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SL Creature Animations - Giants



WARNING: Contains Creature Content!


Animations Here




Giant Anal Reverse Cowgirl


Giant Carry


Giant Cowgirl


Giant Oral


Giant Nonconsensual Carry


Recommended Comments

Thanks for finding the time to getting these done and published despite your RL concerns. We all appreciate your work immensely!

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Great work, Leito. Thanks for sharing.

Come to think of it, those giant with girl animations strongly remind of StudioFOWs "Broken Princess". To be more precise, the scene in the middle of part one, where the lady pleases that ugly mutant demon, and he goes down upon climax.


What might a Skyrim giant look like, when going on his behind, while the human lady pleases him? And what might happen to the lady? Would she take flight? :)

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Hello, Leito :)

It's nice to know, that you still here on LL. Thank you again, for wonderful and smooth animations.

Hail to the King! :P

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Круто! Шикарно! Здорово! И всё очень замечательно! И все анимации тоже шикарны!

(Cool! Gorgeous! Great! And all very wonderful! And all the animation is also gorgeous!)

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Your the best Leito, cheers for the continued work, its awesome.


Any chance you might be able to spruce up some interesting horse animations and maybe gargoyles? they both seem to be suffering from the most neglect, some Chaurus would be nice too, I'm surprised they haven't been given any better anims considering we have estrus chaurus and whatnot, someone tried to do Chaurus hunter anims a while back but they were horribly aligned and I don't think he kept the mod going.

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These are really good.

Will there be a werewolf animation? Maybe one that starts innocent. girl pets dog, then dog starts licking or something. Reminds me of Betty and Hulk in Hulk 2003 pre dog fight and after the helicopter scene, or in Hulk 2008 the cliff scene.

So one where woman is dom then one where werewolf is dom. I dunno. Regardless, you make very good and life like animations.

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