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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Ok here is another one for, made specially for the Girls Dormitory but can be used anywhere for the most part by moving things around. I decided to go with a tall male as this was specifically being created for a scene but like usual it turned into some huge pack. Figured folks would want some packs for tall male standard female. Most of these are modified poses, with some more significant modifications and merges from other poses. Thank you for all of you who contribute poses. Some poses here are also some pulled and modified from *. Details: Female: Dismid Female 8 Body Mody, Standard Height, Medium size boobs Male: Standard Body, Slim, Tall Total # of Poses: ~250 (28 Interactive) Actor 1: Male (Tall) Actor 2: Female (Standard) Like everything you may need to make some small adjustments to your model. I also fixed all interactive poses using the start normal loop on the second frame hack. Also some poses will need to be rotated to the right positions as when you try to rotate poses in PoseEdit...well tends to screw things up. Also last thing. I do not have my game checking and automatically fixing poses, so if there is an issue well that could be it. I turned that off in options manager as I realized 99% of my poses did not need to be fixed. and for the 1% that did, I simply don't use them.
  2. Sean's Life Episode 04 Sean's Life EP 04.mp4
  3. Sean's Life Episode 03 Sean's Life EP03.mp4
  4. Sean's Life Episode 02 Sean's Life EP 02.mp4
  5. Hope she is ok. With everything going on things are crazy out here.
  6. Yeah I was going to start doing that and ran into a "what is best" type of scenario. Using the LL files, which in my opinion is actually well done and pretty organized. However does not have the ability to sub-categorize things outside of tags. Or....typical forum route, and lose the features files gives.
  7. In case you've spotted a bug in the VX version, post it here.
  8. Curious to how folks think we should use this. Lovers Lab does have some limitations, namely when you add too many categories things on layout get weird. I like the way files are setup though. Anyway I made a couple of familiar faces from the garden mods, but if anyone wants to help please let post it here.
  9. K17 showed up in the discord chat, but basically everyone is saying the same. Having one admin kind of is a easy point for failure though.
  10. When your not using morphs....lol 2020-07-30_22-52-44.mp4
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This the Metal Corey Thicc (MC Thicc) Body Mod 2020-07-30_19-04-33.mp4
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This the Female 7 Body Mod by Dismid. 2020-07-30_18-45-46.mp4
  13. hdiddy

    Hook 5 Help

    There are two versions of Hook 5. There is the Free/Basic and Paid. The difference is The paid gives you the ability to use Hair Physx for the most part. You can get the latest free version here. However you need to setup a patreon account with hook5project to get the latest paid version. There are instructions there.
  14. TK17 Comprehensive Guide https://gist.github.com/tepiai/b6e99db602b2d8ca38bd0a16c161c0c3
  15. https://sites.google.com/view/tk17documentation/
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