though she's not proud of it and won't like to be reminded about.


Cecilde is heterosexual : a male, a female, and natural attraction between them. And the more beastly the sex seems (specially in doggy position), the better. However, while being used to seduce by the sole power of her charms (which were able to drive crazy men so insensitive Malicia thought they were gay), this made her somewhat passive in matter. And thus, to have the others actively sollicit her ; which led her to less common lesbian encounters and even group sex. So while not being very fond of anything but straight sex, her activities and solicitations have led her to discover a variety of sexual ways most women never will.

3 - Biography

Factions: Stormcloak : I don't care what Tryade says, Skyrim is nord's homeland, we have no reason to let stinking elves dictate stinking laws, right ? Right ? Holy pony, Malicia are you even listening ? I'm talking to you !! — Companions of Jorrvaskr.

Religion/philosophy : agnostic, anarchist and ecologist. Cecilde rejects religions, and only sees in them tools used by some to maintain control on others. She also thinks that people not corrupted by society would make better choices on their own than the ones enforced by holds laws and rules. The alchemist in her also strongly believes that nature's treasures are to be discovered through a life of harmony between fauna, flora and humanoïds. Take what you need, and nothing more, respect mother nature and she will reward you. Who needs invented laws and gods ?

- Biography -


Third born of the Marsoric family, Cecilde's childhood and early preadulthood were peacefully spent in a secluded part of Hammerfel. While being constantly taunted by the mischievous Malicia (her older sister), and mostly snobed by an overly dedicated Tryade (her younger sister), the life under the vigilant watch of their father Gabriel Marsoric was happy and blissfully calm. Behind his white hair and his severe blue eyes, their uncompromising father did not allow harm to close-in to the three daughters in his guard. He magically isolated them from the rest of the world : instead of human comrades, the children grew into a forest inhabited by strange but friendly creatures, such as talking animals, living pillows and other wacky life-forms (including a very independent cow). That uncanny environment, spontaneously accepted by their infantile minds, prevented the sisters from feeling the sorrow of an absent mother, Felicia.

Dreamy and unfocused, Cecilde still received a complete education from her dad, but quickly felt rather harshly the astounding performances of her sisters : despite her boundless playful attitude, Malicia's intelligence was far superior to the norm, and allowed her a stunning and intuitive use of magic at a very young age. Tryade at the other end begun an extremely early martial training with a seemingly all-knowing father, and continuously hardened her body to a point she could have defeated most of the boys of her age. Cecilde was more pensive, and felt trapped in between two kins apparently unmatchable. She retreated in her imagination, love books, and socializing with the most talkative of the nearing creatures. The young blonde slowly started to reject conventional pragmatic education to focus on « social » interactions, and appearance, being the first one of the three to initiate narcissistic behaviors, such has applying make-up and overly grooming herself in order to appear just as seductive as the characters of her books.

Suddenly, as she was closing to her fifteenth year, the dimensional exception where they lived was discovered by the local magic authorities. Their genitor was accused of being the formidable wizard Gabriel Daresort, also known as Triam, the perpetrator of forbidden anti-creation experiments comparable in blasphemy to the hazardous works of the dwemers. Their father and the fantastic creatures disappeared simultaneously, leaving nothing but the three disoriented teenagers. The local authorities declared the daughters innocents from their father's sins, but theirs father's belongings were confiscated, and the children taken in observation.

Separation and placement

No sign of abnormality being detected among the three children, it was decided it would be best to separate them, while still allowing them to pursue their scholarship or studies as wards of the state. Cecilde, whose outward aspect evoked more of a nord than of a breton was sent into an orphanage of Bruma (near of Skyrim's border), where she was deemed to received a complete imperial education. The establishment, held by a convent of nuns, was known to dispense an instruction respectful of the eight, and of the laws, habits and custom from the empire.

It was a total failure. The already appealing teenager rejected those imposed precepts violently, and started even to demonstrate a dangerous interest to the young boys of the neighbood. The religious response was a repressive one : the insolent blonde was punished, and forbidden to venture alone outside of the orphanage. This led Cecilde to oppose even more to her tutors, calling for even lower school results and repeated absenteeism. After some long months of clashs and conflicts, the young maiden was finally caught kissing a young nord. As she was not precisely a delinquant, her transfer to a reform school was refused, and the mother superior finally decided to expell her permanently.

The now 16 years old young woman was instead lodged for some weeks at the young man's family house, but evidence of her explicitly mating with her boyfriend became obvious, and his father was a rather traditional man : he offered her to marry his son. She refused, and this time found herself alone in the streets.

It is supposed that in order to survive, the blonde lass did petty jobs, which most probably included prostitution. Which is certain is that at a certain point, she met a caravan of itinerant nord merchants crossing Cyrodiil towards the north, and joined them. Of her new friends she learned the basis in trade and craftmanship, and also her first lessons in the arts of the hunt. It was quickly discovered that not only was she a very pleasant company at night, but also a very gifted archer. She was encouraged to accompany the hunters of the group, learned how to track preys, how tan hides and all the little subtleties of the profession. Several monthes later, as the caravan finished its tour of Skyrim and was about to cross the frontier again, she was an accomplished huntress.

Yet, such experiences had made the wilds of Skyrim her home, and the imperials traditions an object of hatred. She decided to leave her friends (much to the distress of the caravan's lads), and after some watery farewells, started a new life as an independant huntress in the nearings of Riverwood. That is how, one blessed day, she met the bulkiest nord she had ever seen, and a strange minute woman, with silver eyes, and the same white blatant hair than her father : she had been found by her step-sister Tabrielle Marsoric, and with her precise informations about both the exuberant Malicia, and the rigorous Tryade.

Past sisterhood reunion

The four sisters being reunited, she life seemed to shine again ; and every time they met felt like a ray of sunshine inside the heart of Cecilde. However, each of them had made their living somewhere, and separations were inevitable. The itinerant life of the archer took another turn as she was accepted as a recruit of the companions, and she even had a brief relationship with her tutor Farkas.
Though she was ultimately disillusioned by the tall nord, she retrieved the basics of two handed swordmanship from him, and a lot of teachings from the huntress Aela, which she greatly admired.


Later, despite the warnings of her older sisters, she fell in love with a rather fanciful farmer of Rorikburg, Erik. The young man longed for a life of adventure, and spoke dear words to the blonde's ears. They joined for several adventures and, as he fervently took her every night, Cecilde began to think she had found the soul mate she was waiting for. She stopped looking elsewhere, and initiated her first serious relationship. They took the name of « The All-terrain », and acquired some fame as adventurers.


Until, one fateful day, their encountered the ranger's nemesis : a team of elite mages, in fort Kastav, led by an arch-conjuror greatly feared in the hold. Both of our heroes were defeated, and Erik was forced to watch Cecilde being robbed and raped under his very eyes. Despite this blow, and thanks to the archer's hunting skills, the two young nords managed to earn their survival through the Pale to Markarth. But something in the attitude of the fancy mercenary had changed. As Cecilde returned at the inn one night, she found her lover naked with a whore servicing him. Reeking of alcohol, he didn't even tried to explain, and treated the blonde in the most insulting way as she told him to leave.

Heart-broken, cursing her previous love, the young lass wandered on the roads seeking revenge, and volonteered for the Stormcloaks. Returning from a mission, she noticed that a horse had been left apart form the skirmish. His coat was black as the darkest ebony. Left by himself, in a land crawling with smilodons, the poor beast would certainly die. She adopted him, and named him Noircrin. The animal and the woman developed a strong bond, and quickly became inseparable.

Some weeks later, the nord decided it was time to avenge the insult made at fort Kastav. She was released from her duties as a stormcloak, and rode for several days until coming on sight of her objective. Carefully hiding Noircrin in the nearing wilds, she challenged the arch-conjuror into a mortal bout. But in the meanwhile, the mage had prospered over his spoils : he was rich, well equipped, and had at his dispositions all the healing potions crafted by the huntress. They fought for more than one hour, but what significant damage his armor left to him was miraculously cured, wound after wound. Finally, as the young woman was about to fall from exhaustion, she took a decisive hit of lightning in the back, and was left for dead.

It was her horse, Noircrin, who woke her up, as she was freezing under the snow. After his mistress hardly managed to mount him, the black horse rode her home with all the speed of his members ; and ultimately saved her from certain death. The sun rose again, and Cecilde woke up with the pain of a scarred back, and the humiliation of a second defeat.

Yet, in Windhelm the rumor was spreading of a mysterious young archer of nordic kinship, who had provoked in duel the evil elf from fort Kastav, and was only defeated after several days of confrontation. A ray of sun pierced the clouds of Cecilde's mind : there was hope into that defeat. Recognition, as a warrior, was at hand.














Recommended Comments

"she took a decisive hit of lightning in the back"


Do you want to get super powers? Because that's how you get Super Powers....


I'm interested in seeing if she finally able to take that Arch-conjurer down.  Also interested in seeing what would happen if she saw Erik again.  

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If your chronicles will be short and funny like previous ones, I will gladly read it and enjoy in staring at her body. ;):P


Sorry, I had no time to read very important things about her, but, knowing you, I'm sure you did a great job.

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This is so neat! Mind if I use this as a template for my own characters (just the text stuff, of course.)

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Do you want to get super powers? Because that's how you get Super Powers....

Well she mostly got a super scar, super groin pain and super frosbite, but if she starts outrunning Noircrin I'll keep you updated. :P

I'm interested in seeing if she finally able to take that Arch-conjurer down.  Also interested in seeing what would happen if she saw Erik again.

Atm she gets cold feet at the sole idea of approaching the fort, high level Lightning-mages (he was lvl46 vs her being only 30 ! O_o) really are a problem for her. But she's working on it.



Thanks for your interest, Djregs ! ;)

Oh I won't stare. :P

Cecilde : « If you're kind, then it's okay for you to read. » :)

Malicia : «You didn't stare but you did open the spoiler, did you ? uh, uh uh ?» :D



If your chronicles will be short and funny like previous ones, I will gladly read it and enjoy in staring at her body. ;):P

She'll appear in the chronicle that will follow Mourning White. I'm sure she'll be delighted to be stared at. :angel:


Anyway, sorry about the length. The chronicles are full comics, so they're easier to read. You're not forced to read it all in one go though. ;)


That is great background, and got to love blondes :)

Thanks, Gauntman ! :)



This is so neat! Mind if I use this as a template for my own characters (just the text stuff, of course.)

Of 'course not, I've been refining it and I'm glad if you find it on point. You can inspire yourself of it, no problem. ;)

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Well done! It's amazing to see how much thought and work you put in your characters and their character sheets.

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Another phenomenal character sheet! The amount of detail you provide in these always leaves me in awe! Great work. That last shot on the horse was very good too, btw.

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Well done! It's amazing to see how much thought and work you put in your characters and their character sheets.

My characters have supported me since my childhood. It's only justice that I put some dedication in the tributes I give them. ;)


 Thanks for your praise, coming from someone whose works are so refined I appreciate it. :)

Another phenomenal character sheet! The amount of detail you provide in these always leaves me in awe! Great work. That last shot on the horse was very good too, btw.

Thanks for your kind words, Colly of the Frost of Ages ! :D


I love that riding horizon. Not only the sky is an invitation by itself, but the lightning highlight the details of the actors (praised be Boris Vorontsov for bringing ENBs to Skyrim !). The pose, the road, the surrounding nature also do tell a story by themselves. Not to mention the image reunites both Noircrin (which is very important to Cecilde), but also Cecilde herself and her favorite armor set (the helmet in particular has a symbolic meaning too). The fact she rides him bareback also says something about them. henri_gaud-belin_HFR.gif It's one of the best screens I've taken of her I think...


Even better than the laying shot maybe. :D

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