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It's funny how similar some occidental feminist groups can get to religious fundamentalism sometimes :


— Thou shall not show a naked female body in either case. No matter if it's artistically done, no matter it it's beautiful, no matter if it's natural : it's a crime. In islamism because of temptation, in feminism because of reduction. Hopefully museums aren't maintained by those people.


— Thou shall not allude to anything sexual. Forbidden. Everyone's looking for it but you're correct only if you fake affected disinterest towards it. Sex is bad, children are carried by birds, sensuality is pure deviance and so on. Hopefully, those ideas don't often survive past bedroom's door.


— Thou shall not consider any other point of view than yours. 'cause of course, opening your mind to world's diversity could only be dangerous towards your ideas. In that case mentioning that in Skyrim women can do just as much than men, can rape as much as they get raped, and appreciate naked males as much as they get appreciation themselves would be deviating from your holy objective. Female characters aren't that passive on LL, and very often get the main role.




I have one thing to say to those people : LL is a place of tolerance. Everyone is the stranger of another, specially in sexual matters, and that's no reason to judge this other.  If you think that your proselytism could be better used in occidental society than in mid-eastern country where woman do struggle to get things as simple as going to school, then have it your way. But keep your feminist religion and your blindness to yourselves. We don't need gurus down here. -_-

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Just ignore them, they are a like fart, it might smell for a while, but will evaporate eventually.

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