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  1. I see, have you gotten the scaling to work without SLIF, aka the baseline Hormones/Parasites should have?
  2. So, has anyone gotten SL Inflation to work with Hormones/Parasites? Using 3B as body, Milk Mod used to register in SLIF, no longer does, neither does parasites or hormones. ABBA does register, but that's about it.
  3. Same issue here. I suspected that I haven't played F4 since January and some mods might be outdated, but perhaps that's not the case after all.
  4. I did yeah, I'm using ABBA for MME and it seems to work, but Parasites defo do not.
  5. I assume I'm in the same boat as many, SLIF does work, however it no longer registers any of the mods, even with a new game started. Anyone had this issue prior and can offer some guidance?
  6. It used to work fine with the 3BBB SLIF file posted in the LL thread of 3BBB, however it's kind of pointless now, as I assume many are in the same boat that SLIF won't register new mods. It's odd, I checked Modlist.json file in SKSE folder, it seems to have registered SOME of the mods however, it does not register them ingame, or show them under the mod list. This is mind boggling, it used to work not so long ago, now it refuses to.
  7. Has anyone gotten SLIF to work with Parasites, or MME? It's odd, used to work for me not so long ago, now SLIF wont register any other mods, the base scaling does work. Edit: Tried the hormones trick, didn't cause SLIF to recognize either mods. It does however recognize ABBA.
  8. Odd thing is SLIF does work for me with 3BBB, but it never registers any mods (MME, Sexlab Parasites, Fertility mode, so on).
  9. Is there any way to remove the explosive collar? Just the model that is, I am using some other armors that have collars in them and this one causes them to clip somewhat badly.
  10. I have yeah, solved it with console by removing one of the werewolf armors that it equips, still strange regardless.
  11. Ran into an issue I can't find the cause for. Playing female character, transforming into werewolf gives me the male werewolf body for some reason. Using Moonlight Tales + The Patch provided here, but still kind of clueless. Edit: When disabling the Skin System, the "default" werewolf model is also invisible. I wonder what the hell is going on. Sexlab does state that the gender is female, beast when im transformed... When the body does load (swapped male and female bodies around) its only partially loaded, like those invisible ones.
  12. Well, the files are here, whoever believes they can further it, should take over. And if the author isn't active anymore, well...
  13. Is it possible to somehow add another slot to the armors list than 32?
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