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Storm's Story: Chapter 1, Part 5



Holy shit this was a long time coming, the final part to chapter 1 of the story I'm trying to create around Storm. Between my shit attention span, the various bugs that afflict this game and me finally losing my shit with it the final part of this chapter has been long overdue, this is also probably going to be a long one. Also apologies for not doing any fight scenes but I cannot choreograph that shite to save my life, static poses with one maybe two characters is fine but not a real time fight.


Previous part; http://www.loverslab.com/blog/76/entry-2631-storms-story-chapter-1-part-4/


Anyway with that being said enjoy;



Farkas: so who's going to do it?
Aela: I will
Storm: at least he can't be resurrected as a zombie after this.
Aela: shush


B5S1lTbu.jpgAela: Rest in peace old man


Eorland: Do you have the fragments?
Storm: I do, here they are
Eorland: very good, Kodlak had one he always kept with him I need you to go get it
Storm: well it's a bit late to loot his corpse if that's what you're asking
Eorland: No I'm not. He never kept it on him you'll need to check his quarters for it, try the nightstand.
Storm: alright. brb
Eorland brb? I'm getting too old for this shit


QDEACNi6.jpgStorm: He could've at least locked this drawer, huh a journal wonder if it says anything about me.


*One journal read later*


Storm: Holy shit he was going to make me harbinger? I wonder if I can fuse the companions and college by being leader of both... Snap out of it Storm, you need to get this fragment to Eorland.


j127rf1i.jpgStorm: I'm back with the fragment of Wuuthrad Kodlak kept "hidden" he should have locked that drawer, good thing the silver hand never got that far
Eorland: ah good, I'll get this axe repaired and bring it to you. The rest of the circle are meeting in the underforge right now you should go to them
Storm: I will, I doubt Vilkas is coping with the funeral all that well.
Eorland: By the way what does brb mean? fuck she's gone already


eWN57QpU.jpgStorm: I see you decided to get the after party started without me. Or would this be a wake? What the fuck is a wake anyway?
Vilkas: We're deciding what to do to honour Kodlak
Storm: Oh that's easy go to the tomb of Ysgramor and toss one of these manky witch heads on the fire that's in Ysgramor's burial room then BAM he's cured, should be able to cure us as well.
Farkas: well it's better than what I wanted to do
Aela: but i like being able to turn into a werewolf
Storm: But that means when I fuck you it smells like I've been sleeping with a wet dog
Vilkas: Fuck it lets do it, I've not got anything. Also Farkas I don't know how a drinking contest would honour Kodlak. But how are we supposed to get into the tomb?


Eorland: I can help with that, you just need to use Wuuthrad
Farkas: But it's in pieces
Eorland: It's a tool, tool's break all the time
Aela: yeah Farkas you'd know about that best, how many times has Storm had to patch you up while she's been with us?
Eorland: Ahem, can we get back on track, I've repaired Wuuthrad.


ShrE2NR0.jpgEorland: And I want you to wield it
Storm: You know I don't use axes right?
Eorland: you just need to keep it long enough to get the tomb open after that it doesn't mater what you do with it.
Vilkas: looks like we're off to the tomb then.


F1dUpmCo.jpgVilkas: you're here, what took you so long?
Storm: had some business to take care of, so this is the tomb of Ysgramor?
Vilkas: It is, unfortunately I can't continue past this point. I should never have ran off to avenge Kodlak with anger in my heart
Storm: So what you're saying is that I was right?
Vilkas: If I say yes will you let it go?
Storm: maybe. But maybe you're only saying that because you're scared of fighting alongside me again
Vilkas: no I'm not, and get that smug look off you'r face and put the fucking axe back on the statue
Storm: fine, fine.


*A couple of masscares later*


RruUUxUK.jpgFarkas: Sorry I can't continue.
Storm: why not?
Farkas: ever since dustman's cairn those fucking spiders have terrified me.
Storm: that's fine, arachnophobia is a common phobia, go keep an eye on your brother he seems to be taking Kodlak's death harder then everyone else.
Farkas: thank you for not judging me.


lrnKzGIn.jpgKodlak: Ah welcome lass, I've been waiting
Storm: fucking called it, so I just throw one of these shitty witch heads onto the fire to cure you right?
Kodlak: Yes, you can cure the rest of the companions who have this curse as well.
Storm: stopped paying attention...BANZAI!


*One wolf spirit fight later*


AVM7FE2P.jpgKodlak: Don't scare me like that, it's a good thing I'm already dead and can't die of a heart attack.
Storm: Well old man you're cure, hope you have fun in Sovngarde
Kodlak: thank you lass, knew letting you into the companions was the right move. Have fun leading them as the harbinger from now on.
Storm: you know I'm immortal right? fuck he's gone. Oh well, burny burny for this witch head


*One more wolf spirit fight later*


Aela: Well you're no longer a werewolf, do you feel any diferent?
Storm: I read up on this ritual, it only cures lycanthropy.
Aela: So you're going to go try and fine another way to cure yourself then?
Storm: Aye, but Kodlak said I was the next harbinger. Any complaints?
Aela: none here, but aren't you immortal?
Storm: I don't think he cared about that, besides if I have to I will step down.


End of chapter 1



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Sorry I didn't end this chapter on more of a bang but I couldn't think of anything and the questline just kinda ends like that anyway.

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I like the topical look. Nice to see bright pictures of the world.

The brightness is probably due to me upping it with imaginator, some of those dungeons can be dark as fuck without fiddling with the brightness settings.

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