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Good riddance, 2021



2020 was a terrible year for most people but it was one of the best years of my life.


I was working 300 miles from home in a completely different state and only got to visit my family on weekends until the pandemic forced the company to move to a work from home model. It didn't take them long to make working from home permanent for our entire project team, which meant I could spend actual time with my family. It was fantastic!


That continued into 2021 and remained a bright spot but, beginning in May, life became chaotic.


It began with the first of two system go-lives, which meant a month of long shifts and little sleep.


That was followed by the hospitalization and subsequent death of my mother followed only a month or so later by the unexpected news of the death of my wayward 26 year old son.


Then came a second go-live followed by the selling of our house and a 2400ish miles (3900ish km) move across the country, complete with living in a hotel for a month.


All this to say that it's been a hell of a year but the worst seems to be over and I should be able to get back to writing soon. I can't wait to find out where the stories of Sian, Trendil, Sloan, and Aithne go. :)


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Then fingers crossed, that 2022 will be a whole lot better then 2021 was! And surely, your LL readers will be there, when you are good and ready to return to writing your stories.

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9 hours ago, Content Consumer said:

Oh jeez dude, I had no idea. I should have though. "Sorry" doesn't do it.

I don't know how you could have known, but thank you. :)

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