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Dawnguard Retold - Part 7: The Bathhouse







Thank you both for coming on such short notice. I just received a message that can help us track down our little runaways.ScreenShot790.png.d5d0ef2a32a2a9f45bd4b68c747b4f14.pngThe College of Winterhold claims that members of the Dawnguard killed their librarian, Urag.
 The mages' autopsy found no evidence of vampirism. ScreenShot792.png.166ca6f24ee4857396c13623acb8d78b.pngYou two are going to get to the bottom of this.



It must be Anya and Serana. But why are they at the college?ScreenShot793.png.4e99a380f22f1bc16821f5563af67967.png

Maybe they learned something from the librarian and killed him to cover their tracks?




Sir what if Anya's been enthralled?ScreenShot794.png.d4404ed21a25b8ab73d3c2b4142cb017.png

That's what worries me.




Sofia, I know you and Anya have worked closely in the past; but if either you or Gunmar suspect that she's become a vampire.ScreenShot791.png.116d9dfedc944c3b8d4c7ba6892917f2.png

You must be ready to kill her.


I'm more than ready sir.

ScreenShot795.png.855e1e64e4b304a8caca8258adbd5754.pngGood. Remember your primary goal is to find out what they're up to.

Killing them is a last case scenario.


Understood sir. ScreenShot796.png.83377051e7029d8754280c1a9e0fc139.png


Finally.ScreenShot1041.png.9226aaff3e2e212d54963fbde117a461.png We've arrived to Solitude.ScreenShot1042.png.8a7398c2ce6b38cd5d79890cd5919f1b.pngIt's just as beautiful as I remember.ScreenShot1043.png.2756ca57ee928bbbd824c1ef56af6ac2.pngLet's get out of the sun. I'm exhausted.


And I'm filthy. We should go to the bathhouse. ScreenShot1045.png.83c66f69d043c5bb99cc9ee183c38173.pngThere's one just East of here. ScreenShot1046.png.017dc9ce8d7624a788aadf54ee5d3efe.png



Agmaer, you take this carriage back to Fort Dawnguard and tell them everything I read about the prophecy. ScreenShot1047.png.5fd4f1ae81078145e75863d94825d68c.pngSerana and I will spend the night here in Solitude.ScreenShot1048.png.4d69bade93fa76d23fa7711f85c57a5f.png




Will you be alright alone with the vampire? I'm worried about you.ScreenShot1049.png.d648363f4241d504b5489542a6bde32d.png


Relax boyscout, I'm not going to do anything to her.

(Unless she wants me to of course...)ScreenShot1051.png.2a82186b7cdca3dd59065db3c93ecbc2.pngNow can we get going?


Good luck Agmaer. Hopefully Isran will listen to you.

ScreenShot1052.png.09c9bde243e7089a87de06c00ddef773.pngIf the Tyranny of the Sun prophecy is true,

we need a united Dawnguard to stop it.ScreenShot1053.png.aa1e11c02071a1dd897646203c184475.pngScreenShot1054.png.8d9a1f0d5a610e9627371b9f57d028ec.png


ScreenShot1056.png.764a9defefa744b3ab486064ee55febb.pngIts a lot bigger than I expected.ScreenShot1058.png.18289f0d3da999ee36db4404d90aa885.pngAre the Dwarves okay with us using their bathhouse?ScreenShot1055.png.5c9af84a790815196c5055bfbee342bd.pngOoo... I'll explain that later.






Ahhhhhhh...ScreenShot1126.png.e4b47adeacbbc5ad91cf76b9236613b4.pngI'm feeling refreshed how about you?ScreenShot1071.png.b2633f1e2558fe9ebafed7a25dff80bc.png


I haven't felt this clean in ages.ScreenShot1073.png.e803f225b4621c11a853314cc1ad1175.png





So how did the Dwarves become extinct? Was there a war?ScreenShot1072.png.9aedabe4b12b0309ad95b0a2110889b1.png



People have theories but no one knows for sure. Its a mystery.  ScreenShot1077.png.db73b5876ef238f0f646bc33be7e236b.pngHow old are you exactly? What happened in that cave?


I don't know how long I was asleep,
but before that I had been a vampire for about twenty-five hundred years.


Yeah right.ScreenShot1078.png.23cbf368c9112288c9be3fccf8557741.png I'm young not stupid. A thousand year old vampire would be extremely powerful. Evan Isran has only killed a couple of those.


Don't you believe me?


No. I don't. Tell me why you were in that cave.ScreenShot1076.png.4eee43c7d1a161101325b5eb390515a6.pngI come from one of the oldest vampire clans in Skyrim. My father had become obsessed with finding elder scrolls. I had gone to retrieve it.ScreenShot1081.png.75fa9331a4ef50eaf7c6223f8a036282.pngNow I know why: The prophecy.

The Tyranny of The Sun.

ScreenShot1080.png.82fb8ec2998c8bf4e4ad5a2be83ce872.pngI wonder why my mother locked me there. The sun strips vampires of their power and weakens us. Its the reason we hide in the shadows.ScreenShot1082.png.ddddfc14f2e4a1fa0037243cd4d07775.pngWithout the sun, vampires would rule the world.





Are you sure you're not interested in becoming a vampire?

I would really like to convert you myself.ScreenShot1083.png.e6199e8c656363b798886ab71e716c23.png
I've never converted a woman before. That was my father's job.



No.ScreenShot1086.png.c48e859a9691f91c0626dc563a548dd4.png I'll never live by feeding off others.

Two years ago... my village was attacked by a powerful vampire.
I was the only survivor.



I know tasting your blood would be pure bliss,

...for both of us.
ScreenShot1088.png.00094c1123d989281bc8b727fe155643.pngI'm sorry that happened to you.ScreenShot1087.png.9654e5a3e922cdf28270ea402981c7c3.pngNot all vampires are monsters.




My lord.

















When do we strike? The elder scroll belongs to you Lord Harkon.ScreenShot800.png.70eb54efbf541b295b980e6757e41109.pngPatience, mon chéri. Everything is going according to plan.


We will allow this "Dawnguard" to play their little game.ScreenShot804.png.6d335cc6ae52ddb7d78805efb52e62f8.png

They know not what they're up against.




But how will we get the scroll?

ScreenShot802.png.1005d1702a4227a6b15493c92a637f32.pngWe won't.

We only need the information within the scroll.
ScreenShot803.png.a6f0a9773c19b5fcb0e72a33a1fbd6bb.pngThe Dawnguard will read it for us.


Excellent plan, master. ScreenShot805.1.png.44ba143e1361117786a7e57ae0c1c131.pngThen will be their own destruction.



Vampires are monsters. ScreenShot1089.png.46d883711b154df6bea26196f9e9b9ec.pngYou drink people's blood and invade villages. 
You kill innocent people!



What are you saying.ScreenShot1092.png.c69835ec5259f6c4b13c7e3db3c0934e.pngYou think I'm a monster?
You don't want to work with me?
No its just...

I have been your ally this whole time! 

If I wanted to make you my slave I could do in one bite. Easily.

We are doing this to get answers - together.ScreenShot1094.png.ef3e02f3d8f3296226ebb3abca1f4dde.pngI do. I still want to work together.
But my view of your kind won't change.ScreenShot1090.png.a232c209e0e2e4f2e1c8bfa9f1a4698c.pngI don't want to argue. Lets just get back to Solitude.







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About Serana's age, some people say that considering that she didn't know about the empire, she must've been put to sleep before 1E243. That would indeed make her 2,500 years old before getting imprisoned, so about 4,000 years old currently. 

The thing, is that the empire disappeared between the end of the first era and of the end of the 2nd. So that would've make her between 1,500 and 600 years old, most of that spent asleep. That hypothesis is supported by some of the TES authors on TIL. and is much more in line with Serana's current abilities and power level, which clearly aren't those of a multi-millennial ancient vampire.


To sum-up, she's probably closer to 600 years old than 4,000, and it's unlikely she's older than 1,500.

Yet, as my associate would say, that still makes her « older than the oldest grandma. » :classic_wink:

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