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Blog Update #1 and Poll

Alter Native


Blog Feedback  

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  1. 1. The length of each section is...

    • too long.
    • about right.
    • too short.
  2. 2. The amount of screenshots without dialogues is...

    • too high.
    • about right.
    • too low.
  3. 3. The writing is...

    • too long.
    • about right.
    • too short.
  4. 4. The short summaries at the beginning of each section is...

    • a good reminder of what happend previously.
    • I always skip them.
    • unnecessary.
  5. 5. Do you actually read the dialogues and follow the story or do you only come for the screenshots?

    • I follow the story and read the dialogues.
    • I mostly scroll through each entry and read a couple of sentences here and there.
    • I'm only here for the screenshots.


Before I start with chapter 3 I wanted to take the opportunity to get some feedback. For that end I have set up a small poll that you have probably already seen and it would be great if you would answer it quickly.
The questions are mostly aimed at areas I am willing and able to improve on. My writing is not going to improve since this is the best I can do in English.


I am planning to do a short summery of the last two chapters of this blog to make it easier for new people to catch up to the story without reading the whole blog.
Additionally I am going to add a small character library in order to give new and old readers a quick way to get an overview of the characters. Even though Nora is the main focus and the only protagonist the story is going to have some recurring characters. For now we're only going to see Vasil and Amelie as consistent characters but others are going to follow.


Additionally I have some older screenshots of Nora that didn't make it into the story.







This one was taken even before the main story started. When we see her first in chapter 1 section 1 when she seduces Myjoll she already has a Thrall or slave.
The following screenshots are part of the story how Nora turns her into a thrall that was never published.











On top of that I have some screenshots of a second story "branch" after the manor that didn't make it into the final story. The whole really mediocre falmer part is skipped and instead she has to escape from a magical shackle of the gargoyl in chapter 1.











Hopefully I can start in a week or two with the new chapter 3. As mentioned before take the poll and feel free to leave additional feedback in the comment section.


Recommended Comments

I always read every part and love the screenshots. You always leave me wanting more xD

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i am not a vampire fan...

   ...but you made me one...

      ...an Alter-Native-Vampire-o-Fan @,.,@


(thx for your hard work, i am always puzzled and amazed how you do those screenshoot setups, and the storys are arousing yet frightening, purrrfect!)

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I love your old screenshots. Nora looks divine on the first picture in the last spoiler.

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I voted for pretty much everything being too short xD, but I know we've already talked about that anyway. In terms of subject matter, I think each chapter hits its stride perfectly, I just prefer to read more content. Overall the pacing is excellent and the story is progressing along slow and steady (which I like). I'm looking forward to chapter 3!

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Having caught up with all the chapters recently, I'd mostly skipped through the summary sections. I can see them being handy for when new chapters come up though - would definitely forget some things in the downtime. I feel it's alright to forgo them if you'd prefer, since the readers could also conveniently enough recap themselves by going to a previous chapter. :)

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@ All: Thank you guys for your feedback and your nice comments.

I'm quiet surprised by all the good feedback. I'll try to write a couple of lines more in the coming episodes since this seems to be the part that could use some work.


@ donttouchmethere: Thank you for that nice comment much appreciate it :).


@Rattlesnark: The short summery was mostly based on my own reading habits with other people's blogs since typically there are a couple of weeks between different episodes of a story blog here and sometimes I took me some time to actually remember what was going on and to follow the new entry. I guess it's like with series. When you do a viewing marathon and watch a couple of episodes at at time they are unnecessary, but when you watching one a week they are quiet handy.

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You already know my opinion about your work. My Prince, Ivy and I very thrilled with your work and we always read your blog. He rightly titled you with: Master of screenshots. We love to read your blog entries and regardless some raping scenes that we don't like, your blog is amazing and wonderful. :)

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Your works are entertaining and getting more and more well made ; not to mention the perfectly handled vampire ambience. So, just continue, we want more ! :D

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