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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: V033
  • Submitted: Apr 09 2013 09:38 AM
  • Last Updated: Jan 08 2015 11:11 AM
  • File Size: 4.46MB
  • Views: 956677
  • Downloads: 388,651
  • Requires: Zaz Animation Pack 6.00, SexLab 1.50+

Download Prison Overhaul V033

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Bondage BDSM Crime Punishment

What is this?
This is a mod heavily inspired by Crime and Punishment... What that mod did was adds to the prison system in Skyrim by having your character marched bound and gagged to the prison. This mod takes it a bit further than that. You are now locked in the cell, dragged to the pillories and punished there. Mix in some random whipping and punishment for your misdeeds both in the cell and in the pillories.

Depending on the crime, prisoners are treated differently. Crime is graded on three levels, petty, minor and major. Prisoners are kept in the stocks during the day, and move to the cell during the night. For crimes deserving worse punishment, you are typically stripped of clothing, punished in the pillories and similar.

Regardless of your crimes, you are released at 8am the morning after, slightly depending on when you were caught. Expect to spend at least 24h in captivity. Just before your release the guards may decide to punish you again depending on how severe your crime was.

Important tweaks and options
  • If you have not installed Fuz, make sure that "Enable dialogue" is unchecked. It is checked by default, so you need to do this.
  • The mod alters the TimeScale global variable. If this worries/bothers you, then uncheck that option in MCM before getting arrested.
  • If walking all the way to the prison, back to the pillory and so on bores you. Try checking "Fast forward" while walking there.
If you want to make the whip marks last longer, you can tweak this in skyrim.ini. Under the section [display] add the following:
Required: SexLab
Required: ZazAnimationPack (latest version).
Required: SkyUI
Optional: Fuz Ro D-oh
(If you run without Fuz, you need to turn off "Enable dialogue")
Optional: Death Alternative

Unzip the archive into your Skyrim data folder (if you're feeling lucky), or use a mod manager (preferred).

Remove all files contained in the archive.

Remove all previously installed files from the archive (uninstall). Overwrite with new files from the latest archive. This is the most reliable way of upgrading.
  • Save your game.
  • Quit Skyrim.
  • Uninstall XPO. Remove all files that were part of your previous XPO setup.
  • Start Skyrim, save again, quit Skyrim.
  • Install XPO.
  • Start Skyrim.
  • Load the save you made earlier.
  • Enjoy the upgraded mod (optional).
  • Read the bugs secrtion. Make sure you're not covered by anything known.
  • Restart the mod. Click "Force restart" in MCM.
  • Make sure all dependencies are satisfied. Note that the MCM option "Enable dialogue" requires Fuz, which is otherwise optional.
  • Try placing the mod last in your load order.
  • If upgrading, check that no files from previous installs remain. Especially in the script folder, check for filenames starting with "xazp" or "xpo". Do this also for scripts\source.
  • Create a "clean" save according to the upgrade instructions.
  • Start a new game, teleport directly to Whiterun, for instance, and get arrested there (punch a guard is the easiest).
If the last two options work for you, then please write about it in the official support thread. It may be a problem which can be solved without creating new saves, etc. Especially starting a new game is probably not necessary, but may take some additional effort on my part to fix.

Known bugs
  • Player sometimes alternates between running and stopping when forced follow. Press "caps lock" or hold shift as a workaround.
  • Mods that increase or modify combat damage may make whipping fatal. Try to disable these mods and see if that helps. Ultimate combat is one such mod. It may break whipping and pillories if used with this mod.
This is a WIP, and once you've installed this mod, it may leave traces behind in your save games. This may or may not crash your game at a later time. I try my best to make sure it plays nicely and uninstalls cleanly, but it's your job to keep your important saves safe.


What's New in Version V033 (See full changelog)

  • Option to set fast forward to always on.
  • Changed whipping mechanic. Player is now whipped to a certain health threshold, then healed back up.
  • Automatic healing from the collar significantly reduced.
  • Added a new scenario where the player is paraded through town. (Whiterun, Windhelm)
  • Added a new scenario where the player is caged indoors. (Morthal and Whiterun)
  • Remodeled Morthal prison to a slightly less cozy place.