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thoughts on modding and snippets of stories

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short term pause

just to let those of you who read my stories know, i'm heading into a busy time at work and then i'm going to be moving across country, so there will likely be a two to three month pause on steady writing. I just didn't want you to note the lack of new material and think i disappeared.   thanks for reading!


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back on track

this is basically just a blatant advertisement. i had some free time over the past couple weeks and have tossed aside the other games i was playing and have done some writing. so i have chapters coming out all the way through august (Wednesdays between 12:01 am and 1am eastern time - told you this was an advertisement  ) and am writing more even as we speak. or i speak. er...as I type and you read. except i'm typing this instead of the stories, so...   ahem. anyway. just so you know -


hi everyone! just a quick apology for the sudden lack of entries - work hit a "giant project" window that has taken up all of my time and resources. the stories will continue soon!

Scheduled releases

Hi again. For this who might be interested to know, I am aiming for a once a week schedule for my blog stories going forward. Somewhere around 5 AM GMT every Wednesday.   Thank you for taking an interest in my stories. I'll try not to take breaks that last for years this time.

Link to my story blogs

Since my super-fancy signature sends you to this blog when you click the "Stories" link, here are the current stories for your perusal:   A Gathering Storm - Ripped from earth and dragged to a crazy land filled with homicidal maniacs, dragons, slavers, and a certain REALLY annoying Daedra, Sian Elizabeth Fraser is forced to accept her role as the linchpin of her age, when all she wanted was to become a pharmacist.   Destiny's Bright Edge - Aithne was a sailor on an Imperial w


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Cleaning Up

Hello, everyone. Thank you for taking an interest in my writing.   This blog has become rather convoluted. I had not planned on having three different stories all at the same time (plus the modding background, just for fun), so I went into this entirely unplanned. So much is probably obvious.   Therefore I'm going to do a little housekeeping. By which I mean, I'm going to create separate blogs for each of these stories and repost them. This will give me a chance to put things


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Why not?

Hi there! I figured I might as well join in the blog thing here at LL. I'll post thoughts as I have them about various things regarding the site and the mods and Skyrim and, probably, other un-LL-related things from time to time. No one will read it, but that's okay because, my personality being what it is, I'll grow tired of writing it eventually. Then get back to it for a while. Then go away again.   So, my first observation is that this blog, and most of the others on this site, are


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