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  1. Ah, yeah then. I think devious stories adds one as well, but she's off in some cave way up on the north side of the map. Man, Hydragorgons. Blast from the past, that.
  2. My guess would be hydragorgon's, but I'm not certain.
  3. Ya know, all I can think is she'd look a lot better sitting on a shelf in my trophy room/armory...
  4. Thanks for the update! Lookin good, I'm eager to give it a try out in game!
  5. I think at this point most people are playing with some kind of NPC makeover- and if not, there's probably a reason for it. I don't personally see a reason not to.
  6. Ah, ok. Well that all makes sense! Now If I could just get the renamer to work right... Either way, thanks again! My load order no doubt thanks you too, as does whatever gremlin handles script processing.
  7. First, I wanna say this mod is almost line for line what I was after: It's replaced about 3 mods in my list and so thank you immensely for making it. I have two questions, however. First is that, without fearless followers selected in IAFT, any of the slaves I rescue/recruit will always flee from combat. They do this regardless of equipment, health, or active effects- they'll only fight with fearless followers on. Is that intended? Second, on equipping them, so far all of them won't remove their original equipment, and will instead layer armor on over it. Again, not s
  8. Wonder how difficult it would be to integrate a girl to a weapon? given the trouble here, I'm almost imagining it'd be borderline impossible
  9. Ah, fair enough. I was curious because it looked like it easily could, since PH is all about slavery anyway- just from the other end of the rope, so to speak.
  10. Really interested to see where this goes; having a more 'living' world is one of the things I always like to have in my games, and you're right in that Hydrogorgon's work is great, but... more than slightly immersion breaking. Out of curiosity, for those of us more of the... Genghis Khan bent, let's say, any chance this would hook into or play a similar role to Paradise halls?
  11. Thanks for the reply! And thanks again for the hard work, this mod has been around long enough I bet it's no easy task keeping up with it!
  12. Stupid question, for updating from 7.3.9, do I download the update package or has enough changed that I'm better off just redownloading the entire mod? Also thanks for all the hard work, this is one of the ones that's been in my game since... almost forever, honestly.
  13. if your game is crashing right after the Bethesda splash, it means you're missing a dependency somewhere usually. Double check to make sure you've got all the hard dependencies for all your mods.
  14. There's an EDI patch for SS2 on nexus here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/48254 There's also Human resources here : If you'd prefer that instead.
  15. Was using it fine up till today, where it got flagged and deleted. Tried redownloading it, and NMM is wigging out about it being a trojan. EDIT: It doesn't call it a trojan, specifically, but says like 'harmful or unrequested software' or sommat.
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