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Bigotry and Racism will NOT be tolerated. Period.




This going to be short and to the point. A member took it upon themselves to post and image depicting a Black male model in an inflammatory pose, captioned with a phrase that included the "N" word on KE. When this member was confronted, he went on a racist diatribe using not only the N word, but other references such as "slave" before saying he would post the image to the official TK17 club...to which he followed through doing. What's more is that a member of the official Klub leadership went on and liked this member's image. This pretty much solidifies what their stance is. We on the other hand will not tolerate it.


To put it simply, if you are in any way bigoted towards any other race, religion, sexual preference or gender identity...in the simplest way I can say it; "Get the fuck out of my club, and get the fuck off of my forum." Lovers Lab has strict and stringent rules towards bigotry and racism. On the same vein, so to do we on Klub Exile. If you at all identify or even sympathize with this member or the Official club "leadership" who liked this image, do me the solid of leaving. This sort of behavior is accepted and condoned by them, not us. As a black man myself I take personal offense to this image. This was a blatant attempt at an inflammatory insult, but it will not be met with vitriol or retaliation. It's being met with indifference. If you're the kind of person who thinks this is at all acceptable, you're not welcome among the Klub Exile membership...here or the official forum.

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Lovers Lab has strict and stringent rules towards bigotry and racism.

You'd be surprised. I see plenty of bigoted/dog whistley shit posted here fairly often by certain users that not only go unquestioned, but receive approval from a certain mod who also parrots those same bigoted talking points/dog whistle. They know who they are so i'll refrain from starting something here, just wanted to follow up on that bit from your post.

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1 hour ago, Cleotraptah said:

Raceplay related imagery/stories are not new on LL; the community here is rather diverse in both its members & their many fetishes. Compared to some of the "blacked" content on LL, the image itself (a white female posing next to a seemingly submissive black male) is rather tame in comparison. The poster of the image seems to be the real problem here.



Low post count, keyboard-bashed username, troll-bait caption/content, etc... IMO, looks like the OP's entire modus operandi was to get a reaction from someone.


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Lovers Lab has strict and stringent rules towards bigotry and racism


Trolling/insulting people specifically due to their creed/race/gender/etc has no place anywhere in this world, including this forum. However; context does have its place too - LL's rules in that regard seem to mostly be pertaining to user-user conflicts otherwise there would generally be no raceplay fetish content at all here; e.g. Skyrim has a blog full of "white women getting blacked" content, a mod where a white woman is called "snow-cunt", BBC-rape related mods in Fallout 4, etc. IMO; the image that the OP posted is the reverse of the above - It is not rule-breaking by itself but when you factor in the lazy troll-bait quote, racist attitude & targetted uploading to the group; then the OP is clearly breaking the rules.


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a member of the official Klub leadership went on and liked this member's image


If the member was, at the time; fully aware of the context & poster's attitude then yes, that is utterly horrible and rather concerning. Did you reach out to the member at all?


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This was a blatant attempt at an inflammatory insult


The OP of the image was trolling for a reacton without a doubt; all the signs were there. Tried searching for the post/user but it seems its/they're gone. Good riddance if so.


The world is full of knobs, keep your head up and most of them won't be able to hit your face. Quote of the year material, lmao.


This spilled over from Klubexile.com, where some minor moderation actions made the user go...well nutty. From there he or she want on a race batting diatribe not only saying to the whole community that they are a proud racist but level some more racial slurs on their way out the door. 


Sure people do the whole race play thing, and that's their thing. But when you are a self proclaimed leader of some type of community or outfit that tends to have a diverse mix of people you always have to be careful about the things you put your support behind. In this case thumbs upping an image with an obvious racial slur as the caption simply just tells me where that person really stands.

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3 hours ago, Cleotraptah said:



I'm not opposed to race play imagery. You forget I'm a black guy. 70% of my image content is a black guy railing out some other race of woman. That's not the issue. The issue is this member's derogatory and antagonistic use of the "N", followed by his racist diatribe, and the fact that the official "leadership" of the community liked the image. That's the most telling part in all of this.

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2 hours ago, therealmatterman said:

is this why site is down?


No - we are having technical issues at the moment and trying to resolve it ASAP.

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