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Eva's, Ivy's and Elf Prince's sex diaries

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Two horny lusty harpies, one destroyed husband and one bad guy

Hearing the good news from my gynecologist that I can have sex now, my Ivy and I started to plan to have empty house so we can fuck my Prince without obstacles when he comes home after the work. We couldn’t ask mom Boss to take Mikey to her house because she lives too far. My Ivy and I thanked mom Boss for help and we asked her to go home for we want to be alone. She kissed us and Mikey and she called dad Boss who picked her up. So, I called my mom and asked her if they are very busy at villa. W




“… respect, my dear friends, show respect!”

My Prince had a meeting with hotel managers in Association of hotel managers in Monday after e.b. meeting. Dad Boss was also invited as honorable member of the Association in retirement. He told us that meeting went well and that he was very grateful to dad Boss for taking his side and “defending” him in two cases. First, in unofficial part of the meeting they commended the cover story of our Hotel, but they didn’t like our spokesman, Fran, because he is a gay. They said that although he spoke v




Privacy, confidentiality, protection and safety

In last three days very high temperatures “killed” my Prince. Often cooling in the sea after the work or during the night was only temporary help. He was tensed, he couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep and he was at the edge of collapse. My poor luv. He drinks 6-8 liters of water with lemon daily. The only positive thing in all of this is that he is extremely horny which is good for my Ivy who is very horny too. So they fuck like rabbits, several times a day.     During the work in Thursd

Living in homophobic society

This diary suppose to be posted tomorrow, but due to last night incident I’m posting it now. When my Prince woke up Sunday late afternoon, we went to our beach. Since we were alone we were completely naked. Although we fucked him during his sleep, watching him prepare his body for the sea temperature made me very horny. He is sooo perfect: tall, very muscular, long blond hair always formed in Witcher hair style. No wonder why girls and middle age women wants him everywhere we go. He is very




You either have it in you or you don’t

Two guys whom my Prince beat up for scaring Mikey throwing firecracker under his windows reported him for violence and heavy beating when visited emergency. It’s the law. We weren’t surprised when we saw a policeman at our door later, but we were surprised seeing Antonio with him. The policeman came to check guys’ story. They lied my Prince attacked them without the reason saying that they peacefully walked by our house when he ran out and started to beat them like a mad man. My Prince told his

You are no longer my mother!

Mikey will be one month old tomorrow and we’ll have small “birthday” party for him. It’s my Prince’s idea. Mikey responds to the sounds and visuals more and more and whenever he hears his dad’s voice he immediately look toward him. It melts my Prince very much. When Mikey slept I had to check one thing and I smiled widely when I saw genetically heritage from my Prince. Namely, I opened his mouth gently and I saw him holding his tongue folded up just like my Prince when he sleeps. He showered his

"I give you two weeks .."

I couldn’t stop thinking about my “conversation” with Trilog in my last diary. The more I thought about it, more I was burdened. He presented his arguments way better than me and I had a feeling I’m selfish, stupid, stubborn, must-be-my-way bitch. My luvs noticed my condition and Mikey felt it. My Prince asked me what is bugging me. Since he doesn’t read my diaries I told him about. Not wanting to conclude prematurely, he asked me to print the whole diary entry and our conversation. He read it v

The pedophilia “traps” and our final decision about future children

Coming to the work yesterday, my luvs spotted short blond and fat woman and very attractive, tall and slim dark hair girl (her daughter) at reception desk. They stopped on fair distance and they commented dark hair girl’s look: her hair, legs and ass. Both of them agreed that she looks awesome. My Ivy asked my Prince if he wants her to seduce the girl, but he refused saying that no matter how desirable girl is and how hard he’d like to have sex with her, he wants to stay self-consistent: no sex

When parents tries to be in control

We had rainy and windy weather for days. When South winds blows we are all nervous, have headaches, feel sore and powerless. Everyone, but my Prince. His uniqueness is amazing and irritating; how can he enjoy in the weather that no one loves and why it doesn’t affect him?! Even Mikey was affected by bad weather. I couldn’t calm him, moms and Ivy either, but my Prince could when he was at home. Namely, when Mikey cried because he was tensed or nervous due to the weather influence, my Prince start

Mind and heart in clash

Baby showering in Sunday went very well. We had a full house and all females wanted to hold Mikey who loved it at the beginning, but later on, too many kisses, various voices made him nervous and he started to make discontent sounds. My Prince took him to children room and laid on the bed. He put Mikey on his chest and as always, he cuddled and kissed the top of his head with one hand, and gently tapped his butt. Mikey loved it very much and he calmed and slept very soon. I always melts seeing t

Breaking news: Two most wonderful news

The first most wonderful news is that my Ivy is pregnant. After our morning routine (exercising, martial arts training and shower), my Ivy used pregnancy test and it showed she is pregnant. We were all very happy. She deep kissed my Prince and said: - Thank you for giving me a daughter. Prince: Honey, I wish your dreams come true but how do you know it’s gonna be a daughter? …. I don’t want you to be disappointed if you will have a son. Ivy (smilingly): I’m carrying your daughter.

Marital problems and solutions

My Ivy was born again when she started to work with my Prince again. She works only 2 hours a day but it is enough for her and my Prince to stop missing each other. He teased her in Thursday morning when they were dressing up for the work. They made me laugh hard. Prince (to Ivy): Honey, are you going somewhere? My Ivy looked at him surprised and shocked thinking he changed his mind about her work, but when she saw a smile on his face, she shouted: “Yooouuu!!! I will kill you!!!”

How long will you endure?

If we’d be honest, we’ll admit we are slaves to our habits (more or less), especially to habits we love. Well, no matter how good some habits are if you try to stop doing them suddenly and momentarily, you will suffer certain consequences because some habits are chained to our emotional and mental state. Good news is that healthy and balanced compromises are good solution for such problem.     Rainy Monday morning followed by South warm wind from the sea. We had family morning cof

Godfather’s oath

My Prince and I went to down town in Friday morning to do some papers for family. You should see him; he was pushing the baby stroller all the time while I was holding him under arm. He proudly smiled, prattled to Mikey and sent him kisses. He kissed me often too saying he loves me. When we were done with papers, we went to a nice sweet store and he treated me with big chocolate cream cake and natural orange juice. I had to breastfeed Mikey and when I finished, my Prince put soft towel over his

Strict but just and fair

We thought that our life will radically change now since we have a baby; that we won’t have enough time for each other and the things we like to do. We were wrong. I have only one extra “duty” that no one else can do: breastfeeding little one. Everyone else participating in changing his diapers, bathing him and playing with him except dads. My dad argued: - Eva, I love my grandson but I will not change his diapers. I didn’t change yours and will not change his! That’s mother’s job. Dad

The Four of us

I missed you all very much. My Prince told me about your concern for me and wishes when I went to Slovenia. Thank you very much. I would certainly come to LL if I was allowed, but my smart phone was taken away so I wouldn’t be disturbed by phone calls and SMSs because I needed to rest and my son needed a peace and quit. Whoever wanted to congratulate me or know about my baby and me, had to call my Ivy but not in my presence. I wrote my diaries in free time because my Ivy bought me a small notebo

New family mourning day

My luvs went to work in Friday. My Prince was satisfied with Lidija’s report about welcoming and interviewing the first group of season workers. Guy 3, few members of his team, Lidija and her bodyguard did excellent job. They did according to my Prince’s instructions so none of them will have excuse like “I didn’t know”. He commended their work. When my luvs arrived home the weather changed. We had rainy thundering storm. After the shower my luvs spent the time with me, cuddling my baby and kiss

“I don’t know … it’s not you”

After our morning routine in Monday morning while we were waiting for our parents to arrive on the morning coffee I was on LL when my Ivy came to the bedroom and said we have to talk. She leaned on the wall and placed my head on her chest kissing the top of my head. Then she sighed and said: - Princess …… I gave a lot of thoughts and I have to tell you this ….. Dad Boss and I were shocked when you slapped Prince and told him: “you don’t love me and the baby as you pretend you do” ….. Honey,

I wish …

My Prince and dad Boss didn’t arrive home before noon as they should in Friday. When Mister “XXX” departure, Boss called few business friends who live in capitol and they meet for lunch. My Prince called me and Ivy and he explained why they will come later than planned. I haven’t had a problem with it. At first. But when my hormones started to wild and my baby gave me hard time making me breathless and my body hurt, I started to think negatively and I felt into depression. I felt I want to die.




About my diaries

I should do this earlier but it's never too late. This is claim for new readers of my diaries or "accidental" visitors of my blog I felt i should write.   1.  I write my diaries every day for years. Since the day I joined LL I wrote my diaries together with my Prince or with his approval if I wrote them alone. That was at the beginning. Later on, he let me write however I wanted giving me full freedom. He doesn't even read my diaries. I always write my diaries in Croatian languag




Three days with Mister “XXX”

Mister “XXX” was all over the Hotel and places with dad Boss and my Prince and Ivy. He wanted to see and to know everything. They also visited Zdenka’s villa and he said that the property with bungalows looks much better in reality than on the pictures. As an old man he was active and had a lot of energy. He recorded everything on his camera. We had a small video conference with the members of his family and some business partners. He wanted to show them the pregnant woman they collected money f




Breaking news – Amazing mister “XXX”

My Ivy came home very soon I posted my last diary yesterday and I couldn’t stop kissing her and telling her that I love her very much. Since I was very emotional she thought something happened and she was worried. I sobbed heavily and she asked Elena if something happened. Elena told her that nothing happened and that my hormones just wilding. My Ivy smiled and she “love youd” me back numerous times. I slept shortly I her arms. Then we both took a shower and we made love. When my Prince arrived




“I can’t accept this and I never will”

After the work in Friday, my luvs came home, kissed me and my baby, took  a quick shower and were ready to go to dad Boss’s house for cooking. But, I asked my Ivy to make a short Skyrim story as birthday gift for my LL friend Resdayn. She did it and after posting it, we went to dad Boss’s house. Our parents were already there. My Prince asked moms if they are willing to make cakes and cookies for e.b. members and for the orphanage. After short counseling moms said they will have time to make coo




We all have our ways …

Working week was normal with only three small incidents. The first one was in Monday. My Prince had to use a force again to teach a man some manners. Namely, Zdenka had very busy day and on the morning coffee with us she asked my Prince and Ivy to deliver some documentation to the city hall. Something confidential. After e.b. meeting my luvs went to the destination and they found a big line of people who waited to do the same. So, they stood at the end of the line and as always, they quietly pra





Our weekend was all about my Fran. First, after the work in Friday, he unstoppably talked about how happy he is that he is going on date with us and Dante. My luvs tried to be patient with him, but after a while they separated for he was annoying to them. He continued to talk to me how thrilled he is with him. I must confess, it annoyed me a bit too, but I had much more patience to listen to him. After all, I’m the only one with whom he can speak 100% openly and directly.     So,



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