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  1. Can put specific name into the code ? like Macurio ? SexLab.QuickStart(SexLab.PlayerRef, akSpeaker, "Macurio" , akFollower, Victim = SexLab.PlayerRef, AnimationTags = "Anal")
  2. I fixed it. Thank you so much. I got the script running 😁 Can I use this code to have 3p 4p? SexLab.QuickStart(SexLab.PlayerRef, akSpeaker, akSpeaker , akSpeaker, Victim = SexLab.PlayerRef, AnimationTags = "Anal")
  3. Do you know anyway to bypass this, only the scripting part. Because all other dependencies like sexlab are on MO2
  4. It's so clear now 1st I opened CK outside MO, created new MY mod and added semicolon then saved MY.esp (the esp and script files were still in Games\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\scripts\Source). Everything was fine. 2nd I opened CK via MO, then MY.esp, created new dialog, added semicolon then blank compile bug appeared. But the script was normal, it didn't have any errors in it. But The PEX file was appeared in overwrite folder 3rd I moved the MY.esp and the script to MO overwrite folder, the blank bug and errors appeared in the script file
  5. the thing is my CK get error when I add semicolon this is the 1st error this is the error inside psc file when I try to add property
  6. I want I have simple dialog sex with 2 characters with animations tag I tried to use quick start scripts in sexlab framework and try to add it to dialog like this
  7. Can anyone help me with this code? is it correct? because I have this error when compile it
  8. The mod in my signature video is mmd stage mod. I don't know the other mod in the picture.
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