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Onward Dragon Soldiers Part 1



There's more nudity than actual sex, but after that string of Averna's drunken night sex...thing, I wanted to see if I could do some (awful) storytelling. To some degree anyway. BTW, if you see a follower that belongs to you, and you don't like the idea of lewd things happening to them, I can exclude them via request if it bothers you. I'll just make an excuse for them.


Averna, after recovering from last night, decided she needed a new place to stay, hopefully with less dicks. She heard about some castle that just popped up in the mountains one day. Who built it? Why is it for sale? And why can just anyone buy it if they have enough gold? Who cares, it's a castle.


Averna: I think this is it.
Sha: I don't remember this being here before.
Averna: It's just your imagination.


There was indeed a castle, and it even had it's own guards. Nifty.


Averna: Oh great, more dicks. I hope they've got more self control than Whiterun did.
Sha: I hope there's no alcohol inside.


Oh yeah, Amalia joined the group. As did Mary Rose in the last screenshot.


Averna: Why are you a fox?
Amalia: I woke up in this outfit one day, it just sort of happened.
Averna: Sounds like the many times I end up in a sexual scenario.
Amalia: Who was that voice?
Averna: Ignore him.


Speaking of outfits, Sha got herself a new delicious robe for her mage duties. It's not much, but she's not supposed to get her pretty face and body thrown into sharp weapons anyway.


Sha: I never agreed to any of this.


Sha: Why did you take my old robes? And why am I wearing this now?
Averna: These robes are pretty cool, but you look much hotter in those.
Sha: I have a round plate on my breast. What kind of robe is this?
Averna: The kind people pay more attention to.


Once the group finally stopped complaining, they entered their new home. The interior of the castle was amazing, but the only interior shot we have is the bath, because the screenshot taker forgot to snap any until he got to the good part.


Averna: Sweet, this place has a tub right next to my bed. I have a reason to sleep naked all I want now.


Sha: Is it just me, or are you a little...bigger?


Averna: Did you just call me fat? Actually, now that I have my clothes off, my boobs are so much bigger. And they're wet. But I didn't get into the water ye-


Averna: Aw shit...


So no sex this time, but Averna seems to have gotten herself knocked up. Did you honestly think that outcome would have ended in any other way? But who's kid is it? The inn patrons? The random guard who's now dead? The Death Hound that wanted to mate? Or the tentacles that showed up for the sake of a quota? All she knows is, giving birth sucks.



So that was the first part of...what ever this is. I could probably do a better job at storytelling with screenshots, but I've never done this before. My line of humor is also a bit odd, containing sarcastic remarks, black comedy, and 4th wall breaking. If any of that bothers you, feel free to throw me off a cliff and tell me I'm an awful person. :P


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