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Eva's, Ivy's and Elf Prince's sex diaries

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This week I had busy mornings. Things started to roll in the Hotel. I must commend Antonio’s security who does excellent job keeping high level of “high security hotel” status and who follows my Prince’s way of doing things to the letter.     Precious suddenly turned into very chattering girl. Her unstoppable talking annoyed me, my Ivy and her brother sometimes, but never my Prince. He enjoys in her nonsensical prattling that always makes him giggling because she came to him imita


EvalovesEP in Diaries

Another one bites the dust

I taught Mikey and Precious to read and write first 5 letters of our alphabet. Since two of them are very similar in writing and pronunciation they pronounce them same. Now, guess which letter is their favorite letter? “A”, because they can shout it: AAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAAA. Oh, my, they are so cute. The good news is that our parents will continue my work with them when I am at the work. That means, they will teach them Croatian alphabet but also improve Italian, their second language. Mikey under


EvalovesEP in Diaries

Lidija snapped

My luvs and I decided to see what skills our children have so far so that we can help them to develop them. So, Mikey still likes practicing martial arts, he likes sports; everything that is motional since he is restless like his father. Therefore, besides continuing of practicing martial arts with him (Ivy’s domain), we will continue to swim with him and do every physical activities which is my Prince’s domain. Oh, yes, he loves the music; singing and dancing. My Ivy will teach him that. Precio

Like Zoe Saldana

Our parents don’t fully understand my Ivy’s love and addiction to my Prince. Let me explain: both of them works as bodyguards. If they would work separately, each of them would receive full salary, but since they work together, my Prince shares his salary with her (50/50). They told her that they can make more money if they will work separately, but my Ivy told them: - I tried and I don’t like it. I love my husband with all my being and I want to be with him all the time. That includes the

Hysteria and the evening with Nick and Adriana

My luvs are napping with our children in our bedroom after wonderful lunch and I took a time to write this diary. My Fran turned on video concert of Michael Jackson Live in Munich 1997 at our house on our computer when he was babysitting our children while we exercised in Friday. He danced with Mikey and Precious. Taking few minutes of break before having martial arts training, we came to our living room and we watched the concert. Seeing hysterical girls who cried seeing M.J., shouted: “I


I was right when I said that my Prince wouldn’t accept more jobs that will take him and my Ivy away from the family. He isn’t money lover and wealth chaser, but he also isn’t the person who doesn’t care for our wealth being. He works hard to provide enough money that we can buy things we need and like. That’s why he took BAL (Bodyguarding Application List) and marked those whom he and my Ivy will guard for next 7 days.     Now, those who regularly reads my diaries knows what I sai

Body guarding dark skin people

My Ivy and I died laughing when Antonio told us what happened on their e.b. meeting yesterday. Among many topics they discussed about, he decided to tease my Prince. He asked him: - Say, bro, since you have right to pick the jobs, is there any particular job you wouldn’t like to do at all? Prince: No, I’m fine with all jobs. Antonio: Are you sure, Prince? Prince: Yes, I am. Antonio: What about dark skin people? I received couple applications for body guarding … Prin

In short (True father)

It looks like my luvs would have more jobs to do; some tourists and small businessmen from Europe will hire them. It is a good for our house budget, but not for our family time. I’m sure that my Prince won’t let them be preoccupied with work. He has right to reject the jobs he defines as “don’t like”. But once he signs them, he can’t give up.     Nick and Adriana visited us very shortly when they arrived in our country. They were in hurry for they wanted to see their parents. They


One night before we put our children to sleep we joined them in drawing. I asked everyone to draw our family, the 5 of us. I said that I will hang our drawings in my office. I knew my Prince sucks in drawing but I was surprised that he was very bad. Only Precious was worse than him. (He wasn’t goofing or pretending. He just doesn’t know how to draw). Seeing his drawing my Ivy and I died laughing. He started to laugh too saying: - What, crazy witches?! That’s my best draw ever. Unlike h

The traffic

The three of us were on the bed before the sleep on the day my Ivy have beaten two bullies. She was laying on the top of my Prince kissing his chest and lips. I laid next to them and I observed them. I could almost see how strongly love radiated among them. My Prince smiled and said: - Your fight today was very impressive, my love. I truly enjoyed watching you beating those assholes. Ivy: Weren’t you afraid for me? Prince: No, not at all. You are better in real fight than in sparr

Faggot and slutty bitch

Nick and Adriana confirmed again their arrival to our country on the 4th of July from Ireland. They have 3 weeks’ vacation. We are happy we’ll see them. They can’t wait to see Mikey and Precious although they saw them on the pictures. Nick had to tease my Prince again saying that his fatherhood of Mikey and Precious is questionable since both of them completely looks like their mothers; Mikey looks like me and Precious looks like my Ivy. We had a good time teasing him too. He wasn’t offended. He

500 entries

Answering on some posts in my blog, I just realized that I post 500 entries. Wow! It is a big deal for me since I love my diaries. It would be much more, 700-800 entries if I didn't delete my entire blog instead of one entry accidentally few years ago. Well, here it is what it is and I want to thank to all of you who occasionally, accidentally or regularly reads my diary. Big hug to all of you. ❤️    

Mistake that turned on good

The day I posted my last diary (Wednesday), my Prince and Ivy came home with new tattoo on brachialis muscle. My Prince made it on his left arm and my Ivy on her right arm. The tattoo shows beautiful elvish sword that stands vertically behind heater shield with 3d heart across it and our names and our children names written in elvish Tengwar letters in the heart. (He has Ivy’s name beside my name and she has his name beside my name). The meaning of their tattoos is that they loves us and will fi

In the park (Cohabitators)

There was a national holiday two days ago in our country. Since I wasn’t needed in the Hotel I have decided to go to big park with my mom and children that they may socialize with other children. Well, she couldn’t come with me for she was preparing the lunch for all of us with Zdenka. They will do children’s laundry too. None of my family members couldn’t go with me because they all worked or were busy. Since I wanted to be with my children I took Silvano. I prepared everything for snack and he

The trust

We had excellent weekend. After the work in Saturday my Prince took my Ivy and me out to have some fun. This time we didn’t wear anything fancy. Just normal black miniskirts, high heels sandals and very short black sleeveless t-shirts. We wanted everyone to see our tattoos. My Prince addressed many compliments to our beauty and sporty slim legs which he couldn’t watch long because he started to have erection. 😆 He also looked very handsome and cool. He was dressed in wide white linen shirt that

One and only

I had to check with my Prince if I was the main reason for his leaving LL since he and my Ivy said that I was very pushy when she and I worked on her new story. Prince: You were pushy, Princess and very arrogant and impudent. But I didn’t leave LL because of you. I loved it very much but couldn’t enjoy being logged in thinking that our children needs me …. My promise to my father that I will continue his legacy on LL burdened me. If we wouldn’t have children, I wouldn’t quit LL, but since w

LL – our stumbling-stone

It started (yesterday) when my Prince and Ivy read some blog entries. My Ivy felt strong desire to make some stories. Since she and my Prince doesn’t play computer games, she came to idea to use other author’s Skyrim characters and make her own story that involves Stranger. I was thrilled with her idea but my Prince wasn’t. He told her that he is afraid that she might become addicted to LL and fall into the trap of neglecting family being occupied with making stories for her blog just as they we

Bad daddy

The death of 5 years old boy hit my Prince very hard. Every time he is with our children he spends it maximally like he wouldn’t’ see them again. Here is one of many examples. Recent days were very hot. One day he came home exhausted after the work that he didn’t have enough strength to take a shower. He didn’t see our children because they were on our beach with my mom and Silvano. My Ivy told me that she helped him to undress. Then he just dropped on our bed and slept. She started to prepare c

The death of 5 years old

High temperatures became very common in our city this week. My Prince wouldn’t endure them if he didn’t get anti sweating injections two weeks ago. But just as it is every summer, high temperatures are his “kryptonite”. He is weaker, slower, he easily gets tired and is nervous. Mikey also can’t stand the heat and he doesn’t like to be exposed to sun. He likes to be naked and most of the time our children run naked around the house.     As ultimate Hotel supervisor with the highest

Almost ruined weekend

This weekend was almost a failure. Dad Boss and my dad were in charge for barbecue. Both of them ruined most of the meat because they didn’t watch the grill fire. Dad Boss spoke with my Fran and Zdenka while my dad was occupied with drinking beers and teasing my mom. Seeing that the rest of the meat wouldn’t be enough for all, dad Boss ordered catering from the Hotel. We started to eat when our lunch on the beach ruined sudden heavy rain. Everything was soaked in few minutes. But our children ha

Bodyguard or gigolo

We started to have more and more guests in the Hotel since Monday. People booking in daily. It is so nice to see life and crowd again. Our restaurant and bar are constantly full. I’m not very busy anymore since my Fran took my position. I just overseeing his and Lidija’s work and give my blessing or denying certain suggestions and ideas. We also returned our band so we’ll have some kind of entertainment in evening hours. We gonna return weddings, birthday parties and other parties too soon.

Perfect Sunday

Sunday was perfect day for two reasons: My Prince kept his promise and took my Ivy and me to very fancy restaurant and he was promoted to member of e.b. in Antonio’s agency.     The three of us wanted to cook for our family yesterday, but our children were all over my Prince that he didn’t have a chance to cook with us. So, he took them to our beach and played with them while I asked my Fran to come and help us. My Ivy is soooo addicted to my Prince that she constantly looked thro

I will hunt you down (Rapists 2)

I must share this with you. Rapists’ fathers were furious seeing their sons heavily beaten in hospital. They moved them to private clinic and organized silent chase offering big money reward to those who will find blond couple and who will do the same to them. That information traveled fast over private network and Antonio got it too yesterday. He called them and said he knows who did it. When they met, he told them that if they ever hurt my Prince and Ivy, he will dig up all their dirty bu


Antonio made mistake in Monday when my luvs were in his agency for briefing. Although he knows my Prince doesn’t’ watch the news because he gets easily upset when he sees injustice, he forgot that (very important) fact; he shared the news with him and my Ivy about two 19 years old guys who raped 14 years old girl on the roof of the building for hours in city of Split. My Ivy told me that my Prince was very disturbed and upset. (For those who don’t know: my Prince hates rapists and raping in any

Two new lessons

We had terrible weather for weekend if you ask me. My luvs would tell you opposite; they enjoyed in wind, rain and wavy sea. It is simply unbelievable how much my Ivy became “Princelike”. I also tried to be like him, love the things that he loves, but except things we already have in common I couldn't enjoy in many things unlike my Ivy who truly loves everything he does.     We, only close family members spent Saturday (yesterday) in villa checking that everything is ready for sum
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