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  1. The face you make when you discover your threesome went public.
  2. It's been a while since I posted in here, the last time I did, I accidentally started a page long "discussion" on the merits of sharing vs actually sharing. Anyway! Since I'm more interested in the photography, design and composition aspects of taking screenshots, I post in the photography thread. But then I discovered this thread was originally intended to be a source of inspiration, so here's just a few I've done so far that I'm most happy with.
  3. Went a bit overboard with this one but hey, not sorry! Well, perhaps a little.
  4. After struggling to find any inspiration, I changed the hairstyle on one of my old sims to this, which is still my favourite hair that anyone has ever made for this game, and the results are magic! Now I'm officially in love with polygons.
  5. Some style overload. What's under the coat.
  6. I've too many ideas and not enough patience for new a sex scene, so I've gone back to old habits and it's way less time consuming. @erplederp Wow, those are great too!
  7. @erplederp Those magazine covers I thought they looked familiar, then I realised it was Dandon Fuga and I should know better because I follow them on Instagram.
  8. @Juliette Tango As if I didn't want to re-watch X-Files more than I already did.
  9. Another scene from me, It's the longest one I've done, custom cum effects too. Check the blog to see how this guy reacts to catching his wife in the act.
  10. Thanks! I put way too much time into this.
  11. Another scene from me, it's the longest one I've done! Much more in the blog post.
  12. Credit goes to Lupobianco, Mike24, Amra72, Motherlodesims, GreyNaya, wild_guy, Dumbaby and sstormyy
  13. @2cool4u_1 Whoops, yeah I purposefully leave names out. They all have names, obviously, but I'm useless at naming things so I hit the random buttons til I get something I like and then maybe tighten it. Thank you though.
  14. Took a break from making filth and made something more classy
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