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    I decided to leave this up to see if those that are constantly on my ass about patreon will bat an eye and they did not disappoint. Not only did they see this, but they decided to completely pretend too not see patreon being promoted. Not only has it been done once but more then 5 times and they have said and done nothing. But for some reason they assume I'm making millions. I don't know - maybe its proof that it was never about patreon but a personal grudge because I was 'brave' enough to call out the bs. You get 5 stars RED!
  1. That person was just a troll trying to stir up issues, nothing else. As I said, be productive - that individual is not being productive. He has the option to make change and help the LL community but instead he creates post to bash KE and/or the people. He left because he knew if he got kicked he wouldn't be able to join back in, he knows what he is doing and he will join again to stir up problems. Don't give them any time, don't entertain them because that is what they want. We are all living in dark times in 2020 - This game for some - relieves some of that stressful issues. At this
  2. @Cartesiano No somos el jefe de nadie. Si no te gusta, no se una a ese sitio y ayude a la comunidad aquí en lugar de quejarse. Su evaluación falsa será eliminada, hablará sobre el juego o compartirá su contenido.
  3. I called you that because it seems to have an effect. Either way, don't play innocent, I saw my mistake and offered an apology. You decided to take it out of context to push your narrative. So I continued. Here is proof, you even quoted it. So thanks for that Edit. You offered peace pipe. I said yeas. Proof. Yes I got that. You proceeded to gloat and spammed random message. Funny how claimed to offer peace pipe and continue to attack. Regardless, since then - I decided to go my way and just ignore you
  4. Thanks! But FYI already knew about for a couple hrs 😉
  5. Why my name being dragged? Whats your deal? Like it was pointed out. You deleted you stuff and became a salty individual. You were a hardcore team 7.5 supporter - now you are supporting VX. How noble. I tell you this - I did consider limiting the stuff I posted in KE and posting it all in Patreon. But no, I liked the the community and constructive community we are creating so I doubled down on supporting over my patreon. In fact - thank K17 for that. My patreon was his doing. And ultimately he could of stopped it. But nope - he decided to basely attack my character.
  6. Since you are please post screens and provide that crucial information on all the post that I’m saying check my Patreon. You won’t because their isn’t. The only thing that is remotely visible are those post on the bottom page. And so far, it’s not being bumped or spammed with Patreon links.
  7. I’m legit confused - than why was a post created about the future of MG2?
  8. Nice of you to admit to do not want to follow LL ToS. The post removed where from toxic individuals went to create a separate club. That club could have thrived but I guess he kept on breaking ToS. So to me, that is proof that its just a bunch of trollish behavior that you are encouraging. In fact, I never deleted anything from you. So stop spewing lies.
  9. and we talk about. But at the end you started ranting and it was nothing more than you trying to create a gotcha moment. That is when I decided, that you are man baby kissing someone booty. So ask yourself that question: make up your mind - sacrifice the game or not?
  10. Gonna post this in big, bold fonts because K17 is literally failing to even negotiate. We extended offers to talk and he does not want to because he wants to burn it all down. KE is not going anywhere. When it was launched, HDiddy and Oz offered K17 and the team to join. He said NO! We have proven to debunk all rumors that we are selling mods. After we showed them the errors, they still continue to create a false narrative to we are selling stuff. And speaking about "selling mods", K17 for some reason is pointing the finger at me. After I have said - Lets
  11. Honestly, don't feel bad. But at least see it from side of argument. As you saw - we are not selling mods as what they are claiming to be. In fact our goal was to salvage and create a new constructive community before it fades away.
  12. Really trying to turn this to me. You are the one saying that I should not be warned because you guys can't take criticism and will try to paint me in your little narrative. I say something that looks interesting about VaM and you guys are screaming that I'm causing a rift and what to convert people into patreon paying VaM users.
  13. You do realize that this is a personal hit against me - he single me out, called for my removal, etc. In no way did Avarteas say that. That was K17 doing. At this point, K17 has no desire to fix this issue and have this resolved. He wants to burned it all down and hiding and using the excuse that avarteas will leave to have it his way.
  14. Well that explains it, we had no power in that. But the fact that people are still crying censorship and blaming us. That is funny. At the end, LL moderators and Admin has that power. Not me and anyone else in this club. The fact is this, a false narrative is being said and other team leaders are letting it spread and get to a critical level just to shift blame on Me, HDiddy or Oz. Either way. This thread was pointless. Oddly enough, you don't see me, HDiddy or Oz creating post and putting a ultimatum on a petty argument.
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