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  1. Now that we have launched and folks have gotten things off of their chest. Figured we can provide the community with some details to have some more productive conversation if people have any questions before they sign up for an account. If you are looking for the link www.klubexile.com Note: This thread is strictly for questions regarding Klub Exile. If you want to criticize or bash one thing or another PM me, and I will gladly give you a piece of my mind. No reason to beef in public. 1. WHAT IS KLUB EXILE (KE)? Klub Exile is an Independent Modding Community focused on modding your favorite adult game. While many of the members you know and love from MG are on the site. It is not intended to be a MG replacement focused on development of the game. The community is more about modding and producing free content for users. We have tried to bring back some of your favorite madders from back in the day to help. 2. WHAT ABOUT THE GAME? Klub Exile is focused on modding and modders producing and sharing content. None of us were admins of MG or part of the development team. Our focus is not development of the game. Team K17 is working on options which focus on the development aspect independently. You should direct all questions to K17 or Marburg about game development progress. 3. IS THIS A PAY SITE? No. Absolutely not. Content on this site is completely free and will always be that way. We have a separate forum if Paid content providers want link to paid content (with the exception of videos and images). However it must ultimately make its way to the downloads section within 30 days if they do. Modders must also request to be able to post links there and it will be highly moderated to ensure no abuse is occurring. 4. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE LOVERS LAB CLUB? Nothing will happen to LL it will still be here as sign that the community exist in multiple places. LoversLab was born out of a simple conversation with myself, @MarkZappa, and @Necron_ back in July when the first lengthy outage happened. We wanted to see if we can build something to keep things moving. Of that conversation came the TK17 MESP Discord and the LoversLab Club. Klub Exile will still use the MESP discord as it's official discord. Unfortunately at over 700 members we have grown way too big for LoversLab and are constrained in the Clubs. Our limited ability to moderate the forums and categorize sections is our main reason for looking for another site. 5. WHAT ABOUT COST and ADMINS? One thing we learned from the events leading to MG's demise is trying not to have single points of failure for the site. That said some things we have implemented are having 5 admins with full rights to billing for the site, domain, and storage buckets. In regards to cost we have implemented an internal donation system outside of Patreon. This keeps everything contained in the site and away from lurking eyes. The 5 admins up front are always ready and willing to split the cost. However donations are always helpful to keep improving on the community. 6. WHO ARE THE ADMINS? The admins are myself, @Mr_Smoke, @Oz70NYC, @MarkZappa, and x17 (Not on LoversLab) 7. WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? Well, since the site is not freely brow sable without a login, I can understand you may want to see the inside before joining. As a little teaser I have included the main page below. DOWNLOADS All of the content is in the downloads section. Here you will be able to download your files directly to our own file storage, rather than using external sites and links that might expire. This was a big requirement for us, and while it increased the cost a bit, it makes things easier for the community. For obvious reasons IMAGE GALLERY We have also setup a separate Image Gallery for you to post and showcase all your kinky content. Again all content can be uploaded direct. VIDEO GALLERY Just like the pictures you can upload video two separated by sections so you can find what you are looking for.
  2. hdiddy

    Klub Exile

    So because we decided to organize the content better, that is bad? What was your solution going to be? How were you going to take donations for a new server? Were you just going to build your own internal eCommerce donations? If 3X were really trying to go after anyone with content. Modsgarden would have been gone a long time ago. F95 would be gone, and all the dozens of sites online giving away 3X content for free, I mean this club would be gone also by now, right? But they are still here. After 3 years since the MG database crash. Why is that? Well, it is not because MG's server was in China. That server: was in Netherlands, do the traceroute yourself. It is still on and still pinging. Even ass the MG logo on the browser bar There is no super secret thing from a security standpoint you can do to hide a site everyone including 3X knows about. If 3X wanted the largest trove of content gone. MG would be gone. I mean they are the ones that own www.TheKlub17.com. It literally redirects to their own site. But lets get real. MG is not gone because of 3X, its gone because nobody paid the bill. Which is interesting as the site, did get renewed a week later but here we are. It is still parked under a Japanese registar. Sure there is risk with all of this, but the best thing that seems to be going for us now is separation from the actual development of the game. A risk we were going to take offering you that space. Without the game development side we are now just a community making free mods for some game we found on the internet. And if anyone sees this thread...that would be official because K17(The Developer) said so. That said there is nothing more to say here. Locking this thread down.
  3. hdiddy

    Klub Exile

    As I said, you are free to do what you like. For you, The Dev team comes first, and that makes sense. I don't really respond well to low key jabs, so I just won't. Hopefully you guys get an official site running soon. Cheers!!
  4. hdiddy

    Klub Exile

    So not going to say much more. But for those who are wondering.... No we did not make a store. We are using the same software as LoversLab just now customized to our needs. Just to make sure there is not any falsehoods thrown around: All content uploaded to the community is free Modders with Patreons wanting to link in a specific forum outside of downloads must post their content in downloads 30 days after posting, or that access will be revoked The site now has storage where content can be uploaded direct without the need to use file sharing sites. We are currently using a S3 storage container for this @$6/TB We have implemented a Points system and some content posting minimums for users before they can download to minimize leechers. The site has 5 admins all with access to billing for the domain and site host, to ensure continuity All donations for the site go to the site to add more features and expand storage The site cannot be browsed without a login. Those are the facts. When Smoke said you are open to join he meant it. We have added a separate section for you and Team K17 to do what you need to do outside of the public forums to focus on the game. However if you decide to do your own thing, that's fair. Let's just try not to make things what they are really not.
  5. hdiddy

    Klub Exile

    No. I don't think we need to consult you to build our own modding communuty I will just say this. I have nothing against Team K17 or the folks responsible for making the game. The community we created is just that. A community. It is not MG obviously, but something that catered to what we felt a good community needed. Is it pay walled? No not at all. However we know modders have content in Patreon and other sites, and we created a mechanism that if they choose to use it, not only benefits them but mutually benefits the community. Everything in the community is free and will always be free. Everyone is welcomed including Team K17 if they choose. However without modders creating content the game suffers and the focus of this community was modders first. Cheers!!
  6. hdiddy

    Klub Exile

    Some of you may have heard already but a group of us (Smoke, Oz70NYC, MarkZappa, x17, and myself) decided to try to put something together for the good of the community. LoversLab is great, but we are becoming large in a very constrained space. With no ETA with when MG will come back, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Introducing Klub Exile www.klubexile.com This is not your ordinary garden. This is a new type of club. An improved club where the focus is the Modders and the kinky content that keeps us coming back day after day. We have tried to make those things as easy as possible for you to do here. From dedicated movie and image galleries to a separate meticulously categorized downloads section we are about making things easy for you to enjoy the community. Speaking of the community, a community is nothing without the folks who consistently bring the content. For those of you currently in exile with no community to call home due to some unfortunate events, we are you a home and space here with your fellow connoisseurs of adult content. Whether you are a modder finessing Blender on your free time, a pose editor trained in the ways of Sunderland, or just a normal screen grabber posting kinky content, you have a home here.
  7. That would be sweet to have Euphie back. Her mods where on point. Wonder what happened to her.
  8. hdiddy

    VX Bug Report

    From my troubleshooting here are the things I found. Both methods are using the same textures. I know this because I tried removing the sperm textures in Activemod which caused nothing to work. With the above, that leads me to believe it has something more to do with VX as @Cold Irony mentioned in another post regarding this. That would ultimately lead me to believe it has something to do with one of those scripts that control the cumshots. SpermSpray or something which would also mean each method actually uses a separate script but the same textures. That I'm not the best with tracking down what script does what, but this issue is extremely annoying so I am going to focus in. As this may be a bug I am going to move this thread to VX bugs.
  9. Updated the invite link to the new TK17 / MESP Discord created by @MarkZappa. New link is set not to expire.
  10. You probably better off trying to do some minimal sorting and put it in a mega archive. It doesn't matter here or new site. Trying to reupload that much content is simply not all that feasible. I also have over 100GB and decided just to make a fairly browsable archive. And post as a file or in the thread that was created. From there you can slowly sort it as you go on, and if a new site comes along you don't have to really redo the work. As of right now the only thing I am reuploading is new content or items that are in high demand.
  11. hdiddy

    VX Bug Report

    I am having this same issue. Been trying to troubleshoot for a while now
  12. Does anyone have the mod that gets rid of this texture so it does not show when you initiate the cum shot. If not does anyone know exactly where the texture is located so I can finally get rid of it?
  13. There was a tool that allowed you to swap around body sections in body mods. I don't have it as I just stick to Dismid Female 7 for the most part. Not sure if anyone has it but that would be the easiest way. Basically, take a body with a normal top like Dismid or something similar and take the bottom of the Aiko body.
  14. Added a Room Re-Textures for the Default Toilet Room. These are not hook textures, but they due include the level definition from the Russian Club Toilet. R_Toilet_Brothel R_Toilet_HD R_Toilet_Hotel R_Toilet_Library R_Toilet_Marble R_Toilet_Metro R_Toilet_Metro_SF (San Francisco) R_Toilet_NewToilet R_Toilet_Restaurant R_Toilet_Triple7
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