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  1. A fresh coat of paint, eh? Looking pretty good so far.
  2. Is this LE or SSE? Second, can you put these for download on LoversLab. Going through off-American sights is a pain-in-the-ass. I read them, conversion software doesn't look and all of them require an access key or more software.
  3. "Jul, vir niist sahlos nahmul niist honah do nuft ahrk mindosil. Zu'u groso mindovaat dovahro vun." - Luftnu
  4. The Pay-Off, The Sex, The Blood, Oh My!
  5. ...especially Holy Diver. 😂
  6. I like it but I need something in flaming red.
  7. ...is like.., well, LOL! This made my morning!
  8. ~Debitio et gratiae Solutis Radix debitum ad Talos~ Salvis sibi vita sine consideratione sui ipsius enim est tutum, et figura eius sexuali venereae Ragnak exaudi nisi Holva est ferri in thesauris ejus. Relictam sub pavimentum templi sacrarium mundum Dibella calefacti sed non respiciunt Dibella prudenter praemii commercio commutare pro suus Ragnak patroni sui. In hac sententia magnus Homerus talos actus fornicationis est initium. Intendens ostendere quod actus voluntatis eius Patronis ac libertatem in populo suo, et Imperii in suis motibus subdidit iterum Thalmor magister. Holv
  9. Beautiful. Where did you find that bush?
  10. >>>Clutches his chest softly and sits down<<< I.., I.., I sense a disturbance in the Force...
  11. Can anyone provide me a consolidated list or Pose or Poser mods, still-life or animation. I mean other than GomaPeroPero. I already have his set.
  12. 1230527365_ElderScrollsVSkyrim2020_06.01-21_48_28_02.mp4.90dda97206c3d0b15e3246ae620b555d.mp4 680864228_ElderScrollsVSkyrim2020_06.01-21_49_51_03.mp4.8ef165e408bc56313fc5fcdb06820689.mp4 1825191618_ElderScrollsVSkyrim2020_06.01-21_52_40_05.mp4.3c9517ed7f3d5d8b0b5604e9faadd0ab.mp4
  13. Not mine, found on LoversLab. If you have a name, I would to give proper credit... Found it - https://www.loverslab.com/profile/1689873-ladysnejana/
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