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About this blog

A blog to post updates, ideas and feedback for my project of remaking Slaverun.

Entries in this blog

Where I have been

Hello,   many people are probably thinking where I was all this time and what I have been doing up to now. The answer is simple, barely anything. I'm working on it every now and then but motivation is rather low.   I'm going to continue working on the mod, maybe on some different content besides the main/pre quest to hope it will either help with motivation. You can probably expect something during this month, most likely to the end. I just don't know what it will b


xKnallAnder in Progress

The first quest is done

I bring good news.   The quest to enslave Riverwood is finally ready. Not much more to say to it. This task is very short and only really serves as a setup for a new questline of side missions. This idea was brought to me by @wHOaMiEH in "Looking for Suggestions"   As for what I will be working on now is the prequest/the prequests. There are multiple interesting ideas that have been brought to me. I have decided on a modified version of the original idea from jxm. The ba

Looking for suggestions

The title says most of it already.  As many are aware I'm currently working on the final task of the riverwood enslavement quest, which will be given by Hod. However I'm pretty much out of ideas, I've had this and that which would both work but nothing that satisfied me so far.    So I thought, why don't I ask you for ideas of what this task could look like. Anything is welcome, speak your mind freely.  Please only post ideas for the "Hod Task" here, everything else goes into

Slaverun Dev Update

This update took me longer than I wanted to, I had multiple ideas and tried out everything to see how they would go and possible expansions for it later down the development. I'm happy to report this as a successful update. The next version will see the full release of the riverwood enslavement at which point I will move updates away from this blog and keep it only for reporting progress and discussing ideas. As it was intended.    Current Requirements:   SexLab (SE/A

A first look

The quest marker pointing to the mine is now fixed and points towards the entrance of the mine   Good news!   I've decided to give everybody a first look at the mod and how quests are going to look. As well as to get some feedback on how everything looks so far. It's not much to present, especially not after such a long time but as I said multiple times already, progress is slow and I'm trying around a lot with different things and ideas.   As of right now the

Progress so far

It's been quite a long time till I last posted anything. I planned to release these news along with showing you a new location but since that will take more time than I thought and I still want to show you all that progress is being made I decided to just do it like this. I will update this entry when smaller things, like quests, npcs etc. get finished.    Quests: PreQuest (skipable) - finished Slave Quests - in progress Slaver MainQuest - in progress

Progress Report 1

Since I've been quite silent lately I believe it's best if I give everybody a report on the current state of things and the future.   As for what's happening right now, I'm creating the riverwood enslavement quest. I've taken suggestions from Ideas and Feedback and implement some of them in some way or another. Creating quests is a long task, especially when trying around with different ideas and wanting to offer choices that can lead to different outcomes, I hope you can all be p

Ideas and Feedback

Please read before posting anything   Please note that this mod is still in early development and anything is subject to change. I will try and take a look into every idea and see what I could possibly add. This does not mean any of these ideas will be in the final mod.   Ideas so far: Improving dialog (Better, less repetitive conversations) Less hard dependencies/light alternative Small improvements to quests More dialog options and paths to take

Main Hall

Here are some screenshots of the main hall I'm working on as of right now. Due to time issues the progress isn't very far and I'm still not finished with it, I will still have to add more details. Like food on the tables and maybe a small bar area but nothing is final on that. As progress is made I will update these screens with more up to date ones.   My idea is to have this room be the main entrance, this is where the slavers will receive guests for auctions and the like.


xKnallAnder in Locations

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