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  1. Sorry for doing this, but could somebody give a link to the SOS download page!? i'm going around in circles and having zero success with the search..
  2. It's kinda funny for me, I've been whittling my friends down for over 20yrs now and the 2 or 3 I've got left wouldn't really expect anything else from me..lol.. they're not into gaming and have only ever heard the term mod from me, but they've known for years if they stop in at my place the desktop pics and screen savers are cartoon or 3D porn, and they've become *aware* of skyrim sex mods cause they've stopped in or skyped me at the wrong time, and my toon Suggah isn't about to stop humping that troll for something going on irl =) my friends and I work on the saying, those who matter
  3. Why? I wasnt criticizing your idea, just pointed that the scripting part would be more time consuming than animations in this case. =) all good bloke, no offense taken or anything like that.. just meant I probably should have posted a request or posed it as an idea, saw the furniture post and blurted it out..lol peace.
  4. Vinfamy, thanks for the guide, there's a ton of ini tweaks I definitely wasn't aware of and i'd have assumed I had f4se installed correctly going by the read me (it didn't feel right leaving that data folder out).. So it looks like I've got everything working, actors are stripping and all no problems, BUT actors aren't hard, everyone has a soft on..? I uninstalled everything back to Leitos mod to check with his gun and all works fine.. any ideas?
  5. my question is why would it need to be part of a framework? like I said those 2 mods don't actually do anything but assign an animation to a location. spose I shouldn't have actually posted my comment in this thread..
  6. Well i'll say this, if somebody set up for him, or talked Leito into setting up a go fund me account or something similar for a cheap mocap suit i'd pitch in $100 aussie towards it.. I've seen one recently called the perception neuron that's apparently going for about $1500,. if anyone does this, pm me with the link to get my money..lol, but seriously i'll cough up..
  7. I like that ass, is that the Josie body there mate? your own personal bodyslide? or can I download that somewhere?
  8. I was thinking about the 2 mods (busy settlers and invisible furniture), how about making a glory hole wall panel that you could assign a settler to on one side like busy settlers, with a random idle marker like invis furniture on the opposite side? so you'd have a settler stationed on her knees all day at the wall and passing settlers could simply walk up and chug away at her through the hole? is this a bad idea or a good one?.. just thinking out loud some more, but how about just some simple solo animations with static objects? I was kinda thinking about the traffic cones in game, s
  9. Hey there Ousnius, just wondering what the plan is for the new Body Slide. it'll be the same as oldrim with just the min and max sliders yeah? ie: just 2 windows.. or will it be weird like fallout 4 with triangle shaper? I found fallout 4 almost impossible to get a handle on the outcome between my high & low weights.. (not knocking it though, I'm just curious =)
  10. Nope, there's a tutorial show you how to add tan lines for your own custom body skin with photoshop, but I can't find it anywhere by now Thanks for the heads up. will look into that..
  11. If not a secret, what are the body mod&texture used in 3rd picture? Looks amazing! Did you add glossy effect with ENB? The body is UNPB, texture is Fair Skin Complexion, to add Glossy effect, you need to use Nifscope, there is a tutorial available on the Nexus, or you can just google it Damn those are stunning pics!!.. I've never used Fair Skin, is the bikini tan line an optional?
  12. That's hide armor from UUNP Remodeled, the cape is Fire Keeper, found on wtfuun's page. I am especially anatomically challenged in the bloke department, but happy to accept it as an honorific Aaah, my apologies.. ( I made an ass out of me & umption.. it's not logical but easy to make =) Thanks for the info though, it was the cape the made me curious..
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