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Dawnguard Retold is a Skyrim story inspired by the original Dawnguard DLC, but with new adventures, characters, and twists! Here you will find action, suspense, mystery, and of course - romance... 

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Dawnguard Dossier: Serana

Dawnguard Dossier: Serana     Hello, It's time for another character file.  This entry will re-cap a character throughout the story of DR. Here is everybody's favorite, original hot vampire follower: Serana. Enjoy!     Backstory:       Season 1:         Season 2:         Season 3 (ongoing):      

Dawnguard Retold: Profile Pics

Hello readers, Ever wondered what would happen if the characters of Dawnguard Retold had profile pictures? Well, wonder no more!   (Not my original idea, but I thought I would join in)       Anya:         Serana:         Faye:         Sofia:         Sorine:         Beleval:         Vex:  

Dawnguard Dossier: Anya

Dawnguard Dossier: Anya         Hello, This is not a chapter but rather a character file. First up is the main character of Dawnguard Retold: Anya.  I plan on doing these on occasion while in-between chapters.   Prologue:     Anya Season 1:         Anya Season 2:  


ObeyMrWalrus in Character Dossier

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