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Chapter 5: Moving Forward

Matthew and Erika are determined for a new start. After all, family is family. Patsy feels the same. Just when everyone thought they're moving forward with their own lives, the events of yesterday came back haunting to haunt them today.     


chase021 in Erotica

THE FALL of Lycanthropus

Most people of the Imperial City think Jenny as nothing more of a "Cheap CUM BUCKET" -(sheeeesshhhh)- little did they know; when she seeks her fortune, you best not fuck with her. A lesson that Lycanthropus would soon know.  When rumors of Werewolves  spread across Cyrodiil from IC to Chorrol, Jenny Flamel made haste in seek of her fortune. When she arrived to Chorrol she was well aware of Jauffre and the priory outside of the city, but decided now is not the time to return the Amulet of Ki

Another one bites the dust

I taught Mikey and Precious to read and write first 5 letters of our alphabet. Since two of them are very similar in writing and pronunciation they pronounce them same. Now, guess which letter is their favorite letter? “A”, because they can shout it: AAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAAA. Oh, my, they are so cute. The good news is that our parents will continue my work with them when I am at the work. That means, they will teach them Croatian alphabet but also improve Italian, their second language. Mikey under

LOLA Extension Development: About/Roadmap/Download

This is a devleopment Blog entry of my planned/ongoing dev project of a Lola Extension. It's an own ESP and as a goal it should never break something in general lola functionality   The Blog entry is mainly for trakcing and planning purposes     Currently the development is FIXED at Lola 2.0.38. No other Lola Version is supported (temporary Script changes in Lola directly)   Features Ideas: Lola want's a friend Functionality to add a second pet

Cortana's Slip (Ch.2 - E.3)

{Note from Nymph: This entry will be a bit shorter than most, but it's going to have more images and clips than most, so I think it balances out fairly well.} __________________________________   Date(s): 24th to 26th of Last Seed, 4th Era 201 __________________________________   [After the guard was "satisfied" that Cortana wasn't hiding any contraband, he and the rest of the guards nearby forced her into a tight rubber straight jacket, gagged, and escorted her to


NymphoElf in Cortana

Using & Utilizing Cloaks

Im going to start this off with something a lot of you may consider controversial:  A cloak is the most lightweight and responsive form of Scan this Game offers you   A very much wrong opinion on Cloaks is that they are straight up bad and should be avoided as much as possible. Id argue this is a rather poor ideology to go by as Cloaks by nature are an extremely powerful tool for various reasons and offer a ridiculous amount of potential if used properly while affecting performanc


Scrab in Tutorials

Selena Rouse & Kole Puckett: Pleasing Daddy Pt. 3 [Ending]

Continue with us as Kole keeps punishing Selena's pussy in the Sex Dunegon!   Kole could tell that Selena was being on the milder side when riding him and he was not okay with this. She knew that everything must be hard and rough unless he specified to her otherwise. This called for drilling into her ass, as hard as possible.     After that ass punishment Selena truly couldn't stand on her own anymore so Kole decided decided

Selena Rouse & Kole Puckett: Pleasing Daddy Pt. 2

Join in watching as Selena pleases her daddy dom Kole in the AEP Studios Sex Dungeon ❤️    Kole had, had enough of the milder shit and was ready to truly fuck Selena raw. Their first spot on the sex dungeon tour was the T pillory where he beat his dick into Selena's cunt.     Today is a fine day to be fucked in another stock hold. At least that's what Kole is deciding for Selena as they move to the next one. Selena couldn't be happi

Selena Rouse & Kole Puckett: Pleasing Daddy Pt. 1

Watch as Kole fucks Selena from one side of the room to the other as the little sub does anything her daddy dom wants of her in order to make him happy.   How many times do you think she'll have her little cunt cum? Selena isn't able to wait long on pleasuring her daddy, as soon as the doors open to the stairs leading to her favorite place her pussy was getting wet and so she asked her daddy if she could please suck him off right there on the stairs.  Of course Kole said yes

Entry - November 20191106 - The Toasty Goblin

https://www.loverslab.com/topic/56510-post-your-sex-screenshots-pt-2/?do=findComment&comment=1816125   https://www.loverslab.com/profile/445349-toastygoblin/   Flickr - https://www.flickr.com/photos/137913234@N06/     https://www.loverslab.com/topic/56510-post-your-sex-screenshots-pt-2/page/115/?tab=comments#comment-1822190         https://www.loverslab.com/topic/56509-show-your-skyrim-counterpart-pt-2/page/174/?tab=comm
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