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Last Seed, 17th, 4E 201



"Where am I?"


I woke up lying in the dirt, next to a dead Kajiit and a destroyed caravan. My head hurt like hell, with blood running down from a fresh cut beneath my eye and apart from a shredded cloth robe, I had nothing on me.




According to his journal the name of the Kajiit was Ji'kaar. We must have been ambushed, but I could not remember anything. I did not know where I was neither why I was traveling with him. The only thing I remembered was my name... Ellie.


A little further along the road I found an inn, named the Thirsty Mammoth. The innkeeper there had pity for my situation and gave me some new clothes as well as allowing me to stay for the night. After that I would have to pay though, or be on my way.

He also told me that this is Skyrim, a harsh and hostile land, torn by civil war, where bandits roam around and pillage and the cold at night will kill you in your sleep.

Knowing where I was now, I had to survive in this foreign country and find out who I am.




Last Seed, 20th, 4E 201



I managed to reach the nearby village Rorikstad, but I could only make money by selling a few low-quality potions, I had brewed and by helping in the kitchen of the inn. Far from enough to make a living.

At least the wound under my eye had healed, but unfortunately it had left a nasty scar. I decided to cover it as well as possible with one of the here common types of war paint, which are also very popular among the women.


"It can't hurt to look a little more fierce."




Not willing to always spend the little gold, I ploddingly scraped together over the day, just for a hard cot at the inn and some bread and water to not starve, I took the chance and hired a carriage to the next big city. Whiterun.


As soon as the wagon stopped and I saw the my destination for the first time, I knew, I would not regret my choice. An impressive city build of stone, with three levels climbing in the sky, throned by the elevated seat of the Jarl, Dragonsreach Castle.


"I will certainly find my fortune here."




Last Seed, 24th, 4E 201



I had the right assumption, there is much more work in a bigger city like Whiterun.

My potion brewing skills have improved somewhat, but not nearly enough to fetch good prices for my creations at Arcadia's Cauldron. With the tanning rack I was even clumsier and the little gold I got at Belethor's General Goods for what I called "fine leather", was not even worth the effort.

Still after long days of labor I finally managed to acquire some decent leather gear.

For the time being I rented a room at the Bannered Mare. Hulda the innkeeper demanded 50 septims each night, but at least the food is warm and the bed is soft and without fleas.


I quickly came in contact with the locals as well when I helped the smith Adrienne with a delivery for her father the steward and assured Carlotta to take care of Mikael, the bard at the inn I was staying, who was molesting her.


Last night when I went down to the taproom, to reward myself with some ale for my hard work over the last few days, I saw that damn wastrel of a bard.

I already had quite a few drinks blurring my vision a bit, but for what I could tell he was actually quite handsome.


"Why would Carlotta reject such a fine looking man?"


Anyhoo, I had promised her to teach him a lesson, so with from the alcohol already noticeably wobbly knees, I staggered towards him.


"Leave Carlotta alone you...hic", I slurred, interrupted by my own hiccup.


"Of course.", he responded, ogling me with a covetous smile, "If I can have you instead."


"Deal!", I rashly answered, almost belching again.


I don't know why I just accepted his insolent offer. It must have been the alcohol, or the fact that he really was handsome, or maybe both, I can't remember that well, but in the end I followed him to his room, still not really comprehending what I had myself let in for.

Once there, he promptly started to grope and undress me, while I had trouble even standing straight and before I knew it, I was already naked.


"I want to take you from behind.", he said and pushed me on the bed.


Not being able to think clearly and my head dizzy, I simply followed his command, positioned myself on all fours and lifted my bottom. He then approached me in this inviting pose, pulled down his pants and moments later I felt something warm brush against my labia.


"What is this? Oh yeah, he said he wanted to have me... wait wha... Ohh!"


Just as I realized what Mikael actually meant with that, he pushed his hips forward and his cock drove my lips apart and penetrated me. In a mixture of bafflement and resentment, I uttered a heavy gasp... but not due pain. To my surprise this warm throbbing thing in me, tightly sheathed by my pussy walls, felt good... exceedingly good in fact.




Then when he started to move and his hard shaft advanced further, smoothly rubbing against my insides, it felt even better.

This unexpected sensation made me completely forget my initial grudge and evoked all kinds of prurient thoughts.


"This is amazing! Carlotta is missing out big time!"


Out of reflex I moved as well, pressed my bottom against him, allowing his cock deeper inside of me, intensifying the pleasure even more.

My breathing accelerated rapidly as I matched my motions with his, so he could slide in and out of my pussy with increasing tempo and the faster he fucked me, the more it turned into lustful moaning.

Soon a soothing warmth spread from my crotch through my whole body, bottling up under my skin, urging to break out... I was close.

By now Mikal was also breathing heavily and his thrusts became distinctly more convulsive. I could tell that he was at his limits too.

He suddenly stopped his movements for a moment, only to then vigorously push his hips forward one more time, whereupon his cock started to twitch uncontrollably inside me and seconds later I felt his hot cum filling me up. His pulsating, throbbing manhood pumping its load into my womb enhanced my own arousal once more, enough to push me over the edge as well.

The orgasm was so intense, my whole body was shivering and shaking and I screamed so loud the whole inn must have heard me. I did not care though. For that moment all I cared about was Mikael's cock inside me.


When he pulled it out, I looked down between my trembling legs and could see how the white sticky fluid was leaking out of my pussy, running down my thighs and dripping on the sheets. I would have enjoyed this hot sight a little longer, but my muscles gave in and I slumped on the bed.

Mikael visibly exhausted himself, seemed very pleased with me.


"Good girl.", he said, slapped my ass and then left me behind in puddle of sweat and cum.




Maybe I would not have done this if I had been sober, but with the aftermaths of this climax still befuddling my mind, I did not really regret it either. Besides, now he would leave Carlotta alone and all I had to do for that, was let him fuck me. There I realized I can use my body to my advantage and even take pleasure from doing so.




Last Seed, 25th, 4E 201



Today I bought an old dusty conjuration tome from Belethor. Half of the pages were missing and the remaining ones were yellowed so much that they were almost unreadable. Still, after studying it thoroughly, I managed to decipher the art of conjuring a ghostly wolf from it. It is one of the most basic conjuration spells, but this suits me much more, than clumsily trying to wield a blade or missing all my targets with a bow.


Since wolf pelts fetch nice prizes on the market and their claws and teeth are a demanded alchemy ingredients, I went out into to the tundra to hunt some real ones and got promptly reminded how dangerous Skyrim's wilderness is. Just barely I managed to take down two at a time and had I encountered a larger pack, I would have been mauled alive, no doubt.




To make matters worse, I completely ruined the pelts trying to skin the carcasses.


"Who would have thought that field dressing is so hard."




Last Seed, 26th, 4E 201



I had enough of the wilderness and wanted to stay inside the safety of the city walls for now, so I asked Hulda if she had work for me.


"Yes. Right now I need someone to serve food and drinks to the customers. But if you want to make some real gold, I could hire you to serve our customer's other needs.",

she said and pointed with a bawdy gesture at my crotch, then towards Mikael who was just playing in the taproom, "A woman's skills are high in demand. Many men just need to get off and some woman as well, if that is your thing. Interested?"


"Selling my body for gold? I don't know..."


Even though I loved how Mikael's cock felt, now that I was sober and could think clearly again, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go that far.


"Serving at the tables seems more appropriate.", I answered.


This turned out to be way more difficult than expected though. I constantly messed up the orders and the customers where ridiculously stingy with tips. I would have had to work my ass of to earn money like that! On top of that nearly every man I went by blatantly tried to grope me. That one Bosmer was especially audacious and even grabbed my arm pulling me onto his lap.




"Come to my room and you can earn much more than with being a waitress.", he whispered into my ear.


Annoyed I tried to push him away, but he persistently held firm while his free hand wandered beneath my dress squeezing my breasts. Then I noticed the bulging coin purse on his belt though and my resistance waned a little.


"What if... I mean he isn't that bad looking... but I can't... Ohh."


My concerns where interrupted by the sudden vibration that went through my body as he started to circle his fingertips around my nipples. That actually felt really good.


"Screw it! I need that gold."


I blushed since the whole inn could see me follow him to his room, well knowing what would happen there.


"I want those beautiful lips wrapped around my cock.", he said as soon as door was closed and pulled down his pants.


Still unsure if I should actually go through with this, I kneeled before him. His manhood dangled right in front my face as he leaned his pelvic forward, expecting me to start. Hesitantly I closed my hand around his shaft and slowly tried to wank him. Not content at all with my pitiful effort he pushed his hips forward once more, this time determined, so that his cock slapped against my cheek.

His movement made the coins in his purse jingle loud and very tempting though, thus drowning out my last doubts. If I wanted that gold I had to do what he demanded so without further thinking about it I put his cock in my mouth. He had a little salty, sweaty yet not unpleasant taste and now with my lips fully enclosing him, he became hard quite fast.


"Could my mouth really evoke this feeling?"


Amazed about my abilities, I now wanted to earn my wage honestly, so I put my hands on his thighs and moved my head back and forth while letting my lips slide over his hard shaft, trying not to touch him with my teeth. By now he had grown to his full size and was rock hard in my mouth.

Not wanting to bore him, I also tried other things. I took him out, went down to his perineal and licked over the full length of his shaft, stopped at the top where I gently caressed his glans with the tip of my tongue, then went back down and put his balls into my mouth to suck on them.

I did not have think about my movements at all, they all came naturally and judging by his silent moans, he liked what I was doing. In fact his aroused sound turned me on as well




When I took back him into my mouth I noticed that the thick veins on his shaft were twitching and throbbing heavily... he was close, I could tell. To give him the final push I increased the pace and tightened the grip with lips once more and only moments later I tasted his hot cum on my tongue It had a viscous texture and a sweet flavor, almost like ale, quite tasty.


"Swallow it, little whore.", he demanded and gladly I granted him this wish, even licking my lips and his cock clean, not letting a single drop go to waste, then opened my mouth to show him, that I indeed had swallowed everything.


"You really know how to suck girl.", he praised me and handed me the coin purse from his belt, "You have earned this."


"This is a lot of money for such little effort. I could get used to this."


The realization that my body can evoke such a desire in men, that they were willing to spend their hard earned gold, just to be with me, was incredibly arousing for some reason. Now that I had acquired a taste for it I wanted more and I returned to Hulda, stating that I was done serving food, ready to earn some real coin now.

She knew I had changed my mind when she saw me leaving with that elf and already had put out new working clothes to help me get the attention of the men. It was very saucy dress, barely covering my breasts and the skirt cut so short, if I sat down wrong way everything would be visible.


"Well to be fair, the men want to see what they are paying for."


The new outfit, did not fail its purpose. All eyes were set on me as I walked through the taproom showing this much skin and feeling their lecherous gazes on my body, how they undressed me with their eyes really turned me on.

Sinmir, that big Nord, who constantly complained about the security situation in the city, even stopped his grumbling and nearly choked on his ale as I passed him.


"Are you looking for a good time?", I seductively asked him while stroking his cheek with my fingers then leaned over so he could peek into my cleavage.




He covetously licked his lips and tried to reach for my breasts, but I backed off in time.


"You like what you see?", I whispered in a lewd tone and squeezed them together, "If you have coin, I can unwrap them for you."


By now I had made him so horny that he could no longer resist and disappeared with me in a back room of the inn.


"Take off your cloth.", Sinmir demanded and pointed to the bed.


"As you wish sweetheart.", I replied and loosened the strings of my dress, letting it drop to the floor, displaying my naked body.


Sinmir needed more time to peel off his iron armor, so I already laid on the bed and watched with relish how he revealed his athletic body bit by bit.


"What a man."


I was in the mood anyway but the sight of his well defined upper body and his pronounced muscles turned me on even more. Full of anticipation I bit on my lip until he finally got to his loincloth and when he removed that last piece of fabric, I could gaze upon his already fully erect cock. It was enormous, much bigger than the one of the elf, or Mikael's.


"I want to have you.", Sinmir said and joined me on the bed.


"I'm yours.", I replied, spreading my legs invitingly.


He positioned himself above me and steered his cock towards my crotch, ready to enter me and I was so wet from arousal, that he could do so with ease, despite his size.




Slowly he split my labia apart, steadily pushing forward, until his shaft completely disappeared in my pussy. His warm throbbing flesh pressing against mine felt so amazing, I would not have minded if he stayed inside me like this all night.

Sinmir had other plans though. Only just having fully penetrated me, he quickly pulled his cock out again, then shoved it back in, this time with a much more swift and forceful thrust.


With no patience he repeated this movement, kept pushing his hips forward, each time faster and harder than before, all accompanied by his raw grunting. It still felt good, really good actually but sadly he did not last very long. After maybe a dozen thrusts his motion stopped, he tensed up and the warmth of his seed spread inside my womb. It was such a big load, that his cum oozed out of my pussy even with his cock still in me, filling my uterus.


"Those men must not have had a woman for a long time."


Patiently I waited until he emptied his balls completely and his slackened cock slipped out, followed by a now unrestrained stream of thick gooey juice. He was breathing heavily and beads of sweat laid on his forehead, but had a satisfied smile on his face.

I collected my payment got dressed to the bare minimum and with Sinmir's cum still leaking out of my pussy, I walked back to the taproom, looking out for the next man to fuck me.


I found two more unsatisfied customers who traded their coin for my body. They both wanted to take me the same way Sinmir did and I gladly gave myself to them. By the end of the night I was a little exhausted and my pussy was bulging with cum, but so were my pockets with coin. Of course Hulda demanded a considerable cut since it is her establishment, but still I had earned more gold today then in a whole week otherwise.




"What could possibly go wrong doing this?"




Last Seed, 27th, 4E 201



Since, in the morning there are hardly any guests at the Bannered Mare and therefore no men for me to seduce, I went on another hunting trip. This time, however, with more caution.


South of Whiterun the barren tundra transforms into peaceful pine forest, where I managed to track and cull a deer. Further down the road I came across a small cozy village named Riverwood, where I could sell all the meat I had gathered to Orgnar the local innkeeper.

He also had another old spell tome lying around, for sale. This one was in a decent condition hence a little more expensive, but he had payed me a good price for the meat so I was able afford the investment.


It was already getting dark, so I decided to stay for the night and rented a small but cozy room at the inn. After a long tiring day outside, it felt so good to finally shed of my uncomfortable armor and stretch out on a soft bed, where I could attend to my new reading without disturbance.







Last Seed, 28th, 4E 201



I stayed up nearly all night, studying the tome, but it was well worth it. It described how to manipulate the arcane energy into creating basic fire spells.


"This will be very useful fending off wild animals or even worse."


Furthermore I learned the hard way that the predators of Skyrim have another dangerous trait besides their sharp teeth and claws and that not even a seemingly peaceful forest has its pitfalls.

Just been briefly off the road, to pluck some alchemy ingredients, I was attacked and bitten by a wolf and seemed to have been infected with something, since soon my joints painfully started to swell and the longer the day went, the more it hurt.

Luckily back in Whiterun, at the Temple of Kynareth, Danica provided me with a cure, and told me I had caught Rock Joint, a common but acute disease transmitted by canine predators that, left untreated, could even be fatal.







Last Seed, 29th, 4E 201 (warning: gore)



In the surrounding woods of Riverwood grow plenty of useful alchemic ingredients, much more than in the barren tundra. I have learned that, with the Mora Tapinella fungus, found on stumps and fallen trees and the blossom of the Red Mountain Flower, I can create potions that restore magica. Now, with another spell at my disposal, I could not have enough of those, so grazed the wilderness in search of said plants where I came across Embershard Mine.


The entrance was guarded by a female bandit who, without hesitation attacked me on sight. I had no time to think as she charged me with her weapon drawn, ready to kill me, so I instinctively used my flame spell against her, immediately setting her fur armor on fire, thus stopping the attack. In panic, she tore the burning piece of cloth off, threw herself on the ground and rolled around to smother the flames, but I did not stop casting my spell.

She screamed in pain and writhed in agony as the flames fully engulfed her now unprotected naked body, where blisters formed on her already peeling skin. Her limbs spasmed uncontrollably, causing her bare breasts to swing violently up and down and between her legs I could see that she was wetting herself in fear.




She raised her arm to beg for mercy and looked at me in despair, with tears in her eyes, but could only bring out a dreadful rattle. Briefly I returned her gaze and saw a face, where only lumps of charred hair were left and the scalp hung in melted shreds from the skull. Then I was no longer able to bear the sight.

Her gut-wrenching death screams I could not escape though and it took long agonizing minutes until they finally fell silent and she was dead.

Not much was left of her corpse. She was burnt almost beyond recognition, partly so severe that blackened bones surfaced. The disgusting stench of scorched flesh and singed skin filled the air and her painful shrieks still echoed in my head.


"She got what she deserved She tried to kill me."


This was the first person I had killed. My stomach still churns when I think about it, but I certainly felt no remorse. She was a criminal scum who had robbed and murdered innocent citizens.


I spent the night again at the Sleeping Giant's in Riverwood and while lying in my bed, I tried to get the screams of that woman out of my head.

To get my mind of this, I imagined what it was like in the Bannered Mare that .


"I'm sure the place is packed right now... packed with a lot of male customers."


The memory of my first day at work made me blush and immediately and I wasted no more thought on the bandit woman.


"I wonder whether they already miss me... whether they miss it how I sucked their cocks nice and hard... whether they miss to then shove them into my wet pussy and fuck me real good until I milked the cum out of their balls."


I had to gasp heavily and was amazed, how much just the mere thought of it aroused me.


"By the divines I'd love to feel a cock inside me right now. It's just been three days, I didn't think I'd miss it this soon."







Last Seed, 30th, 4E 201



Among the common people, numerous reports of bandits raids on farms and caravans circulate. They mercilessly kill men and the children, rape the women and enslave those who survive.


Being a victim of such a raid myself, when my caravan with Ji'kaar had been ambushed, I felt obligated to return to Embershard Mine and put and end to this criminal scum... and once again, I completely misjudged the dangers.

Yes, I managed to clear the mine, but only since the bandits there had a giant binge and were too drunk to walk a straight line. They hadn't even noticed yet that their guard was gone! Still, I was knocked down more than once and only my summoned wolf, or the sheer luck of my attacker stumbling, saved me from a death by steel. Going in there alone was plain stupid!


"I can't rely on always being so lucky, I need someone to have my back."


Back in Whiterun I was in the mood to celebrate, partly for of my accomplishment and partly for being still alive, so the first thing I did when I entered the Bannered Mare was to order a bottle of wine from Saadia. She warned me that it was strong stuff, but I did not listen to her, downed it in one go and ordered another one right away. I wanted to go for a ride.

Enjoying my wine, I looked around the inn and noticed a mercenary sitting in a dark corner... just the kind of person I needed.

I went over to ask for his services, but he demanded an outrageous 5000 gold, way too much for me.

The thought of taking on so many bandits again, or worse, all by myself, made me shudder though. It would have been far too dangerous, I desperately needed someone at my side.

While pondering how I could convince him to change his mind, the alcohol slowly began to take effect and gave me a lewd idea.


"I may not have gold, but there are other benefits for joining me.", I whispered in a lascivious tone into his ear and slid my hand down his pants, grabbing his cock, "You can take me anytime you want if you protect me."


He tried not to let on, but he could not betray his body, since between my supple fingers he was already getting hard. To feel him grow by my touch reminded me how horny I was myself and how much I could use a good fuck.


"So how about right now?", I asked avidly and rubbed his cock a little faster.


Now he couldn't resist me any longer and shortly after he followed me into my room where I quickly disposed my clothes, laid down on the bed and invitingly spread my legs.

He had other plans though and ordered me to turn around so he could take me from behind. Gladly I obeyed him and when he put his hands on my ass cheeks spreading them apart, I waited yearningly for him to enter my dripping wet pussy, but instead I felt his glans bump against my rectum.


"What are you do...oohh.", I protested, but my breath was taken away mid-sentence as he shoved his cock into my asshole with one vigorous thrust.


At first I only felt a dull pain, but the effect of the alcohol made it bearable. Then there was something else. To be filled up this way, with the muscles of my narrow backdoor tightly wrapped around his thick shaft, felt oddly good. His cock was so firmly embedded by my ass that I could distinctly perceive every inch of him, could even feel the throbbing the blood, filling his erectile tissue, created.




Without wasting any time, he immediately began to fuck me in the ass and quickly I realized that he liked it rough. Ruthlessly he drove his cock deep and with ever more forceful thrusts into my tiny hole, stretching it wide, seemingly not caring whether he was hurting me or not. However, the longer he used me in this way, the more the initial pain vanished, outweighed by a strange kind of pleasure, one that I had never experienced before and even though each impact of his hips jolted my body heavily, I started to like it... a lot.


Soon I was turned on so hard by this, that I moaned deeply every time he widened my anus anew and was actually driven closer and closer to the edge of orgasm by this, so I encouraged him to fuck me even harder. He did so without hesitation, jabbing so deep into my rectum that the whole of his shaft disappeared thus giving me the final push.

With a loud scream I climaxed, causing my abdomen to tense heavily and the muscles of my asshole to close even tighter around his cock. Enough to make him come as well, since followed by a throaty grunt he shot his hot load deep into my bowels.

Exhausted by this rough pounding my body slumped right after he pulled his cock out and I fell asleep on the spot with cum still gushing out between my legs.


This was the first time someone took me this way. It was different, but I would not mind to try it again sometime.




Last Seed, 31st, 4E 201



With the mercenary at my side I could engage a pack of wolves or even larger prey like a bear without any fear. Armed with a giant two handed battleaxe, he was quite the formidable fighter.

After a fruitful hunting day we returned to the inn to rest, where, hardly had we stepped through the door, I felt his hand on my ass.


"Anytime I want.", he claimed, and groped my buttock a little harder.


"Fine, but not my ass this time.", I complied, still being a bit sore after last night.


Nonetheless I intended to keep my promise, so once again led him upstairs to my room, where he pulled down his pants and ordered me on my knees.


"Relax.", I smirked and grabbed his cock, "You will love this."


Gently I started to lick and kiss his shaft, while massaging his balls, then put him into my mouth where he quickly grew to his full size.




Today he seemed to be a lot more calm, letting me control the pace. Wanting to show him what I was capable off, I put my hands on my back and moved only my head up and down, letting his shaft slide along my lips. My saliva lubricated him nicely and he slid almost by itself in and out of my warm and moist palate, which had to feel at least as good as my pussy for him. Being pleasured this way, it did not take long until he reached his limit and soon I tasted his warm cum on my tongue Eagerly I kept sucking on, until he completely emptied his balls into my mouth and when I looked up to him, his expression told me that he was very pleased with me. Complacently I had to grin, causing some of his cum to accidentally leak my mouth and run down my chin.


Back downstairs I noticed Hulda smirking at me.


"Those men here have some more of that.", she laughed and pointed at my chin, "Ready to work tonight?"


"Sure.", I agreed, and licked the mercenary's remaining drops of cum from my face.


The taste of it had put me in the mood for sex anyway and there was always time to earn some gold.


The men were a bit reserved though. Maybe they were intimidated by the mercenary and thought he had some kind of claim on me. I had to nip in the bud out of this, so I positioned myself in the middle of the room where everyone could see me.


"First round, half the prize!", I shouted then lifted my skirt to show the men what they would get for their gold.


Olfrid Battle-Born was the first who couldn't resist any longer and I happily spread my legs for him once we were in my room.


"Take me!", I demanded and expected to be fucked real good, when he entered me.


Unfortunately that old man only lasted a few thrusts, before he pulled out again and sprayed his load over my belly. Either I was that good or he had no stamina. Regardless of that, this was not satisfying at all.




I had to wait hours until, with the help of some wine and a lot of seduction, I got another one to buy my services. This one lasted longer, but he was already so drunk that he could only bring off a clumsy humping. I had to hold his cock in position, so often did he slip out, without him even noticing. Needless to say that I wasn't pleased by that either.

Frustrated I called it a day after that.




Heartfire, 1st, 4E 201 (warning: gore)



Next to the entrance of the Bannered Mare is a notice board, where the townsfolk posts various quests like gathering alchemic ingredients or collecting forging materials. Furthermore lucrative bounty contracts for bandits or escaped criminals are publicly announced here by the steward.

Until now I did not have the guts to accept one of these, but with the mercenary at my side I felt much more confident.

The contract for the bandit leader at Silent Moons Camp, north-west of Whiterun, caught my attention. The head of that guy was worth quite a formidable amount and since this early in the morning, there were no customers "to serve" anyway, I decided to go earn some gold in a chaste way for a change. So, with my new companion in tow, I set off to bring justice to that criminal scum.


Silent Moon Camp is an old Nordic Ruin build on a hill, with a large staircase led up to open-topped dome-like barrow on top, occupied by a considerable amount of bandits.

The mercenary was undeterred by their superior numbers since upon our arrival immediately he charged roaring at a group of this scum sitting unsuspectingly by a campfire and beheaded the first one with his giant battleaxe before he could even draw his weapon. A fountain of blood spouted out of the bandits neck, his limb torso slumped and his severed head rolled on the ground with the eyes still wide open in shock.




Visibly terrified the others jumped to their feet and tried to fight back, but with their fur and leather armor they did not stand a chance against the steel of the mercenaries axe.

While cutting down one enemy after another he left a bloody trail of mutilated dying bandits on his way up the top of the camp, where we suspected the leader.

All I did was to finish off anyone who wasn't lucky enough to be killed instantly and when I finally caught up to him, he was already waiting for me, sitting on the corpse of the bandit chief, with his axe buried in his skull.

I had to admit, I would never been able to clear a camp like this on my own, unless I wanted to get raped and murdered by these criminals and he knew that too.


"Now!", he claimed his reward, roughly pushed me to the ground and started to strip off my armor.


"Wait! Not here!", I protested and tried to get up, but he pinned me down with his strong arms.


"No! Now!", he gnarled in an angry voice and the look on his face made it clear that he wouldn't tolerate any dissent.


Well this were my own conditions and he kept his end of the bargain, so I stopped resisting and reluctantly let him continue to undress me until I lied naked on the blood soaked ground between entrails and severed body parts.


He took me with the same fury he killed those bandits with, ramming his cock so hard into my pussy, I feared his blood rage would let him loose control. His impetuous movements were hurting me, but he ruthlessly kept thrusting forward, only caring about his own pleasure.




With my teeth clenched, I endured this rough pounding and even though I was utterly relieved when he finally came, my crotch still was sore and painfully throbbing.


"Is this really worth it? I'm not so sure anymore."


Immediately after he let go of me, the mercenary began to scavenge the bodies of the bandits. Without scruples, he even stripped the dead off their armor of and with it off their dignity as well, leaving the corpses of the mutilated naked men and women on the ground to rot. On the other hand, they were bandits, they had no dignity! And the leather and fur of their armor and the iron and steel of their weapons could easily be converted into gold, which I could very well use.


By the end of the day, every single one of my muscles was aching. Not from the rough sex though, but from dragging all the valuable goods from Silent Moon's Camp to Belethor, despite the mercenary carrying most of the heavy iron weapons.

At least Belethor really bought everything, no matter how damaged it was, not even asking or seeming to care why most of the armor pieces where covered in blood.


"Maybe his joke about buying one of my relatives wasn't a joke after all."




Heartfire, 4th, 4E 201 (warning: mild bestiality)



Over the last two days I just tanned leather and brewed potions, while the mercenary was only boozing and enjoying himself in the inn and yet he demanded me to spread my legs for him even though he did nothing for it! This time I denied him my body, whereupon he angrily left my services.


"Come back if you miss my axe and my cock, whore.", he grouched goodbye.


"I hope this was not a mistake."


I decided to give him a wide berth for now and went by the stables, to ask Skulvar the stable master, if he had a horse for sale, for I did not want to get any more sore muscles from carrying loot, but was flabbergasted when he told me the price.


"5000 gold?! I would have to work day and night for weeks at the Bannered Mare to earn this amount of money. I can't spend that much on just a horse."


"Well if you don't have the coin, we can make another agreement.", Skulvar said, while lasciviously ogling my body.


"Fine.", I grudgingly agreed and followed him into the stable, where we would be undisturbed.


It was musty there and horse shit was scattered all over the floor, not exactly a pleasant place to do it. He ordered me to undress and kneel in the dirt so he could take me from behind and when I obeyed him, I felt ashamed of my actions for the first time.


"Is this all I am capable of? Selling my body for money, protection and now a horse?"


Skulvar did not care about my doubts. As soon as I positioned myself like he demanded, he approached my rear and without hesitation pushed his cock into my pussy and immediately started to fuck me vehemently.

With each hard thrust of his hips my breasts swung around wildly and his balls smacked loudly against my clit and I felt more and more humiliated, felt more and more like a dirty whore. He even could have had me few days ago at the Bannered Mare, for much less gold.


Impatiently waiting for him to finish, I looked around the stable to distract myself. We were surrounded by horses, one of which would at least be mine, after Skulvar had his fun with me.

My gaze lingered on a mighty black stallion. An impressive animal with distinct, strong legs, supple sinews, a majestic mane and... by the divines, a huge hung cock. Even in flaccid state, dangling loosely between the hind legs, it had the size of my forearm.

I could not help, I had to stare at this massive thing and blushed as all kinds of prurient suddenly thoughts went through my head.




"How big would it be if it was hard? How would such a huge cock feel? Would it even fit? If I would bend over like this and pretend to be a mare, it sure would..."


I gasped in arousal and my mind was racing. Did I just imagined being fucked by this horse instead of Skulvar and why did the thought of it turn me on this much?


"Maybe I could come back tonight and sneak...."


Before I could dwell deeper into these indecent fantasies, Skulvar's loud moans snapped me back to reality and shortly after his warm sticky cum filled up my womb.


"You were really wet, did you enjoy it that much?", he laughed visibly pleased with himself, while we got dressed again. Then he pointed at the black stallion I was watching the whole time, "There you can have it."


While saddling my new horse, I noticed something stirring in the hay. Curiously I took a closer look and when I pushed a few tufts of straw to the side, I found a young naked woman, insouciantly dozing away.


"Oh no... was she peeping on me and Skulvar?"


My concern was unfounded, because when she opened her mouth and mumbled something in her sleep, a strong smell of alcohol immediately rose to my nose. She was probably just sleeping it off there.

However, I could not just leave her there, in this condition and even more so without any clothes. Who knows what immoral thoughts Skulvar would have had, if he had found her like this, so I started to shake her awake... and that was how I met Sofia.




She told she had no idea how she ended up in the stables or where her clothes went, all she remembered was that she had a lot of booze last night and judging by her breath I already had smelled, it really was a lot.

I could quite well imagine what else she had been up to that night and I was pretty sure that was the reason her clothes were gone.


Now that she was awake, I was about to take my leave again as, out of the blue, she asked me if she could not accompany me and immediately started to brag how tough she actually was and how her skills and her looks were unmatched and how we would fight side by side... and so on.


She was probably just afraid to roam Skyrim alone, which is very much understandable, but was too proud to admit it. Anyway, since I did not want to face the dangers of this inhospitable land alone either, this unexpected request came in very handy for me, so from then on Sofia was my companion.


For the rest of the day we stayed at the Bannered Mare chatting and getting to know each other better. Well it was mostly who her talking... like a lot. She is such a nice and funny person though, always having a smile or a cheeky line on her lips and after spending one day with her, it feels like I've known her forever, almost like a long lost friend I had finally found again.


Then as dusk fell she talked into drinking one away with her, despite her last binge had ended up in the stables. And boy oh boy does she hold her liquor.




More I can't remember all so well.




Heartfire, 5th, 4E 201 (warning: rape, gore)



I woke up with a terrible hangover. Safe to say that I can tolerate much less alcohol than Sofia because she was already awake and bright as a button, while I needed a full flagon of herbal tea just to get halfway back on my feet.




Nevertheless we had to look for some work today, since all that booze does not pay itself


Strolling around the city, I noticed Amren was arguing with his wife and overheard that his ancestral family sword had been stolen by a thief from the gang of White River Watch, a well known bandit hideout southeast of Whiterun, across the White River. When I asked him about it, he entreated me and Sofia to retrieve it for him.

I wondered why he did not go after them himself, since he is a former soldier and instead assigned such a task to two women, but he offered to pay us, so I did not ask any questions.

Furthermore the bandit leader from White River Watch, Hajvarr, has a bounty on his head so being able to catch two birds with one stone this way, we set out to White River Watch.


The guard at the bridge tried to warn us that beyond lies the sphere of influence of the bandits and that we would set foot on a dangerous area, but we did not listen, being, especially myself, overconfident once more.


"He probably had scared Amren with that talk. It won't be that bad, after all, I'm not alone."


When we crossed the bride dark clouds gloomed on the horizon and shortly afterwards it poured down heavily... as if it was a bad omen.

Totally soaked we arrived at the bandit camp midday and were able to take out both guards at the entrance with ease. That was pretty much the only thing that went right that day since directly after we entered the cave we were spotted by another guard.


"Eh who's there? Rodulf , that you?", the bandit, an old frail man, asked suspiciously.


I was surprised why he would ask such a thing and not just attack, since he could clearly see us, but then I noticed his white glassy eyes and realized that he was blind.


"Yeah.", I mumbled and disguised my voice as best I could, trying to fool him, but the old man sussed my lie straightway.


"Funny, you don't sound like Rodulf... at all. In fact I'm pretty sure I've never heard your voice before.", he said with a menacing voice.


Panic spread in me. If he raised alarm, we would be overrun by the entire bandit camp at once. I had to prevent him from doing so, or else this would be our demise.


"You're right. I'm not Rodulf.", I admitted and tried to buy time, "But if you keep quiet, I'll make it well worth it."


"Oh really?", he probed, "Go on then, I'm listening."


Being put on the spot like that, I had to act quickly. My mind was racing, frantically trying to figure out what I could do, but I had no gold to bribe him with, nor anything else to offer and the only thing men ever wanted from me was...

There I realized that I had something to offer after all. Although it was against all my moral sense to offer my body to a criminal scum, I had no choice but to do exactly that if we wanted to get out of here alive.

Luckily he had not noticed Sofia yet, so I gave her a hand signal to keep quiet and to bide while I slowly walked towards him. She should not be dragged into the disgraceful thing I was about to do.


"Let's just say...", I whispered into his ear, swallowed my pride and grabbed his crotch, "Very well worth it."


"Oh! Yes definitely!", he joyfully laughed, stood up and pulled down his pants, "Do this for me, and I don't even care what happens to those lowlifes.


Determined to get this over with quickly, I got down on my knees to get to work, but promptly had to back off in disgust. What hung there between his legs looked more like a wizened Canis Root than a cock, framed by overwhelming tufts of pubic hair and emitted a horribly pungent stench.

Grossed out I began to jerk him off in the hope he would be content with it, but his grumpy grunt made it clear that he demanded more and I knew all too well what he wanted.

It took me a lot to put this dirty, fetid thing into my mouth and even more not to retch instantly due its bitter taste, which was even worse than the smell. It must have been month since this guy had his last bath.




Apparently he had not enjoyed the touch of a woman for just as long, for shortly after my lips had closed around his shaft, he already jizzed into my mouth. Normally I like the taste of cum but his was so foul and bitter, I had to spit it out immediately and rinse my mouth with a whole bottle of water.

At least he kept his word and let us pass after that.


"You always solve problems this... diplomatically?", Sofia asked, when we were out of earshot and grinned mischievously at me.


"For someone who sleeps naked in the stables, that shouldn't be anything unusual," I retorted whereupon we both had to laugh.


Careless since it had gone so well so far, we took on three opponents at once, deeper in the cave.

My wolf held one in check while Sofia crossed blades with a Dunmer and I prepared my flame spell to burn the third. Then suddenly Sofia could not block a strike and was thrown to the ground. Immediately I tried to rush to her aid, forgetting my own opponent completely and before I could reach her, I felt a hard blow against the back of my head that knocked me down as well

Before I could get up again, one of the bandits, a sturdy Nord, similar in stature to Sinmir, was already above me. With the greatest of ease he grabbed both my wrists with only one hand and retained my arms together over my head, while pinning me to the ground with his massive body. I tried to fight back with all my strength, but in vain, he was way too strong for me.

Once he was sure I could no longer move, he came up close to my face, so I could smell his stinking breath and licked over my cheek.


"We are going to have some fun you and I.", he laughed and then, with his free hand, he started to rip off my armor.


"No! Stop!", I screamed and once more desperately tried to free myself from his grip.


All I achieved with that though, was him holding me all the more firmly, so hard that it even hurt.

Thus I had to endure how he undressed me, until I lay naked under him.

With a covetous mien he surveyed my exposed body, then lustfully licked his lips and reached for my breasts. I squirmed as much as possible, but could not prevent that he groped me with his filthy hand.

Apparently annoyed that I was still struggling, he therefor pinched my nipple so hard, I had to cry out in pain and only stopped when I eventually ceased to resist.

For a while he was content with just firmly squeezing my breasts, but then he let go of them and his hand moved further down towards my crotch.

With all my strength I tried to press my thighs together, but he drove them apart with brute force. Now really angry about my persistent resistance, he clenched his fist and gave me such hard gut punch that I almost threw up. The expression on his face afterwards made it clear that he would not tolerate any more of my struggle.

Thereby I slowly understood the situation I was in. I was completely at his mercy and there was nothing I could do about it.

While I was still gasping for air, he also took off his clothes which caused me to realize in distraught, that he was far from being finished with me. His uncovered cock was already rock hard and he steered it outright between my still spread legs. This time I did not dare to press them together anymore, so nothing stood between him and my pussy.

I flinched as he pushed against my clit and in denial turned my head away while tears of desperation filled my eyes.




A couple of times he let his glans slide back and forth between my labia, before he moved his cock further down towards my anus.


"No please! Not the... AHH.", I begged him frantically, but my pleading was cut short as he mercilessly rammed his hard shaft into my rectum.


Without hesitation he started to fuck me in the ass with such fierce and reckless thrusts, that I could no longer hold back my tears and cried sorely.


"How could this happen to me? Why am I so weak?"


My desperate sobbing even seemed to turn him on, because the longer he raped me and the louder I cried, the harder and faster he penetrated my backdoor.

He took his time with me, enjoyed every last second of my agony and each new humiliating thrust it hurt more than the one before.

I lost track how long this abuse lasted, only perceiving time in the intervals his cock forced his way in and out of tight asshole and when finally came he had fucked me so sore that his cum burned horribly in my battered rectum.

Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of my surrender though, I gathered all my strength and defiantly looked up at him while his cock still pumped his repulsive sperm into my bowels, only to see in shock that his arm was raised high with a stone in its hand.


"What?! No please don't!", I shrieked in pure horror, but he already let his arm come down on me and the stone hit my temple, thus everything went black....


I lay naked in the mud at the foot of the path leading up to White River Watch when I regained consciousness. My whole body was covered with bruises and abrasions and all my gold and gear were gone, but at least I was alive.




I did not dare to imagine how many more of the bandits had raped me while I was passed out, but judging by how sore and swollen my private parts were and by how much they were smeared with dried cum, it must have been quite a few.

Then they had just thrown me down the slope like a piece of trash, probably thinking I would not survive the fall.

But I did survive and the only thing that was in my mind now, was to take revenge on that bandit scum.

A few steps away from me, Sofia lay shivering and sobbing on the ground, also naked. Her body, which was even worse abused than mine, showed that she must have endured the same as me and knowing her, I could well imagine that she had put up much more of a fight then I did. Nonetheless when I limped towards her, I saw in her eyes the same burning desire for revenge that I felt.

It was this common thought that made us get up, made us drag my battered bodies back to White River Watch.

The Bandits may have taken our armor and our weapons, but they could not take away my magic and this would mean their doom.


Not expecting us to return at all, they carelessly held a huge binge and had not even bothered to put up new guards. The one bandit who had raped me first, was even standing by the fire vocally bragging about his nefarious deed, moving his hips back and forth imitating the act.

It was all the more satisfying to hear his agonizing screams as he was unsuspectingly hit by my fire spell. The others were too drunk or too startled to react in time and were quickly engulfed by my flames as well


After the last one was charred to a pile of ashes we were able to retrieve our gear, and ascended to White River Overlook, since the job was not done yet. One bandit was still left. Hajvarr Iron-Hand the leader of this pack of cutthroats, for whose bounty we came here in the first place.

But Hajvarr was not as negligent as his subordinates.

Knowing that we would come, he ambushed us as soon as we stormed the plateau and knocked us both out with his giant quarterstaff...


A bloodcurdling scream snapped me out of my unconsciousness.

It came from Sofia, who lay naked on the ground, her arms bound behind her back and above her Hajvarr with his pants down and his calloused hands grabbing her thighs. Again Sofia frantically screamed, as he spread them apart with ease and then moved his hips toward hers.

Immediately I wanted to rush to her aid and only then realized that my arms and legs were tied. Vigorously I tried to break loose, only causing the leather strips around my wrists and ankles to painfully cut into my flesh.

Unable to free myself, I had to watch in despair as Hajvarr ruthlessly began to rape Sofia in front of my eyes. She shrieked and fought back but with each of his thrusts her resistance waned and soon her screams turned into a miserable sobbing until even that stopped and she just silently lay under him without moving.




All that could be heard then, were Hajvarr's groans and the clapping of flesh against flesh as he incessantly penetrated her again and again. His fierce jolts made her breasts swing around wildly and pushed her tender body violently across the rough floor, chafing her skin bloody. Tears of anger and despair filled my eyes. I was angry at myself for being unable to help Sofia and for being so careless again after all that had happened earlier that day.


"If only we had just left and never returned."


When he finally let up on her, she was just a trembling heap of misery, staring blankly at the sky, with drool running out of her, in a silent scream opened, mouth.

My gaze, however, was not blank. Full of hatred and disgust it was set on Hajvarr, who now turned towards me. His cock was smeared with blood from Sofia's nether regions, so violent had he fucked her and since he was still hard, I knew I would have to suffer the same now. I did not give him the satisfaction of screaming though. Not when he cut my clothes with his dagger and exposed my body, not when he groped my breasts and private parts with his filthy hands, and not even when he lifted me on his lap and forced his vile cock into my unprotected pussy. Still the dull pain he evoked, scraping against my inner walls, while pushing deep inside me was very prevalent. And so he raped me just like Sofia, relentless, with equally hard and merciless thrusts.




With my teeth clenched, I did my best to ignore the ever-increasing burning feeling in my abdomen and despite tears running down my cheeks, I stared into his eyes with unabated hate.

However, he did not care whether he broke my will or not, knowing there was nothing I could do, nothing to stop him. So he just fucked me incessantly for an agonizing long time, soon turning my already battered crotch even more into a sore mess.

I did not avert my gaze though, not for one bit. I do not know why I did this, why I put all the strength I had left into denying my utter defeat. It did not stop him from brutally ravishing me, nor did it ease the pain, but it was all I had left in this hopeless situation, all I could cling to.

Even when his cock began to twitch and he shortly thereafter poured streams of hot seed into my womb, I did not let up, besides now also feeling unbridled disgust that this scum had dared to cum inside me.

Alas, Hajvarr did not seem to be impressed in the least by my ever lasting defiance. His cock still inside me, pumping his load into me, he callously took his dagger and put it to my throat.


"So this is it? Raped and killed by bandits... what a shameful end."


In somber realization I closed my eyes, waiting for his blade to cut the life out of me, but instead of my skin being sliced open, I felt a warm splatter sprinkle on my face.

I opened my eyes and saw that Hajvarr was coughing up blood and gripping his neck convulsively where the tip of a blade protruded from his throat.




Behind him stood Sofia, the handle of the dagger she had just driven through the back of Hajvarr's neck gripped tightly. Then, shrieking furiously, she pushed him to the ground and stabbed him over and over again. Only when he was long dead, his body disfigured beyond recognition, did she, completely covered with his blood, let go of his corpse and came to me to cut my shackles.

Immediately I fell into her arms and we both sank, sorely crying, to the ground, where we kept holding each other tightly. It took us a while to find the strength to get up again and drag our battered bodies back to Whiterun.




Heartfire, 6th, 4E 201



I did barely sleep last night.

Constantly I was awakened by nightmares in which I relived the horrendous events only to then burst into tears until I fell asleep again and everything repeated itself.




At least the swellings and bruises have already subsided, thanks to an ointment that Danica gave me. Tomorrow she said they would even no longer be visible.


Unlike me Sofia seemed to handle this traumatic experience with much more ease. She is such a strong woman. I do not know how she can smile again after yesterday, but she is making her usual jokes and acts like nothing has happened. Maybe it was all a facade, but nevertheless she gave me strength.




Heartfire, 7th, 4E 201



To save gold Sofia and I shared a room in the Bannered Mare. Since I had to replace my destroyed gear and the bounty for Hajvarr fetched less than I had hoped, my savings were still quickly depleted.

Not daring to accept another bounty contract at the moment, my only other source of income was to, again, offer my body in the taproom.

After the traumatic experience at White River Watch, I did not yet feel ready to fully give myself to a man though, let alone having the unbridled desire for it as I used to. On the contrary, even. The thought of being touched by a man caused me enormous discomfort and immediately called up the memories of that cursed day, which I tried so hard to suppress.

Nevertheless I had to earn gold, so I had no other choice.


Sofia was already asleep when I reluctantly put on my skimpy working clothes. I had not yet told her what bawdy activity I normally pursue to earn my wage and for now I wanted to leave it at that, so I carefully sneaked out of the room, trying not to wake her.


"Being raped just two days ago and now I'm doing this... What would she think of me?"


Just as I was about to open the door to the stairway though, I felt a hand on my shoulder and when I turned around looked into Sofia's deep blue eyes.


"No men today.", she said, then suddenly pulled me close towards her and pressed her lips onto mine.


Completely taken off guard by this, I did not know how to react at first. My thoughts were tumbling all over and against my will my heart started to race like crazy.


"With another woman? This is wrong... is it?"


But her lips were so incredible soft and tender...

Without further thinking about it, I returned the kiss, opened my mouth and shortly thereafter our tongues were closely entwined. Immediately I was overcome by a soothing warmth that spread throughout my body, and the longer we kissed, the more and more this warmth accumulated between my thighs.


"What is this? How does this arouse me so much?"


While exploring my mouth further, Sofia gently stroked my cheek with one hand and fondly cupped my head with the other, tangling my hair in her fingers. Her touch gave me a sense of comfort, a sense of safety and I realized this was just what I needed now... what I desired.


Without letting go of my lips, she let her hands wander down my body and skillfully began to loosen the cords of my bodice, whereupon it promptly slid to the floor.

By now I was so aroused that a fervid gasp escaped me, when she briefly had to detach her mouth from mine, to shed off the thin nightgown she was wearing in one nimble movement. Eagerly I welcomed her tongue anew, when she wrapped her arms around me again, even more passionate than before, causing our now naked bodies to tightly rub against each other in an intimate embrace. The feeling of her warm skin and her soft breasts firmly squeezing against mine, was incredible and made my blood now boil over completely.




I was unable to hold still any longer, I had to touch her, had to canvass her body. Slowly I ran my hands along her slim waist, over her prolific hips and let them come to rest on her toned buttocks, where I could not help but to grab them.


"What a graceful feminine yet strong body she has."


Never stopped kissing we shifted our movements to the bed where we let ourselves fall on the soft sheets. For a while we just lay there and looked into each other's eyes. These deep blue eyes, they almost made me forget the terrible things that had happened to us.

Sofia had never mentioned anything but still I blamed myself for it all the time. It was my idea to accept this contract... it was all my fault.


"Sofia, I'm so sorry for what happened, for what they did to you, for wha...", I tried to apologize, but was interrupted by her, raising her index finger on my lips.


"Hush now.", she whispered and tenderly stroked a strand from my face, "There is no need."


Then she gently she pecked me on the forehead and dove down at me. Her mouth wandered along my neck, over my collarbone, downwards to my breasts, steadily dappling my skin with tiny kisses until she found my nipples.

She used her tongue to circle over the tip, causing them to grow so hard from arousal it almost hurt and as she then additionally enclosed them with her lips and began to suck on them, all the gloomy memories where swept away, replaced with licentious concupiscence.

It was too much for me to to be able keep lying still. My whole body squirmed from this sensation and with my back arched in pleasure, I uttered a loud sensual moan.


Sofia had even bigger things in mind, since after a only few ardent moments she let go of my breasts, to advance further down, leaving me in a delicate balance of satisfaction and the craving desire for more.


Her mouth created a wet trail on my belly as she kissed and licked her way towards my crotch and the closer she got there, the more that balance tipped towards the craving desire.

With both hands on my inner thighs she gently pushed my legs apart so that she could approach her destination without hindrance.

Her face was now so close, I could feel her breath on my sensitive clit, which sent a slight shiver through my spine and made me notice how soaking wet I was. Then she came even closer and with a sweeping head-movement she let her tongue extensively slide over the entire length of my labia.

The feeling was so incredibly intense, I had to sharply drew my breath in, to not cry out load from pleasure. All my muscles tensed and only after she detached her mouth from my pussy to launch for another round, I managed to exhale.

The second time, however, I could not prevent myself anymore from letting everyone in the Bannered Mare hear how skilled Sofia was with her mouth... and the third time the whole city might have heard it.


Again and again she licked over my seeping pussy, let her tongue slide between my labia, let it blaze the trail inside me, pushing as deep as she could get, reaching all the sensitive spots.

Never had I felt this way before, not with any man. Her touch was like a remedy, not only for my battered nether regions but it also healed the scars on my mind. I could completely let myself go again.




Soon I was at my limit, felt how every muscle in my body began to clench, how the seething heat in my crotch was about to erupt.

Intuitively I grabbed her head, tangled my fingers deep into her velvet hair, and pushed it even closer down onto my pussy, so she would not stop, not for a single moment. And she did not, since then as she buried her mouth one more time between my legs, the orgasm overcame me like a tidal wave. An immense stream of pleasure shot through me, letting me scream and moan so fervently that I was out of air within seconds, while my pussy and all my limbs convulsed and spasmed erratically from this overwhelming sensation.

But even with my body squirming and writhing heavily on the sheets Sofia kept her head steadily in position between my legs and continued to jab her tongue inside me for the whole duration of my orgasm hence prolonging it for minutes


Only when it finally subsided and my body slowly began to relax, she let go of me and emerged from my the embrace of my thighs. Her chin and mouth were completely covered in my juices and she had put on a very complacent grin, well knowing in what indescribable realms of pleasure she had just sent me.

Slinkily she crawled back up to me, whereby she deliberately let her breasts brush just slightly over my skin, thus tingling me with her nipples.


"Typical Sofia, never too shy for mischief."


Up top, however, she was at it again and ardently kissed me once more, giving me a taste of my own cum that was sticking on her lips. Then she lied on her side next to me, her arm angled upwards with her head propped by her hand and delightfully watched me dwell in the reverberations of the climax.

For quite a while I just lay there on my back, still gasping heavily, unable to move, trying to process this overwhelming experience in my mind, while the pleasant throbbing in my body was gradually fading away.




When my breathing finally had calmed to a normal extend and I was halfway sane again,

I turned on my side as well to face Sofia, who was still grinning jubilantly at me.

To see her this way, so blithe, after the cruelty that had come upon us filled me with ineffable joy and soon I could not stop myself from grinning broadly as well


Her black hair was a bit tousled by my grip earlier and fell in long strains into her face, so I reached out to her, to gently stroke them away. However before I could do so, she suddenly grabbed my hand and pressed it to her cheek. Firmly she rubbed her warm skin against my palm and let out a soft, but unambiguous whimper.

Without the need for words I understood. Understood what she wanted... what she also craved for. It was time to return the favor.

With a sweeping motion I rolled on top of her grabbed her wrists and pinned them down on the sheets over her head. In this position her whole gorgeous body was now at display, ready for the taking. I noticed that she had clenched her hands to fists and when I looked into her face, she returned my gaze with an eager almost pleading facial expression while biting her lip full of anticipation.


"Don't worry, I won't keep you waiting any longer."


Ready to show her my own capabilities in the art of pleasure, I lowered my upper body onto her. Our breasts naturally met first and with me continuing the descend of my torso they squeezed narrowly together. I could distinctly feel how her nipples downright dug into my skin so hard were they from her arousal.

As I now lay completely on top of her, I began to slide further down, whereby our slightly sweaty bodies were grinding tightly against each other and since my skin was still highly sensitive, I actually felt a slight tingle in my crotch, even though I just came.


"How maddening it must be boiling between her legs then?"


When my face was at the level of her breasts I stopped. Since I remembered the ecstasy all so well when Sofia had caressed the most erogenous tips of my womanly mounds, I wanted her to feel the same way, so I enclosed her stiff nipples with my lips and firmly began to suck on them. Her fiery gasp immediately signaled me, that this indeed evoked the same pleasure as she had given to me.

I now let go of her wrists as well to cup her well-shaped breasts with my hands and to massage them insistently while continuing to alternately work both her nipples with my mouth and tongue.

Before long though I felt Sofia's hand on my head, impatiently pushing me further down.


"As you wish my dear. Time for the main course."


As I arrived at my destination below her waistline, she had already spread her legs willingly, displaying her beautiful opened up pussy.

She was completely soaked, with her juices leaking down the inside of her thighs, making her skin gleam in the dim light of the candles and even moistening the sheets beneath her.

It was such an alluring sight, I could not restrain myself for one second, I had to taste her immediately and almost impetuously swooped down on her to eagerly indulge the sweet flavor of her fluids as my mouth hit the wet surface.




First I let my tongue glide from the bottom up over her labia until I reached her clitoris which I, just like her nipples, enclosed with my lips to suck on, first gently, then more fervently.

I did not linger at one spot though. I wanted to explore every part of her womanhood. Without having to think about my actions, I knew instinctively where to touch her, where her sensitive spots were and caressed them extensively with my mouth.

As my sensual endeavor returned me to her labia, I took my hands to help to spread her outer lips apart, thus unveiling the entrance to her bud of fertility. Unhesitatingly I flickered out my tongue and penetrated her as deeply as I could, which caused Sofia who was as it is already moaning deeply to let a lustful scream.

Affirmed by her audible pleasure, I kept my tongue inside her and even began to twirl it around so I could treat every accessible point of her inner walls adequately.

It did not take long until this treatment made her pelvis and her thighs start to quiver heavily and her breathing to accelerate even more... I knew what that meant.

Just in time I detached from her pussy to, with my mouth wide open, receive the gushing spout of her juices, triggered by her orgasm.


Not all of it landed in my mouth though. My cheeks, my chin and basically my whole face got splattered in her cum. But I still wanted more so, as soon as her squirting subsided, I launched for another round, licking over her now truly sopping pussy to imbibe as much of her delicious juice as possible.

As my lips touched her labia again she erratically flinched, so sensitive was she by this intense climax. However I did not let up and even penetrated her once more with my tongue, causing her whole body to squirm and arch from immense pleasure.


She was still trembling heavily when I eventually crawled up to her, to now for my part gave her the taste of her own cum with another passionate kiss.




Both ultimately exhausted, but immensely satisfied, we then crawled under the sheets and shortly thereafter fell asleep, snuggled up tightly together.




Heartfire, 8th, 4E 201



The next morning I told Sofia that I work as a prostitute at the Bannered Mare. I did not want to keep secrets from her and after yesterday she probably had suspected it anyway.

To my surprise she was not judgmental at all, she was more... curious, asking all kinds of raunchy questions all day.


"Did you fuck that guy?", she asked while we where strolling over the market, loud enough for everyone to hear, "Did you suck his cock? How big is it? Did you let him come inside you?"


I tried to slow her down, because people were already turning around, but she just kept going, laughing happily, while I blushed with embarrassment.




"And I thought I am the naughty one."



Heartfire, 12th, 4E 201 (warning: incest)



It has been one week now since White River Watch. At first Hulda was understanding that I did not want to work yet, but as the days passed she pushed me more and more insistently to finally tend to the customers needs again, until she even angrily threatened to give me the boot and hire a new whore, if I would not bring in some money soon.


Her harsh words made me realize once more how ruthless Skyrim is. I had no compassion to expect, from anyone, not even after being raped and almost killed, and I could either wallow in self-pity or steadfastly face my fate.


"Now pull yourself together! I can't afford to loose this job!"


Resolved to finally put this matter behind me, I told her that I had made a fuss long enough and to show her that I meant business, I changed to my revealing working clothes right in the taproom, which directly earned me salacious caterwauling from the male clientele present.




Fortunately Hulda was notably appeased by my renewed zeal and even offered me a special job, so I would not have to grapple with the drunken customers right away, most of whom were already lecherously gawking at me after my little interlude.


"Some people prefer the intimacy of their home and I don't mind sending them someone every once in a while.", she explained the new job to me, "This client preferred you if available. Go to the client's house and attend to their needs. I'll have your payment when you get back."


"Someone asking specifically for me, eh? Apparently I have build myself a quite the reputation already."


Then, when Hulda then told me who I was supposed to please, I had to grin broadly.

I ought to go to Belethor's General Goods and he had booked me for the whole night.


"Seems like this time he wants to buy me, not one of my relatives."


It was already late, far past closing time, so I had to knock at the door of his store and wait for Belethor to open.

At this time the otherwise usually bustling Plains District was completely deserted. Not even the guards were patrolling, which I was actually quite happy about. Even though the authorities tolerate my indecent profession, it is not particularly welcome within the city walls, as they try to maintain the semblance of a reputable town and therefore I had little desire to explain what I was doing half-naked outside Belethor's store at this hour.


While I was waiting, a cool breeze caught me and blew under my skimpy skirt. The cold airflow funneled between my thighs and since my outfit naturally did not include any underwear, I could distinctly it feel streaming over my bare clit, which to my surprise was unusually sensitive. Only then I noticed how excited I actually was.


Offering my body to strange men usually is thrilling to me, but over the past week there was still this persistent anxiety in the back of my head when it came to hustling with a client, even after Sofia's remedy. But that was gone now.

All I felt when I imagined what lewd things Belethor would do to me tonight, was eager and avid anticipation.


I had to bite my lip to not gasp loudly from the arising horniness these thoughts created and was about to impatiently knock a second time, just as the door finally opened. But it was not Belethor who stood before me, it was Sigurd his employee, hastily waving me inside.


Sigurd is a plain young man, neither particularly handsome nor particularly ugly and I had never really given him a second glance, but at that moment I could hardly contain myself to not jump his bones right there on the doorstep.


He, on the other hand, did not seem to share my thirst for action at all and appeared very uneasy to me, almost anxious. Not even looking directly at me, he nervously peered past me even though my bodice was unlaced so far that his eyes should definitely have been locked on the displayed assets below my neck.


"Someone's shy, huh?"


To break the ice, I tried to grab his crotch as a greeting, but with an elusive motion he pushed past me and I grasped at nothing. He then stepped outside and warily looked around, as if he wanted to make sure no one had seen me enter.


"What's the big deal? He toils all day for Belethor, he should be allowed to enjoy himself once in a while."


The sight of the deserted marketplace visibly calmed him though and shortly after he closed the door and ordered me to follow him quietly to his quarters, where the next surprise already awaited me.

On the bed of the small room Sigurd called home sat a young naked woman with her legs spread and playing with herself.




At first she did not even notice us, so absorbed was she in her own lewd doing and only looked up when Sigurd loudly cleared his throat to draw her attention.


"Finally! Urgh!", she sighed, with a slightly bugged tone and then reproachfully addressed Sigurd, "What took you so long, brother?"


"Brother? Is that the reason for his secrecy? It can't be, surely they don't intend to... or do they?


"Hey! What are you waiting for?", the woman snapped me out of my reverie and pointed between her legs, "I could use a hand here."


Quickly I pushed my kinky thought aside to focus on the task given. After all they were paying customers and I was a whore, there to fulfill their deepest desires, not to ask myself questions about whether they were morally reprehensible or not.

So without further ado I loosened the laces of my dress, whereupon it immediately slid to the ground, to then, now naked as well, do as I was told and joined the woman on the bed.


"Here...", she said, grabbed my hand and guided it between her thighs, "Hurry... touch me."


Her solo activity must have been going on for quite a while already, for she was surprisingly wet. However, judging by her impatience, not long enough for her to come yet.

To take care of that was my job now, so I gently placed my hand on her pussy and slowly began to grind my palm against her soggy womanhood, which she seemed to enjoy since not before long her breathing turned into a heavy gasping.


Knowing that she expected more though, I turned my wrist so my knuckles glided between her labia and I could put my thumb on her clit, which I then massaged thoroughly with slightly mounting pressure.

This new, more potent treatment turned her gasps into ardent moans, but I could tell from the response of her body that this still would not suffice, so after a while I protruded my middle finger and slowly slipped it inside her. The warm flesh of her inner walls firmly enclosed it, but her juices had lubricated her so much, that I was able push forward with ease and even add a second shortly after.




"Amazing. This is how a man's cock must feel when he is inside me."


And since I had experienced plenty of times firsthand what feelings a cock in a pussy can evoke once in motion, I began using my fingers to fuck her. Leisurely at first but then, encouraged by her audible pleasure, ever more deeper and harder, until I penetrated her to the hilt with each new thrust. She was so wet, it did not take long until the sheets and my hand were soaked in her squirting juices and her moans became so fervent that I could tell that she was getting close.


Wanting to give her the final push I was just about to up the tempo once more, when I suddenly got distracted a movement in the corner of my eye. It was Sigurd, whose presence I had almost forgotten, taking of his clothes. To my surprise, he revealed a fairly muscular body, apparently hardened by hauling goods for Belethor every day. But then when he eventually removed his loincloth, I could hardly believe my eyes. Not only was Sigurd extraordinarily well endowed, he was also rock hard!


At first I was a little shocked, for it was his own sister who lay here with her spread legs, ecstatically moaning. However, the longer I gazed upon this nice hard cock the more I got reminded how horny I was myself and soon the incestuous thoughts were swept away, replaced by all kinds of covetous ideas.

Besides, any man would have gotten a hard-on at this show and who was I to judge their kink, when not so long ago I had imagined what it would be like to be bred by a stallion.


When he then also approached the bed and began to jerk himself off quite unabashedly right next to us, my mind got entirely clouded by wanton imaginations so that I could not help it but to yearn for this cock to fill me up. I was so captivated by the sight of him stroking his shaft that I completely forgot that my fingers where still inside the pussy of the woman.


"Hey! This is where it’s at!", she promptly disapproved my halted devotion towards her with an upset tone.


Then she vigorously grabbed me by the chin, pulled my face towards hers and before I knew what happened her tongue invaded my mouth.




This was more than enough to fully regain my attention and furthermore I could completely understand her discontent. I would have been frustrated as well if I had been left hanging, this close to cumming. So for the time being I pushed my own desire aside and continued to pleasure her with my fingers, while additionally returning her wet kiss.


After only a few thrusts her thighs began to tremble heavily and she buried her hands convulsively in the bed sheet up to a point where I knew that it would merely take one more for her to explode. There I stopped my motion again for a brief moment to let her hover in the ineffable sexual craving, building up the pressure even more. It was only for a few seconds but for her they must have seemed like an eternity. Then, just as she detached her lips from mine to probably proclaim her discontent anew I jabbed inside her once more as deep as I could, enough to finally push her over the edge.

The loud scream of her orgasm echoed through the room and a gushing stream of her juices sprayed all over the bed and over mine and her body alike. It was glorious.


"Belethor really must be a sound sleeper not to hear that."


Since I remembered my sensual night with Sofia all too well and therefore knew exactly how good she felt at that moment, I could not help but to complacently smile as I watched the woman writhe in the waves of pleasure of her ongoing climax.


"I see we weren't promised too much", Sigurd laughed while clapping his hands applaudingly and then climbed on the bed as well, "Time to switch."


Him approaching me, still rock hard immediately rekindled my own desire again. At that moment I wanted nothing more than Sigurd's cock inside me.


"I'm all yours.", I yearningly said, lied on my back next to the still shivering woman and willingly spread my legs so he could take me.


But even though I presented myself in this alluring pose, he did not immediately pounce on me as I would have expected and as I was used to from other men when they saw me like this. Instead he placed his hands on my inner thighs and gradually stroked along them towards my moist womanhood so that I thought he would use his fingers to begin with but just before touching my labia he traversed upwards to my pelvic then over my stomach and eventually to my breasts.

I could clearly feel the calluses on his palms as he gently massaged them, but I did not mind it, quite the opposite in fact. It simply showed how diligent and hard working he was, qualities that I find very attractive in a man. And that he then also had decided to spent his wage, which was certainly not lavish, since he was working for that miser Belethor, on me made me feel really coveted thus arousing me even more than I already was.


"Come on!"", I urged Sigurd, not wanting to wait any longer, "Take me already!"


Amiably, he complied with my demand, let go of my breasts and got his body in position between my legs whereby his hard cock already poked against my by now dripping wet pussy.

He took his time though, letting his glans slide slowly back and forth between my labia, thereby increasing the pleasure in me until it was almost unbearable.




"Put it in!", I now begged him, "I need it, please."


Then he had mercy, pushed his hips forward and when he eventually entered me I could not stop myself from letting out a loud, ardent and almost relieving gasp.


It has happened. After the dreadful events at White River Watch I finally had a cock inside me again... and it felt amazing. So good that I did not have to think about Hajvarr and his scumbags for a single second, but could fully relish in the feeling Sigurd's manhood evoked slowly pushing forward until the full length of his shaft had disappeared in me.

It was the final salvation of the terror I had endured.


For a moment he stayed in this position and I could perceive the distinct throbbing, created by the blood flowing through the veins of his by my inner walls tightly enclosed erect member. An exceptional sensation.


Simultaneously the soothing warmth of an already brewing orgasm started to spread in my abdomen, which, as he withdrew and launched for a second thrust, was inevitable. I think I screamed at least as loud as the woman when I came. It was so intense, my arms, my legs, virtually my whole body was wildly convulsing from ecstasy with my juices squirting all over Sigurd's cock.


Yet despite this overwhelming outburst he kept fucking me undeterred, lifting me onto a higher sphere of pleasure each time he entered me anew, not giving this orgasm any chance to subside. Unable to move my trembling limbs anyway, I just lay back, closed my eyes and cherished every moment of it.

I do not know how long this lasted. I completely indulged myself in carnality, lost every sense of time and my surroundings and was only snapped out of this state when Sigurd's cock suddenly slipped out of my pussy.


When I opened my eyes to find out why, I could hardly believe it. The woman was no longer lying next to me but had crawled up to Sigurd... and had his cock in her mouth!

Maybe it was because my mind was still hazed by the aftermaths of my climax, since this time initially no condemning thought occurred to me. On the contrary even. She sucking him off, with apparent relish, was somehow an incredible prurient sight.


"You really know how to give head, do you? But... to your own broOOH?"


Before I could ponder further what to make of this, any possible qualms were abruptly dispelled by a surge of pleasure deriving from the woman's hand, placed on my still utterly sensitive clit and from one of her fingers, that she slid inside of me.


Simultaneously she nimbly climbed on top of me whereby she positioned her hips so that her pussy hovered directly over my face. The indication was clear and I was so carried away by the stream of sensuality emerging from those two, that I did not hesitate at all and eagerly buried my mouth between the labia of the woman.




The sweet taste of her partially dried up fluids, extensively smeared on her labia was so incredibly inciting that after consuming every drop on the surface, I forthwith flickered out my tongue to push deep inside her, voraciously searching for more.

That I incidentally also stimulated all her sensitives spots with this was a natural and, endorsed by her vocal moans, much approved side effect.


After a while, however, she rose and turned around towards me, concurrently holding out her buttocks against Sigurd... with an obvious intention. She wanted to get fucked too. In fact so badly that the thrill of anticipation was plainly written all over her face.


"By the divines, they are really going through with it."


Even though I was not able see it, I could still make out the precise moment Sigurd's cock penetrated her, for it was when her expression abruptly shifted towards an utter rapture. She had to bite on her lip to not straightaway cry out from pleasure which was nonetheless completely in vain when he began to fuck her.




Her joy was so pure so genuine, that with the best will in the world I could no longer see anything reprobate in this and was truly grateful that they allowed me to be a part their secret love game. Yet I was admittedly a little envious of her, for it was me that was neglected at that moment.


Totally unjustified as it turned out, because after only a few thrusts Sigurd pulled his cock out of her again and shoved it unexpectedly, yet certainly not unwelcomingly, back into my pussy.

Just like her I could not suppress a passionate gasp either, which was partly due to the surprise but mostly due to the fact that his cock just felt so damn good inside me.


However he likewise did not grant me more than three or four, but to be fair very stimulating humps either, before he withdrew to tend to his sister once more. He then repeated this procedure continuously, alternatingly jabbed in and out of our pussies thus managing to pleasure us both alike.


She was the first to gave in and screamed her lungs out during her second orgasm of the night before slumping on top of me, trembling heavily. And not much had been missing for it would have been all up with me again as well.


It did not even begin to stop there, though. In fluent movements we switched through all kinds of imaginable positions and thereby formed a sensual entanglement of desire. At times I was riding him, while his sister was squatting over his face, at other we were both sucking his cock simultaneously and then again he was screwing her real hard while she had her head buried between my legs avidly licking my pussy.


During all this he managed to give me two more phenomenal orgasms, not to mention his sister, who climaxed even more often. His stamina was simply incredible.


He was taking me from behind while she was lying underneath me, sucking on his balls when he eventually came, with an, accumulated up by the long hours of enduring sex, enormous load. It took almost a minute until his cock had finally stopped twitching and poured the last stream of hot seed into me, filling up my womb to the brim.


As his slackened manhood then slid out of my pussy, his sister was immediately on the spot to catch the following gush of cum with her wide opened mouth. She did not swallow it though. Instead she rolled over me and gave me another ardent wet kiss, letting me taste the mixture of her saliva and Sigurd's cum.




It was the final act of this incredible erotic endeavor.


When I left Belethor's General Goods with wobbly knees, I was not surprised that dawn was already approaching. It had been a long night.





Heartfire, 13th, 4E 201



Now that I was back in the horizontal business, it was also time to deal with the never ending plague of bandits again. At first I feared Sofia would not tag along, which I could not even have blamed her for after what had happened to us, but she was in fact more determined than me to do her bit in making the roads a little safer, sharing my hate for that criminal scum.


We picked the latest contract on the notice board and I could not believe what I read. The remnants of the mob that had occupied Silent's Moon Camp had returned. Apparently they felt safe now that the mercenary was just sitting on his lazy ass.


"Time to show those scumbags, that my flames are as deadly as any ax!"


This time we took great precaution though, stocking up excessively on potions and even letting Adrienne augment our armors.

The actual fight itself, however, was not really worth mentioning. Just half a dozen wannabe thugs who were using the name of their former leader to boast themselves and accordingly sparse was the reward we received from steward Avenicci. All in all we had spent much more on our preparations than this contract had fetched us.


"Aren't you the whore that works at the Bannered Mare?", he asked a little too insinuating for my taste, when handing me the small bag of coin and apparently convinced that a man of his rank could presume to do anything, he subsequently tried to impudently grope me.


"Yes my dear, I work there.", I replied annoyed and shook off his hand, then lifted my skirt, to give him a sneak peek of my pussy, "And if you want a piece of that, you are welcome to visit me tonight and pay for it, like everyone else."


Then I took a step towards him and simultaneously created a flame in my hand.


"But I also hunt down bandits during the day and burn them alive.", I whispered menacingly and scorched his garment a little, "So don't try anything stupid!"




This intimidated him enough to vamoose precipitately with his tail between his legs.


"So word has already spread to the highest circles. Is that good or bad?"


It was late afternoon when we returned to the Bannered Mare and the taproom was already well crowded. As usual, Sofia immediately ordered a round of mead and joined the dicers in the back of the inn, while happily starting to get drunk. I do not know where she got the money for that, especially after our bust today but she always upfront paid her share of the room though and had never skipped out on the tab even once.


"She probably just has a slick hand at gambling."


I, on the other hand, was desperately broke, what meant that my working day was far from over. Furthermore, Hulda had expectations on me and I did not dare to upset her again. So I quickly changed and then paraded tantalizingly around, presenting myself to the waiting customers.


It did not take long until I had the first one on the leash, following me upstairs. An ordinary looking young Breton, nothing special, just like Sigurd. Very much unlike Sigurd, however, he was not patient at all and tore off my clothes so impetuously, that he ripped the cords of my bodice. The sight of my naked body at display seemingly agitated him even more so that he almost tripped over his own feet when he tried to overhastily take off his pants.

The act went more or less just like that as well. Without foreplay or delicacy, he rushed straight between my legs and bluntly shoved it in, starting a vehement humdrum screwing, with the occasional kneading my breasts as the only diversion.

It was not like he was hurting me or it felt bad, though. It was just that this was fairly disappointing compared to last night.

Nevertheless I tried to not let on. After all he had payed me to pleasure him, not the other way around and besides I did not want to squander my freshly gained reputation. So determined to be worth his money, I wrapped my legs around his back, for him to be able to penetrate me even deeper and started to moan fervently as if I truly relished this bumpy romp.




Fortunately, I did not have to pretend for too long, since shortly after his body already tensed up and I felt him cumming inside me. I did not loosen the entanglement just yet though, but clenched my pussy walls around his shaft until I had milked every last drop out of his balls and he eventually stopped twitching.


"Wow.", I feigned excessively prurient and kissed him on the cheek, "You are amazing."


Since I wanted to keep him believing that he had fucked my brains out, I lolled lasciviously on the sheets while giving him put on languorous looks as he got dressed and, on the final note, wafted him a kiss goodbye before he left. All with ulterior motives, of course, since a pleased client is a recurring one.


As I wanted to get up and return to the taproom myself, I noticed someone squinting through the door that the Breton had left open. It was another patron and in his hand another jingling bag of coin.


"Well, less effort for me."


I told him to place the payment on the nightstand, take of his clothes and after I quickly blew him hard, I before long had the second cock of the day in me. This one did a bit better then his forerunner but was still far off Sigurd's abilities. It was sufficient enough though, that not all of my moans had to be faked. He also lasted considerably longer, hence gradually pushing me in the direction of a distant orgasm.

Unfortunately another load was shot into my womb, before that came within range.

I did not have much time to catch my breath either, because the next horny patron was already waiting and after him yet another. In fact, a small line had formed, all the way down the stairs.


"Does my pussy really feel that good? Maybe I should charge more."


It was well after midnight when the last still unsatisfied client jizzed into my by then overflowing pussy and as much as I like it to have a cock in me I was relieved that it was finally closing time after that, for I was pretty spent.

Altogether I had pleased over a half a dozen men that day, more than ever before at a stretch, but sadly all of them had been under performing compared to Sigurd and only due to the sheer mass of cocks that had filled me up, I had been able to enjoy a few moderate orgasms. The slight throbbing ache between my legs was a clear indicator though that I still would have to get used to something of this magnitude.


That being said it has been an extremely lucrative workday, as evidenced by the considerable stack of gold bags piled up on my nightstand. Accordingly considerable was also the amount of cum that was smeared all my over my nether regions and that was still inside me.

I briefly considered whether I should visit the bathing room, but ultimately decided against it, due to the fact that this late there would not be any more hot water available and also due to the prevailing fatigue. Besides, I kind of enjoyed it how the still warm cum of so many different men slowly oozed out my pussy and seeped down along my labia and thighs. It was strangely intriguing.




Savoring this appeal I fell asleep, accompanied by vivid and lewd dreams, most of them including Sigurd.




Heartfire, 14th, 4E 201 (warning: bestiality)



I very much prefer fresh cum. Dried-up it is all sticky and also kinda smelly.

Luckily Hulda had ignited the logs beneath the boiler this morning, so I could enjoy a nice hot bath to start the day with and wash off any remnants of yesterdays debauchery.




Not willing to always throw my hard earned money down Arcadia's throat I intended to brew as many potions as possible by myself from now on.

And I had actually gotten fairly good at it, too. Admittedly, my creations were nowhere close to be comparable to those of an expert alchemist like her, but they more or less served their purpose. However to brew anything at all, you need of course ingredients, which I could have bought in Arcadia's Cauldron as well, but that would have then pretty much defeated the purpose.


But knowing were to find what I was looking for I, with, as always, Sofia by my side, once again combed through the ambient wilderness of Riverwood.

She was no help at all though. She could not even distinguish a simple thistle branch from a purple mountain flower. After I had explained it to her for the hundredth time that a thistle has a circular blossom and a spiky branches, while a mountain flower has no spikes and a multifoliate blossom and she still confidently plucked a nightshade instead, my patience snapped and I irritably told her to better wait in the Sleeping Giant Inn for me.


Alone, I could focus much better on harvesting so that my satchel was filled in a trice. I just wanted to scrape some Mora Tapinella from the bark of a fallen tree and then call it a day when I was suddenly startled by the distant voice of a woman desperatly crying for help.

My first fear was that something had happened to Sofia, so I dropped everything and rushed in the direction of the screams. It was not Sofia who was in distress though, but Esja, the local hunter, with her studded armor tattered and her skin covered in bloody scratches, forcefully pinned to the ground by a huge snarling wolf.

At first glance though, it did not seem as if the creature was mauling her as it would have to be expected. I could not really make it out, but It looked more as if it was somehow trying to... climb on top of her. Then as I got closer it struck me. This wolf was mounting her!

I could even see the large pink canine bulb, fully errect, trying to find a way inside Esjah's pussy as the wild animal humped her over and over again.

However instead of helping her, I just stood there rooted, being strangely captivated by this feral scene unfolding in front of me eyes. A fiery gasp escaped my mouth, as this let the memories of that one day Skulvar had fucked me in the stables and I had been gazing upon that humongous horse cock flash unwittingly through my mind.


"This would fit much easier, wouldn't it? But a creature like this... so wild, so rampant...




Another of Esjah's desperate screams snapped me back to reality and I quickly released a flaming spell, singing the fur of the wolf, whereupon it scurried away yelping.


"Are you alright?", I asked when aiding her to get up, "How... how did it feel?"


"Urrgh... What?", Esja groaned and looked at my in visible confusion.


"N...Nevermind!”, I quickly mumbled and shook my head to get this indecent curiosity out of my brains.


It was not that easy though and even after returning to Sleeping Giant Inn, I was lying awake in my bed, with Sofia snoring drunkenly next to me, thinking about it for hours.


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