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  1. Agreed, which also has led me to believe that the world, if it is ever going to end, wont end in us nuking each other, or some massive cataclysm. It will be us becoming more and more insane. We'll come up with more and more ridiculous ideas, that will eventually sum up into people killing people over the said ridiculous things
  2. We have this one complete nutjob SJW @ my college. One day during exam in economics, she decided that she could just openly cheat. Needless to say the professor didnt agree and kicked her ass out off the session. Her course of action wasn't realizing that she had messed up. It was writting an complaint that the professor is misogynist, et cetra. Thankfully I haven't seen her since that exam.
  3. Tell that to the massive ammount of SJWS. They'll chew you alive.
  4. I feel as if the definition of rape has now been twisted into some sort of abomination. Stare at someone? That's rape. Outspeak someone, rape. Eat the last chip from the pack? Rape.
  5. So, is it more stable now?
  6. Got an bit of an error when trying to log in via chrome, stating the following: Sorry, there is a problem Your browser does not accept cookies which are required in order to log in. Error code: 1S267/1
  7. Blizzcon 2017 recap...

    The new WoW Expansion... I'm unsure... For some reason it is giving me a strong WoD vibe...
  8. Being a Cow

    Would it be possible to somehow disable the "hand hooves" ? They have an mismatching mesh size for me, causing clipping. Edit: What's the maximum % value on the transformation? Mine seems to be stuck @ 106%...
  9. Not inside ... but something close to living suction cups definitely. That's on my list of things to add soon (for the Chaurus Queen quest). At the current rate of spare time and other engagements, I am trying to resume work over the winter time and into the next year. Oh I see. I expected chaurus larva or some other nasties to nest inside there, but this works too. Take your time. a masterpiece shouldnt be rushed ^^
  10. Sorry to bother, but I have to ask. Are breast/nipple parasites planned? Something that would live inside the breasts?
  11. alright then

    @M4rth post the vids on other sites that allow nudity et cetra, should save you the trouble
  12. Being a Cow

    Is there an bodyslide for use?
  13. Military Sexbot Lore Discussion.

    For ideas, You could always use some of gigers sketches
  14. Unecessary Drama

    I wouldn't agree on humans being born evil. It's more that this tainted world forces them to adapt to cruelty, and envy towards others, causing the bitterness. All due to the ambitions of few, or rather their greed. Then again, majority chooses bad over good.
  15. [Project] Subject #130

    Dude, you are entering a world of hurt. Pain is a weakness leaving the body?