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The Pilot Episode



Here's a bit of a load ( :D), with some random commentary for no reason of my Dragonborn, Averna, realizing life in Skyrim kinda sucks. If my commentary kinda sucks, that's usually the case when I try to be witty. Feel free to spread my anus about that if you desire.


After her gangbang session, Averna went to the bar to loosen up. However, she soon found herself drunk, almost completely passed out, while one of the local patrons lossened up dat pussy.


Averna: I promise I wasn't a pineapple...honest....*hic*
The man mounted her for quite some time. Onlookers didn't seem to give the slightest fuck, but then again this is Skyrim. Women getting fucked in bars is pretty common. Having sex is better than a bar brawl after all. Averna however, was still kind of lost.


Averna: That's not...how you play leapfrog...*hic*


Another man eventually finally walked over to her, after having been used by the first man. While he was a bit disgruntled with her now creamy insides, he'd be a dumb dumb to pass it up. So he flipped her over and got to work. Averna however, seemed like she was starting to get some sense back.


Averna: My legs feel...a little numb.


It was at this point Averna realized, she fucked up. She got herself drunk again, realizing too late that this almost always gets her fucked by every male that decides to walk in that day. Averna decided to use the time on her back to snark at the person taking the screenshots.


Averna: You know I feel like these scenarios are a bit set up.


After finally getting away from the bar, Averna was slightly sobered, but still a bit annoyed, and slightly horny. Because getting fucked at a bar isn't enough apparently. She walked out of the bar without a thread of clothing, and approached the first man she saw.


Averna: I'm pissed off and don't wanna listen to you right now, so drop the pants and let's get this over with.


Averna stripped his clothes off and went straight for it. Despite the fact she was annoyed at being used like a blow up doll, she seems awfully fine doing it on her own. I guess she isn't a masochist.




The man quickly pushed her against the wall to get her into a good position. Magical screenshots were taken of this moment, as the mystery person taking them was going to spread these around for fap material.


Averna: Am I going to fuck the fourth wall too?
Guard: Who are you talking to?


The guard plowed her so hard, that the force of his semen shattered the dimensions of video game and player, causing very informative text to appear on the screen.


Averna: Oh yeah, real professional.


But the night wasn't over, for after her night fun, the guard was quickly killed by a Death Hound that was seemingly left over from a vampire attack Averna was sure she took care of. Due to her inability finish the job, the Death Hound saw his new mate, and decided to get it on. Can the undead even get erection?


Averna: Is there anything else that wants to fuck me?


Averna seemed to finally get a break, when things decided they were done shoving dicks in her for the night. She was now full (although the textures don't seem to make it look that bad) of semen from multiple men and an undead dog. Needless to say, she was a bit miffed.


Averna: When I wake up in the morning, Whiterun is going to burn.


But a bunch of random sex shots are incomplete, without the very expected TENTACLE RAPE!


Averna: Oh for fucks sake.


This concludes the adventures of Averna, Dragonborn of legend, and her equally legendary pussy. Considering how many things want to fuck her anyway.


Averna: I don't care anymore, I'm going to sleep right here. When I wake up, you all die.



Onwards Dragon Soldiers pilot episode.

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