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Entrails: My Settlements





This little blog post is describing my FO4 settlements. I'll try to get the balance between some kind of journal and an atlas or tour guide thing.


History of the settlements in my little Empire

  1. My first settlement was obviously Sanctuary as in almost all vanilla game starts. For the story telling perspective it is just a safe place for desperate people. Yet, I cleaned my old house there and have it as a storage of mementos and rare stuff. Codsworth can keep guarding and maintaining it.
  2. Red Rocket Truck Stop was my second one. Even tough I did not have any settleres there, I decided to call it a strongpoint to defend against enemies before they reach Sanctuary
  3. Abernathy Farm was the third one. I was visiting them and helping them first, before moving along with the main quest to Concord. It's a bit hard to tell if the Farm or the Red Rocket Station should count as my 2nd or 3rd settlement, because I already had settlers here when they joined my little empire
  4. Starlight Drive-In was the next one. I got here on behalf of the people of Tenpines Bluff and decided that this is a nice place to use it for naughty businesses. First objective was to create a little fortress and have some workbenches here. The bigger plan is to develop it into a brothel/bar thing and a trade hub.
  5. Tenpines Bluff was next and happily joined my empire once their quest was done. Since they are just a little farm at the end of nothing, I'll keep them in that direction
  6. Graygarden is developping into my main residence. It's farming will still be continued but as soon as the population part of humans grows, it will become more and more industrialized and will get workbenches for all purposes.
  7. Next one is Oberland Station. Again, it's another farming area and the surplus of food in my empire is starting to get ridiculous. I see it's further purpose more in providing and storing ressouces.
  8. Sunshine Tidings Co-Op was a settlement that I didn't really want to bother with. And when I was tasked by the oBerland station people to clera it out, I just left it where it was. Meaning that something killed or kidnapped that robot there and it was empty. But recently, I decided to give it it's farming purpose, surrounded it with a wall and defences
  9. Home Plate is my latest and newest addition in Diamond City. Again I haven't yet decided what to do with it. For the story purpose, it is just the prestige that comes with the biggest house in the city.


The settlements in detail

Abernathy Farm






Home Plate



Oberland Station



Red Rocket Truck Stop



Sanctuary Hills

I started it a bit as a playground to see how things work out and which mods fit in. It has no real pupose in my game yet.



Starlight Drive-In



Sunshine Tidings Co-Op



Tenppines Bluff






  • add story details
  • add settlement detail
  • add pictured articles for the settlements

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My construction skills are not the best :classic_blush:


Graygarden, my newly constructed Community House



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