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Thanks for sharing this.

Say, I hope you don't feel offended by me saying so, but I realized that with all your women, the noses are flawed. Is that intentional? Like sometimes its too long, too short, too broad or "strangely" shaped. I get that imperfection draws attention. Just curious, is all.

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@Swiftstep Haha, no, they look totally normal to me. I had no idea they'd be perceived as flawed. The blonde sim at the top does have slightly long nose but it was a sim I made a while ago so it's not as refined. Believe it or not sometimes I don't actually move the nose up or down so, I'm surprised you said that.


I try to go for realism and variety anyway, I don't want my sims to look all exactly the same, which is easy to do.

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Hm, now that you mention it.. look at the sides of the nostrils.. where you would put a piercing. This region looks a tiny bit off, on each picture... it is like the reflection is off.. or something like that. Like a small scar, or a tiny piercing.. not sure. It's tiny, but it seems lighter than the surrounding skin. That's how I recognized it in the first place. I guess it might very well be the only reason, while the noses are perfectly normal.

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@Swiftstep I guess that's just the skin texture I'm using, which is among the best I've seen. I've never noticed it before but it's better than what shipped with the game, believe me. It's also the Sims 4, so there's not a mind-blowing amount of room to work with.

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I see nothing wrong with those noses ?


They look better then the ones I see in irl <.< at work

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Generally nothing perfect in this world ^^, noses and looks are subjective.


Everyplace and person has different beauty ideal and taste ?


What flawled for other, perfection to another.


All my chars are purely based on my taste in people haha

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