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  1. I like it but I need something in flaming red.
  2. Thu'um - Dragonstongue Drem yol lok nol verotiik ahrk compiler do daar dey. Zu'u hind daar compilation wahl nii wah libraries do Sarodaal ahrk faal Mindaziir do Gevildseod gein sul, waan dasiik wey zuspein. Nu vos zey wah grist dimaar. Dii faan los Sapere. To Zu'u los Cyrodiilian naal kiindah aan tursaal do lokoltei, Zu'u los naal nid fosoth Lokoltuv rahzun uv uthiik do un balaas fussekein. Zu'u los ko dii fifth meneruvos do dii laas. Dii lafaan worax wah nii tol Zu'u ofaal filuv education ahrk voth tol Zu'u kiibok ko dii monahro pahrkmah ol solgaaz ahrk mindokah do usnutiid, yoro, ahrk tey. Zu'u lost drehlaan pogaan truk ko frod uv commerce. Shipped gol nol dumedus quarries ko Sarodaalro brom territories. Zu'u lost ter ahrk sold papyrus ahrk virpal, ney mundane ahrk alchemical fah dorok do lahzey, kro, ahrk lahzey medaas. Zu'u lost sold eylok, lul, maas, hofkah draat, pottery, ahvus pruzah wah laaf do staak do Keizaal. Dii laas lost kuz pruzah avok 5000 tren zeim dumedus paan um un lein. dreh ful, Zu'u lost korost jormaar do pah brenok ahrk bemahraan. Osos nol un lein ahrk osos ronth vortii ner tol faan Taazokaan. Daar lore-book los diist ko series do edrah ahrk fen les aam ol biographic drezujah outlining dii hofkahfron wo kroson lahney, kroson ahrk prunt ko krah do brom faan Keizaal. I'll gon bex puvah dumedus jor ahrk jormaar, zok med dopaan commonly mindok ol bovitaan, mayhaps mindok ol sellswords naal vorey. Dii diist dey voth reitir gein do zos digol Bron do Keizaal. Rek los strunmah sosin do vomindok usnutiid. Ek nunon faan, ol rek egnah wah kos faan, los Snow-Woman. Ko dii Siid Dey, ahrk voth niist orlaavend, los trinity (although ni stahdim ko naan honah do soskiin, tight-knit raavun do gein zeymah, gein briinah, ahrk gein half-sister do fahliiluv sos. Pah do Bron ethnicity wah osos zahd ahrk pah kog voth vosmaar wah kod nuzuk Energies do un lein. Zu'u nutiid Ragnak Hrafneldur, Vanira Hrafneldur ahrk Mililani (Deccabus) Hrafneldur. faan rotun fosoth Ravensfire. - Sapere Translation Greetings from the author and compiler of this book. I hope this compilation makes it to the libraries of Cyrodiil and the College of Winterhold one day, if sooner than later. Now allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sapere. Although I'm Cyrodiilian by birth ans a citizen of the empire, I am by no means an Imperial soldier or commander of our esteemed military. I am in my fifth decade of my life. My parents saw to it that I received a stellar education and with that I followed in my mother's footsteps as a merchant and scholar of history, lore, and myth. I have done many things in the field or commerce. Shipped stone from the various quarries in Cyrodiil's north territories. I have produced and sold papyrus and inks, both mundane and alchemical for the benefits of warlock, sorcerers, and wizards alike. I have sold species, flora, seeds, farm tools, pottery, and planting goods to the delight of the inhabitants of Skyrim. My life has taken well over 5000 miles through various regions around our world. In doing so, I have encountered individuals of all strips and motivations. Some from our world and some transported beyond the sphere that called Tamriel. This lore-book is the first in a series of volumes and will ultimately serve as biographic compendium outlining my neighbors who work live, work and succeed in a cold of the north called Skyrim. I'll begin the opening chapters detailing the various persons and individuals, most like the group commonly know as adventurers, mayhaps known as sellswords by others. My first book with outline one of the more mysterious Nords of Skyrim. She is a mountain witch of unknown history. Her only name, as she prefers to be called, is Snow-Woman. In my Third Book, and with their permission, is a trinity (although not divine in any sense) of siblings, a tight-knit kinship consisting of one brother, one sister, and one half-sister of elven blood. All of Nord ethnicity to some point and all blessed with the ability to wield the arcane Energies of our world. I present Ragnak Hrafneldur, Vanira Hrafneldur and Mililani (Deccabus) Hrafneldur. The name translated means Ravensfire. - Ra'add Sterling -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thu'um - Dragonstongue "It lost diist tiid Zu'u unt Reymuv voth sivaas ol lot ol mok. Zu'u mii Dovah Zaan tol vos zey wah. ., miik tun fah ok midrot. Naal Kaan ahrk ek stahdim boons, fo ufiikro rokmah lost daar lingrah ahrk daar grud vint ahlek. Zu'u seik Zu'u knew Zu'u bo wah kos vos wah tiidnavir ok ulaan shaft nuz klov ahrk diist sed yuld lost zos wey ganog wah wahl zey galv Dibella's faan tir shar. Zu'u lost wah kos ulaakei ol sivaas lost neben suleykaar zulgah naag ahrk drus dii Vofrulaar. Zu'u vust fraan sivaasro lot niiv geyal voth dii stin haal ahrk ont rok began wah ejaculate, Zu'u slid dii meyar vau ok shaft ko benix dren ahrk ruz straag dimaar um wah luft mok. Rok fahbo wah squirt ok spunk yaav dii niislah, ruus ahrk chin. Zu'u kuz kopraanmalur kotin dii zahr ahrk diivon ol pogaas ol Zu'u vust. Naal Kaan, Nii lost duliig. Thraat sos ahrk maassemun tol ru tum dii ogiir, Zu'u lost frin wah unt nii ontzos, mindin dii reym lost vahraan ahrk lost vos wah kunukin strin, do rahlo." - Snow-Woman Translation "It was the first time I tried Anal with a beast as large as him. I used a Dragon Shout that enable me to.., offer a trade for his loyalty. By Kyne and her divine boons, the frost troll's cock was <emphasizing 12 septims with her index fingers> this long and this thick wine bottle. I mean I knew I wasn't going to be able to house his entire shaft but the head and first three septims was more than enough to make me moan Dibella's name out loud. I had to be careful as the beast was under a powerful vocal charm and thus my Thrall. I could feel the beast's large balls tighten with my free hand and once he began to ejaculate, I slid my self off his shaft in amidst the action and then turned myself around to face him. He continued to squirt his spunk across my breasts, throat and chin. I took the organ into my mouth and swallowed as much as I could. By Kyne, It was delicious. Despite the blood and semen that ran down my leg, I was eager to try it again, after my rectum was healed and was able to clamp shut, of course." - Snow-Woman -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thu'um - Dragonstongue "Ahnok, Zu'u los punmak ahrk Groka lost jahrii suz physique nid gein fend alun rahn vok. Dii half-sister Mililani mindok pogaas do andel do wizardry faan Tantric uv Tantra Lu wey Zu'u dreh. Tantric Miil, ol Zu'u lost hon, los zos vonum wey Tantric muz. Wah gesiigor hi, daar andel vos muz ahrk miil, mostly miil wah haalvon kotin kesnu zahvos do niist meyar sexuality, niist meyar orgasms wah enact luhaal droz ahrk outcomes. Nii los nahl frod do luhaal energies golt ko nutiid tiid. Mu lost tir Kaanro Saf ahrk Zu'u lost giving Groka glimrel praag wah suleyk ek luhaal sosinkros. Ol das ol mu climaxed, tilro glitch ko faal Unahzaal Yolos. Mu felt nii, climaxed, ruz ejaculated ahst rinis tiid. Nii lost med mu synchronized. Nid gein ko Gravunlom laan wah driik ko liin kothrakaas. Mu knew un freyend lost malas naal Juk ahrk Dibella. Deciding wel mu fend hike uv ofaal borod wah Gravunlom, mu pondered ahstiir ziist mindin un tryst. Lost Juk ahrk Dibella vodein Gravunlom uv los til avokei digoliik afoot? Ziin sul zuspein, Zu'u mindos Groka became kiiraal. Nu un diist kiir los toz. Faal Rah kos jahaal mu dreh ni mindok fos Groka's suleyk los uv vir nii fen droz outcome do un ahsod. Mu vust brah vorey sovrahzun uv tafiir. Gein wo kroson ko krizend wah faal Gravunlom Thieves' Tokah. Ko maltiid, Zu'u fund dreh naan fah Groka. Rek los gemogur. Zu'u korah Zu'u rund dii sil liin. - Ramke Hrafneldur Translation "Hey, I'm male and Groka has a full figure physique no one should ever pass up. My half-sister Mililani knows much about the branch of wizardry called Tantric or Tantra Magics than I do. Tantric Women, as I have heard, are more common than Tantric men. To inform you, this branch enables men and women, mostly woman to tap into the limitless potential of their own sexuality, their own orgasms to enact magical effects and outcomes. It is a living field of magical energies grounded in present time. We were outside Kyne's Grove and I was giving Groka the energy needed to power her magical witchcraft. As soon as we climaxed, there's a glitch in the Eternal Flame. We felt it, climaxed, then ejaculated at the same time. It was like we synchronized. No one in Riften wants to engage in sex intercourse. We knew our assistance was dictated by Mara and Dibella. Deciding whether we should hike or acquire a wagon to Riften, we pondered the situation seconds after our tryst. Has Mara and Dibella forsaken Riften or is there a greater mystery afoot? Two days later, I learned Groka became pregnant. Now our first child is due. The Gods be willing we do not know what Groka's powers are or how it will effect the outcome of our mission. We could use another mercenary or a thief. One who works in opposition against the Riften Thieves' Guild. In short, I would do anything for Groka. She is sexually satisfying. I believe I found my soul mate. - Ramke Hrafneldur -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Snow-Woman, - Freed from the Abandoned Prison.., - Slayer of Giants.., - Topless of Bikini Armor and Slayer of Giants... Snow-Woman, - Stin nol faal Vodein Grunz. ., - Kriid do Hot. ., - Piitnu do Bikini Qah ahrk Kriid do Hot. .. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thu'um - Dragonstongue ~A Fozir do Nox Paid wah faal Rum, Fozir Paid wah Talos~ ~A Debt of Gratitude Paid to the Root, a Debt Paid to Talos~ "For saving ek laas vothni consideration fah ok meyar tahriik, Ragnak graciously namas Holva's eliiruk buld ahrk niil liinvas umriid soven ko do nii. keil do vodein belur neben faal Raald do Dibella los faadus ahrk shun. To niidro ni Dibella tol frolok voknau hindahraal ofanix do urid ahrk kothrakaas, sinon niidro gein do Ragnak's unagein, Talos faal Sahrot, noton ko approval ahst dren do fornication tol los do wah gon. dren wah genun ok Unageinro beholden fen ahrk Ok joriinro independence ahrk vogahriin ontzos faal Lokoltei ahrk niist Thalmor In. Holva bo wah mindoraan ahrk ontzos..." Keizaal los fah faal Bron, ko kein, ko sahlos, ko slenuv tolaan. Translation "For saving her life without consideration for his own safety, Ragnak graciously excepts Holva's erotic shape and its sexual treasures hidden inside of it. The floors of the abandoned shrine under the Temple of Dibella are warm and clean. Though it's not Dibella that looks upon favorable exchange of rewards and intercourse, instead it's one of Ragnak's patrons, Talos the Mighty, as nodding in approval at the act of fornication that is about to begin. An act to show his Patron's beholden will and His People's independence and defiance againt the Empire and their Thalmor Masters. Holva comes to an understanding and again..." Skyrim is for the Nords, in war, in lust, in carnal desire. - Re'add Sterling -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thu'um - Dragonstongue ~Rek Du faal Sil do faal Nahl~ "Niidro buruk wah rund fos vanah do kromaar uv lahbaas Snow-Woman nuft. Ek nunon ofan faan los Karyssa ahrk ek faansefron los ni mindok. Togaat wah genun nii zeim prodaan ahrk subterfuge lost grind ko funtaas ahrk dinok ko gein mindok trun. Zos ful rek goes naal tet do faal Mountain-Witch do Taazokaan ahrk fund ni genun waan til los vorey do ek eylok ko uv tir do Keizaal. Los til vorey do ek eylok? Nii los ni mindok nuz largely lorfonaar til los. Snow-Woman zein ekrah mindok nunon wah mindokah do Sarodaal ahrk rund ko archives do Gevildseod. Ek unagein los Rok, interloper ekrah nol vorey lein, ahrk punahuv vensekos do sahlos, bahlok ahrk dinok. Ek glorified baas los personified nau frod, soven feykro, ahrk ahstiid ko sek vost, kolos coupling droz ko dinok do vogluuskei lokaliin. Rek ekmaar los buruk wah far ol rek vis bo vonun ahrk lif nid far uv kopraanuv pik yaav klo ahrk od. Fos drun wah Keizaal los vobaar nuz daal do dovah ko un malur do lein aal lost pogaas wah dreh voth nii. Zu'u lost kosil half-a-day's zor do ek laat nizaag, lohiim faan Riverwood fod townsfolk nahkiv ek laat ziik. pit-fighter nol faal Sarodaal nunt ahrk ok erection sov do maassemun nol throes do liinvas kothrakaas. Slen tul ozur ahrk unmarred nuz sadon kii do fahin. Los rek succubus ahrk fos bemahraan ek wah siphon laas fus nol jul ol solkiigaal ol rok?" - Re'add Sterling Translation "It's difficult to establish what type of sorcery or arcana Snow-Woman uses. Her only given name is Karyssa and her surname is not known. Attempts to reveal it through divination and subterfuge have meet in failure and death in one known case. More so she goes by the title of the Mountain-Witch of Tamriel and would not reveal if there are others of her kind in or outside of Skyrim. Are there other of her kind? It is not known but largely assumed there are. Snow-Woman worships a goddess known only to scholars of Cyrodiil and found in the archives of Winterhold. Her patron is Hel, an interloper goddess from another world, and a feminine aspect of lust, hunger and death. Her glorified art is personified on the battlefield, the hidden forest, and sometimes in the bed chamber, where coupling results in the death of an unfortunate lover. She herself is difficult to track as she can move unseen and leave no tracks or physical trace across sand and snow. What brought to Skyrim is unclear but the return of the dragons in our part of the world may have much to do with it. I was within a half-a-day's ride of her last location, a town called Riverwood when the townsfolk discovered her last mark. A pit-fighter from the Cyrodiil naked and his erection spent of semen from the throes of sexual intercourse. Flesh still smooth and unmarred but grey ash of color. Is she a succubus and what motivates her to siphon the life force from a man as vigorous as he?" Re'add Sterling --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. ...is like.., well, LOL! This made my morning!
  4. ~Debitio et gratiae Solutis Radix debitum ad Talos~ Salvis sibi vita sine consideratione sui ipsius enim est tutum, et figura eius sexuali venereae Ragnak exaudi nisi Holva est ferri in thesauris ejus. Relictam sub pavimentum templi sacrarium mundum Dibella calefacti sed non respiciunt Dibella prudenter praemii commercio commutare pro suus Ragnak patroni sui. In hac sententia magnus Homerus talos actus fornicationis est initium. Intendens ostendere quod actus voluntatis eius Patronis ac libertatem in populo suo, et Imperii in suis motibus subdidit iterum Thalmor magister. Holva venit ad intelligere et iterum... Skyrim Nords quippe in bello concupiscentiae in sensualitate.
  5. Beautiful. Where did you find that bush?
  6. >>>Clutches his chest softly and sits down<<< I.., I.., I sense a disturbance in the Force...
  7. Can anyone provide me a consolidated list or Pose or Poser mods, still-life or animation. I mean other than GomaPeroPero. I already have his set.
  8. 1230527365_ElderScrollsVSkyrim2020_06.01-21_48_28_02.mp4.90dda97206c3d0b15e3246ae620b555d.mp4 680864228_ElderScrollsVSkyrim2020_06.01-21_49_51_03.mp4.8ef165e408bc56313fc5fcdb06820689.mp4 1825191618_ElderScrollsVSkyrim2020_06.01-21_52_40_05.mp4.3c9517ed7f3d5d8b0b5604e9faadd0ab.mp4
  9. Not mine, found on LoversLab. If you have a name, I would to give proper credit... Found it - https://www.loverslab.com/profile/1689873-ladysnejana/
  10. GRANDPA FUCKS RED HEAD BABE IN A SPA (SKYRIM) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ccc941b75df3 <iframe src="https://www.pornhub.com/embed/ph5ccc941b75df3" frameborder="0" width="560" height="315" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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