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Sanghurst Chronicle - Part 1 - Chapter 4 - Aftermath



{Beginning of Story Content}

{Section 1}



Sh1rmu4y o

Shea: Shit...

Lnplb6gr o

Shea: Just a little further...I...

A3yonxpj o

Shea: Vinheim can't be gone...

Hnu2jadi o

Shea: The castle can't be far now, maybe Errwarld got away too...

Mn6yvh3y o

Shea: Out of all things...why does my damned blood not lessen the pain...just a little...

0kn82brg o

Shea: The sun too? That won't help...

Z8c8arav o

Shea: There...just need to...

4wlaezbm o

Shea: ...clean up...I'll be as good as...new.

4nqhukcr o

22jq5w0k o

Shea: (We never stood a chance)

U71wfmwc o

Shea: (Why did I have to annoy her?)

Gn5x59do o

Shea: (How do we fight against that?)

Xdzwnjtl o

Shea: And I thought a clan war would be bad...


Qza94yuc o

Shea: (Where can I even get the upper-hand with her? Three couldn't even take her down and now I don't even know if there's three anymore.)

Ln7ll8rc o

Shea: (Why couldn't she be like clan Vinctumunus and have everything noted down in a book for us?)

Bw2axbhf o

Shea: That's it! Maybe I'll have to go to Lacroix's study. He has all sorts of shit others think pointless. He might have something on how they locked her up before.

Glsmnd10 o

Shea: Lacroix! You here?

Fbhesq97 o

Lacroix: There's no need to speak so loudly child.

T03qyeau o

Shea: Sorry, but it's urgent.

Lacroix: So urgent you need to interrupt the silence?

Shea: Absolutely, do you have anything on the First Queen?

00vwtqnw o

Lacroix: I assume you mean Queen Anthea Takano? 

0hzcvzl9 o

Shea: The one and only, do you have some books on her, old scrolls maybe?

Tvolys1f o

Lacroix: As if you'd be able to read the scrolls. I have some books but...well it's unusual for someone to take an interest in Anthea.

R07pi6be o

Shea: Unusual doesn't mean it won't happen.

Lacroix: It's funny that you and that Errwarld fellow are asking about it, both in a matter of days. He hasn't got you wound up into one of his silly theories has he?

Ufzhqo5s o

Shea: (I wish it were only a theory) What makes you think it's silly?

Dsbg2w0l o

Lacroix: Errwarld has always been a little too eccentric in his research. Please we'll continue in my personal study.

Dsn5g8dj o

Servant: Master Lacroix, would you like for me to-

4hrferg8 o

Lacroix: There's no need, duck, we'll be alright. But do be a dear and let me know if anyone requires audience with me or Madam Sanghurst.

Servant: Yes, sir.

B2ekc9by o

Lacroix: So are you a part of Errwarld's studies? Or are you freelancing? 

Flkby0mh o

Shea: I just need those books Lacroix, anything on Anthea will do.

Uddsm1eo o

Lacroix: I've already given all I'm willing to Errwarld, you'll need to seek him.

Shea: All you're willing? So there's more?

Rifb5vra o

Lacroix: There are always more...but some books I'll never hand over.

Knpyouwq o

Shea: Well, I need them and-

Gj7lrenu o

Lacroix: And for what? This doesn't seem like ordinary research-

Tir8ne8l o

Servant: Sir! Someone is asking for Madam Sanghurst!

Khmydpyn o

Shea: You wouldn't understand but I'll be back for them.



Eazhddm5 o

Shea: I thought you were dead.

Errwarld: Well, as they say, news of my death was greatly exaggerated, except there was no news to speak of.

4pghpqq3 o

Shea: I thought that was the end for a second. Every moment I've lived, that was the closest I felt to the void.

Gahwhv2w o

Errwarld: Well, I haven't fully passed the trial yet. Everything still hurts or stings. I'm sure that sunlight did wonders for my skin.

Shea: Well you've got an excuse to keep the mask on now.

Errwarld: I always did. 

Kg717mhj o

Errwarld: So, Lacroix has more books than he'd given me?

Shea: Were you spying on me?

Errwarld: I try to keep an ear to the floor.

Jdimk2bu o

Shea: He seems to but he won't be happy parting with them.

Errwarld: Even if he knew the cause?

Shea: Do you think he'd believe us? He thinks half of your studies are "silly."

E5m0fwag o

Errwarld: Fair point.

Shea: So how much time do we have?

Errwarld: Not enough.

Rn06pxq9 o

Shea: That's vague. How many days?

Zbrpmfoy o

Shea: You alright Errwarld?

Cbsrpaqh o

Errwarld: I'm fine, I was just thinking.

E7zbhpqv o

Shea: So how long?

Dsl8b55b o

Errwarld: It depends. Could be a day, a week at most. My best men should be here soon and-

Cieslg3q o

Shea: Hold on! You thought during the arguments and fights that are surely happening here, that it'd be a good idea to bring in soldiers?

O1766zjb o

Errwarld: Would you rather we all just die?

Pzq4xtyy o

Shea: No, but everyone is going to bring theirs now and we'll be even closer to a clan war, or a blood feud at the very least!

K243fd3j o

Shea: They are that close to tearing each other apart!

Uwhiofp8 o

Shea: They're that close to being divided, permanently and-

5k79scg4 o

Zs3c3ky0 o

Errwarld: What is it?

K3zrltlz o

Shea: I just feel like-

Errwarld: You're being watched?

Luqgjdxx o

Errwarld: I feel it too.

Uacxukib o

Errwarld: But what's done is done. Shea, I know you worry for a war or feud but there are bigger things to worry about at the moment.

Shea: You know that doesn't help.

Zdwqn5wj o

Errwarld: Of course not. But my guards will be here soon. I just ask you be vigilant. You see the First Queen, we'll need to talk, immediately.

Hskqlv6e o

Shea: We should meet at some point tomorrow. I'll see if I can get anyone to listen about what we've seen.

Errwarld: You can try to tell people but don't expect them to believe you. And don't bring up Vinheim, they'd be quick to incriminate us.


Tjpswbko o

Fk1c8kse o

Taugdk9e o

Nxukkrqx o

Shea: Well, they were quick getting here. 

Fkbgzp0f o

Solomia: And they're already arguing. What was Errwarld thinking?

Jvfk3o5v o

Solomia: I admit it's rather a bold move but I hardly see it working out.

Jau8aszm o

Shea: Likely not but-...doesn't matter.

Jnst7cyb o

Solomia: So should I bring some of our own?

Fagmwunl o

Shea: You could. But then everybody would bring their own and then we'd be drowning in suits of armour.

72xbsb09 o

Solomia: Well the next few days should be interesting considering no one agrees on who should lead.

Shea: Good to know I never missed anything then.

{Section 2}



The next day...

Sasecjoa o

???: Come on Elea, I've never even seen that place, and I'm one hundred and four now!

Eleavoir: No, you still act like a child! You'd stand no chance here.

???: But-

Eleavoir: No buts. My choice is final, I don't care what mother says.

Yzkvxzmp o

Shea: Eleavoir?

Eleavoir: Duty calls, we'll speak later.

???: Wait-

Eleavoir: Enter!

X9dopzzl o

Shea: You can finish your talk if you'd like!

Ga8zmtej o

Eleavoir: Too late, come in.

10vvjeo7 o

Eleavoir: So what is it that brings you here?

Meiivg1q o

Eleavoir: I sincerely doubt that you're here for just a chat.

9b9q3qzs o

Shea: There's some business and bit of small talk.

Sm0crapr o

Eleavoir: Let us get the small talk out of the way then.

Ermgsypn o

Shea: Who were you speaking with?

Eleavoir: My sister Ay'rel, ironic name really. Quite close to Auriel but of course forsaken by the same god. You remember her?

Shea: Vaguely? I think I might have seen her once.

Mvrvkitk o

Shea: But I'm afraid that's all the small talk.

Fcg6r8e6 o

Eleavoir: So what do you want?

Hlte4goa o

Shea: I need you not to laugh at what I'm going to say.

Tw9qzid4 o

Shea: The First Queen, she's back, alive and on the loose.

8thxfxcj o

Eleavoir: Troubling perhaps, but I'm afraid there's little I can do about that.

Aynsjki9 o

Shea: Errwarld and I just need you to be prepared, we don't ask anything more.

8bjcctip o

Eleavoir: The answer is no.

Akwrlim6 o

Eleavoir: If I could help you I would. There's no proof and I'm just going off of your words alone. If I prepare for something, so will the others and then we'll be tense and ready to jump at anything.

Rpwiezsr o

Shea: But-...I understand. It sounds outlandish.

Qckbqrbq o

Eleavoir: If you brought proof I'd gladly help but there's nothing. I'm sorry. 

Dfxk8cho o

Shea: I'll try but there isn't much time left now. Just don't say I didn't warn you when she comes again.

A0kgi6nv o

Eleavoir: And I'll gladly let you say that and Errwarld can say it too. But you know I can't believe the story you're telling.

Qd8bpr22 o

Shea: I understand your position, you don't want to start something that will certainly end us.

Gkim9ll3 o

Eleavoir: Exactly. It's going to be busy soon, so I'd quite like some time alone. If you don't mind.

6r61yu7t o

Shea: Yeah, I get it.

Fp1etqqh o

Shea: (Errwarld was right, again. Of course they wouldn't believe me. Not until she's standing in front of them will they ever believe me).


Later that evening...

Hhk49wat o

Shea: Errwarld always picks the best spots doesn't he.

Osz3wtmz o

Shea: First a glowing river of tears and then a cobweb infested laboratory. 

Jfsk5psp o

Shea: (What would father do now?)

Wz715wkb o

Shea: (He'd know exactly what to do and-)

Ronwe1to o

Shea: (What am I thinking? Of course he wouldn't know. He knew politics but never his daughters. I suppose mother didn't either).

Jlxkmqna o

Shea: (What they did...maybe it was normal for them. What they'd lived through).

Bbuoixnz o

Shea: (Shea, pull yourself together, this is hardly the time to be thinking about the past. It's too far gone now).

Cxdvo96z o

Errwarld: Good to see you're here!

Pxcfekms o

Shea: You couldn't have picked somewhere with fewer cobwebs and spiders?

Bghy8wlq o

Errwarld: The Black Tower is history, Shea, the place where the first plot to remove the First Queen began.

Sq47dgma o

Shea: Of course, you couldn't pick somewhere more comfortable, or discrete.

Kn5kflvs o

Shea: And the first plot failed, all these books and poisons couldn't help them. How is it going to help us?

Errwarld: It's not meant to.

Njjoifpp o

Errwarld: We have facts and speculation at the moment. We know she is here. We know conventional weapons don't work either.

C2rvyyge o

Errwarld: That's all we know for certain.

Shea: That's not much.

Xvhkkmkv o

Errwarld: Our best option would be getting everyone out of here. But she's in the woods and would easily kill those leaving.

Eyczmrs9 o

Errwarld: We could instigate some conflict, that would send everyone home to a place with an army.

Shea: It'd also make sure the First Queen gets her throne back.

Errwarld: But we'd probably survive.

Shea: Not a risk I'm taking.

Qdlwu5ra o

Errwarld: Yes, you have your sister here, you'd hardly want to put her in the middle of conflict but Anthea is here, and you won't be able to protect Solomia forever.

Llp9gnhs o

Shea: Not agreeing to that plan.

Errwarld: What about your blood? We don't know if that works against-

Shea: No. I'm not degrading myself.

Errwarld: But it's potent.

Shea: It's vile. No.

Ubxwodrg o

Errwarld: Well we haven't got many options then.

Shea: What about Volkihar?

Errwarld: What about them?

Shea: Lord Harkon was killed with something, maybe that'd work, he was a pure-blood.

Errwarld: Auriel's Bow I think.

Oztqel6j o

Errwarld: I doubt they'd let us just wander in and ask if we can have it or not. I don't even think Volkihar has it, a Dragonborn does.

Shea: Any other similar weapons?

Errwarld: I'd have to investigate some rumours of Snow Elves emerging from a cave but there could be something.

U2chypyz o

Errwarld: But I can't guarantee that we'll find anything at all.

Otyshhzq o

Errwarld: And the last thing we want to do is waste time.

Cx0d1djs o

Shea: You've mentioned Sir Gabriel in the past. He escaped her. How?

Zsilfhwv o

Errwarld: He did escape, though I don't know if he willingly fought her.

Qwjlzdj1 o

Shea: But they did fight?

Errwarld: Yes.

Shea: He lost then.

Errwarld: Yes but it's said that he had an awful effect on her.

Lcqqxvap o

Shea: So we have a lead?

Rndixij9 o

Errwarld: We don't have time to chase Sir Gabriel. That would be foolish of us.

Bngle4rx o

Errwarld: We should flee, live to fight another day. That's the best option.

0t6cgluw o

Shea: Yeah, but I don't know who would listen to us just telling them to leave.

Nknzarhd o

Errwarld: That's the nature of our problem.

Qp1gpci9 o

Errwarld: We don't have much time but we should think on it at least.

Nep1qivs o

Shea: I guess so.

Errwarld: But be ready, we don't know when she'll come back.


Jyucqruo o

Ya9rj21x o

Solomia: Are you just going to sit by the fire all night?

Jh0hwdco o

Shea: I'm thinking.

2xywh9be o

Solomia: About what?

Xpnaz69s o

Shea: Important things.

Solomia: More important than me?

Jxhussdl o

Shea: That question is a trap and you know it.

Solomia: Of course I know. But is it more important?

Vaei3hia o

Shea: No...it's not.

Etnpluja o

Solomia: Then be with me, it's been days since I even went to sleep beside you and even longer since you awoke beside me.

Hs79zvsx o

Solomia: Just keep that mind of your in check for one night.

Shea: I-

Tcs5piej o

Solomia: Can you just do that for me? You've changed and I want to know why. To feel why.

Shea: You wouldn't believe me-

Vgtcchhq o

Solomia: No more words, just us.

S8ki8fw6 o

Solomia: Let's forget about everything just for tonight.

Shea: I-

Solomia: Hush now.

Rbacm6yc o

Solomia: Let us be lovers again.


Eggoowhi o

Abriuolf o

Shea: "The Bloody Years" the reign of Queen Anthea Takano. Mainly principled as ruthless, dangerous and deadly.

Zlwzpyfl o

Shea: Why am I not surprised? But Sir Gabriel kept her in check, didn't he? What must she have been like without his aid?

5k4wpr1y o

Shea: She must've been like how I met her.

3coem6m8 o

Shea: This wouldn't be so hard if I knew when she'd be here.

Vwywebi6 o

Shea: She's too much...for anyone. I hope Errwarld finds something.

Okqotvof o

The Queen's Phantom: I doubt that he will. Too doubtful where he should be certain.

1jsp1pgc o

The Queen's Phantom: But you shouldn't be concerned with him. You should be concerned about your own beating heart. I can feel it getting faster, the hunt grows nearer. Will you be of the slaughtered, or will you be the hunter? The throne lies empty but for no longer.

Yys0bmtb o

Shea: Get out of my head!

Zizqppl3 o

Shea: Wait the throne room...

{End of Story Content}



Thanks for reading as usual. I hope you enjoyed the read, even if it was a little longer than usual. As always, I'll welcome your feedback and hope you'll stick around for the rest of the story.



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Catching up with that one, I must say that compared to your previous Shea works, the remade storyline is much deeper, consistent and immersive. Same for the dialogues and overall consistency. Content-wise the adult content has been toned down but still lies as a possibility at some corners. And those warm, contrasted colors combined to the outfits and bckgrounds do provide a real visual identity to your current tale. I'd be wary about the pace though ; but I'm absolutely loving the ambiance so far. :D


Malicia : shut-mouth.png:classic_dodgy:

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