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  1. Yeah that is def TK17 body is probably GEVcx or MC Thicc. It is Definitely Hook 5 paid maybe with some LUT settings applied to give it the classical look
  2. Open up Customizer Options (F12) and go to the room options tab and adjust your chairs, I think you may need to reload the room after you do it
  3. I use the blender import tool to bring in any bodies, and then use CTK to export and manually modify the mesh. I myself created a modified default body with about 40 Morphs to make tweaks to the shape, One thing you need to understand when you modify a body is that the standard clothes will no longer fit if you modify the body too much. Most folks who modify the body either make slight modifications line NSB121, Female3, or Female7 that still work with most clothes, or you have significant body mods like PG13, MC Thicc, and others that require it's own specific sets of clothes sculpted for tho
  4. You put it in the Activemod folder.
  5. Most gaming websites including this one usually get by without a monetary compensation through donations. As for the most part it is usually enthusiast who run these sites most are not trying to be paid. A community movie competition is an interesting concept that could work if done correctly, however it does open up the door for unnecessary drama, IMO.
  6. For the most part the setup is the same. Your hook folders are not going to change. What will change is how the texture files in your skin folders are named. That said when it comes to skins VC names skins differently. If the textures are 4x textures...you need to add the "mod_" prefix in front of the texture files, even though this should not prevent it from showing up in Customizer. VX skin textures should be named: Female_White_Body.png Female_African_Body.png Male_White_Body.png Male_African_Body.png etc.... If you are using 4X textures: mod_Female
  7. Start here: https://sites.google.com/view/tk17documentation/home?authuser=0 @OysterMug created a good guide covering the basics and some intermediate items If you go to the "Game" tab you will find the download location and updates There is not really a Hook5 for dummies, but there are various post in "Help" that will assist.
  8. I suggest you reach out to Team K17 direct through PM if you are interested in setting up a new Modsgarden 2.0 site for them, as last I checked they were looking for some help. Others have also offered their assistance both technically and financially, however for one reason or another nothing ever came of it. That said a few things have already occurred namely the modgarden.cc domain was auctioned off today, to an unknown person for almost $400 (I guess they really wanted it), so maybe some good will come of that. Time will tell.
  9. I will add we have a fair amount of tutorials on Klub Exile uploaded by some dedicated folks sitting on a treasure trove of information they have collected over the years. Namely Hootie, that dude is a beast. Feel free to check it out if you wish.
  10. 1. Folders for rooms are in your activemod folder. The rooms in archives are you base game rooms, I suggest you stay away from there unless you know what you are doing. 2. You have to add lighting to rooms yourself, unless you download a Level definition someone already did which has lighting added. 3. Anything in Activemod if it is not a base game texture needs a corresponding addon. Unfortunately there are not many guides here on Lovers Lab...most good documentation was available on MG which is now dead.
  11. If a room does not have a Level_def, you are not going to get the additional menu items for Hook5 objects and lighting. I like to just grab a simple level definition from another room without objects or lighting added. Then copy that level definition into the room folder and Alt+R to refresh textures if your already in the game. From there you can modify ambient lighting, spot lights, sun light, and other items through the F4 menu. Just make sure you save your changes.
  12. Oh @MrWong Just for you Addons are now officially called "SkirtMaps". Thank you so much for making it clear to all of us modders what we really do.
  13. Top dawg of what? I'm simply 1 of 5 site admins who is also a modder. Blown it? Let me see, bills a re paid. site members seem happy, modders are releasing new content. That is a success in my book. We didn't reject Avarteas. He made a decision not to join unless he had admin rights. He rejected himself. Dead game? Ok, lets be real....when RK packed his bags and retired that should have pretty much let you know where things were headed. Also just because a game is no longer being developed doesn't mean the modding community is dead. However, based on your comments I am going
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