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  1. @Sandatharius Thank you. The body is vanilla except for the breasts of course, which can be found here, Dumbaby female breast meshes (3) is the file to download on that page. In the last shot I also used their minimalistic bottom mesh too.
  2. Some sims I'm working on at the moment but I'm feeling more than a little under the weather right now so I don't know when they'll be finished. Zoe Delacroix Hanna Hastings Reiko Fujimori Layla Thorne
  3. I haven't had the time to make any more hardcore scenes and I really have an itch to do another one but sim making takes top priority for now. I do have some shots of scenes that I was making as a tribute to Lifeline that I personally didn't think were good enough. This poolside orgy could have been bigger, the setting wasn't great, it flowed poorly and shooting outside provided its own problems, but here are some shots that I still like from it. And another scene reminiscent of a certain German website The set was made on the quick and th
  4. @Kashked Oops, you're making me feel guilty for not uploading my male sims. Thanks for trying my sims and pairing them with mrrakkonn's no less. Oddly enough I was going to post unused shots from scenes I had to scrap and one of them was also poolside.
  5. Sorry in advance for the image dump I often worry I make way too many wealthy, fashionista sims, and I am admittedly very much into that, but here is a contrast in styles that hopefully alleviates some of it I've not decided on any names yet though.
  6. Sofia and Jaimee, as well as Melanie, are now available on my page if you're interested. Sofia Villanueva Jaimee Dalton Melanie Johnston
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