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About this blog

A place for all my lightly edited Sims 4 screenshots. 

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Volume XXX Six: Deleted Scenes

Here are a collection of three scenes I scrapped for various reasons. None of them are complete but I've included most of the stills from them and even more than I uploaded before in the adult screens thread. Though, looking at them now, I don't see that much wrong with them.   This first scene was meant to have more of a visual narrative with before and after scenes, but I couldn't get it to work. The second scene was simply not what I had in my head and the outdoor setting was made i


Abandoner in Volume XXX

Volume Fifteen

I've had a few requests in my blog comments to release my sims and to any of those who didn't already know, they are now available. I've been busy so I haven't had the time to create interesting or provocative imagery but I hope you'll find this is a decent trade off.     (although most of the sims here aren't released yet but will be throughout the week)  


Abandoner in Screens

Volume XXX Five: A Competitive Workout

Starring                                                                                                                    Isabella Vega                                           Felicia Emerson   &  The Guys     "Hey Felicia, I'll challenge you to see how many times we can get these guys to make us cum, got it?"                        "Mhmm!"     "Damn, her mouth is full already, let's not waste any


Abandoner in Volume XXX

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