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About this blog

My pretty inordinate collection of ideas on Skyrim mods and probable mods-to-be.

... of course oriented to the LL side of life :classic_tongue:

Entries in this blog

Word bubble: Things I want to do next [my LL todo list]

TLDR: We need guides, howtos, walkthroughs for many many mods here .... but don't have them. I intend to help.   This here is my own little helper to get me focussed for that. So it is important to me, but probably boring for most others. Of course I can only write for mods, that I have and use. I'll add my list later here. If you feel another mod could use a howto, just comment.   My current ideas and priorities for guides and how-tos Listing and comparing vario


worik in Skyrim LE+SE

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