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I've got some free time coming up, and I'm in Skyrim mode, so I'm going to see if I can get going again on Girl In A Jar. I have a couple of weeks starting this weekend, and then some more over Christmas, so RL allowing, that should be enough time to get  the ball rolling again. (It's either that or play with AE and I'm not that desperate to go fishing in Skyrm ?)


Anyway, first order of business is to work out where I left all the bit and pieces. After that, I'll finish up on the Hellene dungeon, and then maybe look at some sort of release. Won't be nearly all the girls, of course, but this is the sort of mod that would suit an episodic release and I think I had all the major systems working when I suspended things last time, so an alpha isn't unreasonable.


And this time, while our miniaturized heroines may find themselves in an unenviable position, there will be a path to redemption for them. For anyone who wants to take it, of course.


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Well, I managed to find my dev folder for the mod, and more importantly my notes. Too soon to say for certain but everything looks to be there. So that's a good start.




Against that, the CK can't find things like SexLabFramework or the dll used to show dialogue trees. So the dev *environment* is going to need some repair work.

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Well, the first quest kicks off as it should, just after talking to Farengar and getting the Bleak Falls quest.


Although thinking about it,  it should really kick off after the end of Dragon Rising. I suspect I've disabled the quest preconditions for testing purposes. There's also the second quest given by Farengar which is accessible too, so yeah, I'm thinking I shorted out the quest preconditions for testing purposes.

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Look I loved this mod concept before anyway but having now played with PAH/HSH/AYGAS I entirely see the practicallity of a pokeball system. That way one or two slaves get trained well and the rest can be scooped up for later. That however can be a later date

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Whatever happened to Raider Reform School?


ETA: Nevermind, I found it! Nice work! ?

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On 1/30/2022 at 8:43 AM, wagg0 said:

How's the development going?

I'm also curious- has there been any additional work on this, or is it shelved indefinitely? 

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Hey, are you still working on this?

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