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  1. Hello Xaz, I have a probleme with the Prison Overhaul mod, when I'm performing crimes and such, and that I select "submit, take me to jail" the guard simply stop attacking and go back to normal but nothing happen. All requirement for the mod have been installed and it seems to be well installed, what's the problem ?

  2. The new slot things are modders only for now. Those poses are regular SexLab animations. Playing through ZAP: 1. Select actor or actors with n (same as SexLab) 2. Go into MCM, ZaZ Animation Pack, Animation Test System 3. Select the actors that you want part of the animation from the menus. 4. Select an animation type (SexLab in this case) 5. Select the animation you want 6. Press "Run animation"
  3. in 605 there is a folder C:\wherever you have yours\SxLab ZazAnimationPack Main v0605\Meshes\ZaZ-UltimateDataPack\ZaZ - Furniture\XCross II which has in it,,,,,,,,,,, ZaZ-X-Cross II Dark.nif ZaZ-X-Cross II Light.nif in 610 the same folder C:\wherever you have yours\SxLab ZazAnimationPack v0610\Meshes\ZaZ-UltimateDataPack\ZaZ - Furniture\XCross II has in it only.......... XCross2.nif The two original .nifs don't seem to be in 610 or the 611 patch You maybe want to check with the authors of the mods that the x-cross seems to be missing from are looking for the former, rather than the latter? If you use MO, as long as you have the left pane loaded as 605 main, 607 patch, 605 textures, 610 main, 611 patch, possibly leaving the 605 main and texture versions active, allowing them to be then 'overwritten' by the 610 main/611patch versions might fix that, ie get you all the new 610/611 stuff, but also leave in situ the old 605 stuff that seems to have been removed from 610/611 I just asked - see above - if anyone knew if 610/611 was a straight overwrite, given that a lot of files from 605 weren't being replaced. None of the answers to date are definitive, but on having a look at the script files, they all seem to be replaced, with no old ones left in place, so maybe it is possible to get the best of all worlds and leave 605 in place too, so that the new scripts kick in OK, and that any mods looking for 'older' asset/texture files, ie those now awol from 610/611, can pick them up that way No guarantees, but the logic is such that it might be worth a try That any help? If you overwrite with the newer files and leave the older files, then you'll have backward compatbilitiy. Most of it should work anyway, as few modders created their own furnitures using ZAP resources.
  4. Usually CTDs do not log, at least I've never seen one, but I guess it could happen. Those lines are also from DD and not from ZAP. There are no lines from ZAP in your log. But as I said, I doubt that's a problem with DD itself either. Depends on the method used. If activation is disabled, then you can force it enabled through ZAP. It will also tell you if that is the case. ZAP also provides modders with tools to preveent activation of everything but doors (and to talk). I doubt anyone but me is using those though.
  5. You can apply tears using MCM and the slot system (or as a modder, using zbfSlot). Just go into MCM, select ZAP and "Slots". Pick the overlay for face, iirc, and you should be able to add tears, dirt, etc to the player or any npc (requires putting them in a slot first, and I may be the only person on planet earth to ever have done that. )
  6. After some diggning, I think this is an issue with the animation itself. I'll try to fix ....
  7. Patched to v6.11 6.11 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Bugfixes: - Fixed armbinder (updated slots) compatibility with DDa 2.9.0+ - Fixed harness (updated slots) compatibility with DDa 2.9.0+ - Aggressive Doggy animation fixed. - Work around for changes to FNIS for Modders generator. Many mods that had broken scenes should now work again. - Fixed navigation mesh in zbfTestZone. When does it not start? Loading screen, not even reaching main menu, in game? General tips: 1. Make sure esm is enabled. 2. Re-run FNIS 3. Follow general stability guides (there are some good ones on the Nexus)
  8. Integration is making some changes on how it handles bound sex filters, the one in Integration and the one in ZAZ interfere with each other. Was the scene started by Cursed Loot? I tend to have issues with some of the sex scenes if the player is too bound up. PM me if there are changes required to ZAP, or if you make changes that use ZAP code (like it does currently). There are a few deprecated functions I'd like to get rid of.
  9. Already included. This update mentions better support for gags on beast races in the patch notes (I think?). That was one of the improvements in that area. The fix didn't completely address the animation issues. You'll have to wait for the patch for that.
  10. Awesome ! Cant wait for the patch Anyway forgot to ask is there major changes with ZAP 6.1 scripts ? Still using 6.07 at the moment with some modified scripts. And will that patch works with 6.07 ? Also heard about the bug of gag sound effect not playing with gag equippep. Yes, major changes. Maybe not to the ones you've modified though, but zbfSlot and zbfSexLab has major changes. Some changes to zbfBondageShell, though mostly additions. zbfSlaveActions is, iirc, a new file, but huge additions to that one. Changes to zbfSlaveControl as well, but mostly documentation and additions I think. zbfSlaveLeash some changes. Mostly due to behavior changes when pressing controls and how the leash works. Overall, yes, fairly large changes.
  11. Apparently there were changes to FNIS modders tool post 5.3 that prevent some mods using ZAP animations from working correctly. Here is a small patch for ZAP that can be used in the meantime (I intend to release a fix this week). You need to re-run FNIS (for users) after applying this patch. ZAP patch for v610.7z
  12. Thanks! They are technically not missing, but rather I forgot to point the pillories to the right nif in CK. Thanks! I'll check those out and include proper support through ZAP for them.
  13. Glad you like it! At first I thought it was a silly idea, but then I started kind of liking it. So I ended up adding a bunch of them eventually. Just for fun ....
  14. Lots of things to do, I didn't even look at the todo file for a while. Do you have a good gallows resource? PM me if you do, and I'll add it asap. The documentation is up to date. I generate it fresh for each release. I think the main issue could be that there is documentation that is flat out wrong, but I try to eliminate that when I see it. (If you find something wrong or just unclear, please let me know.) Check the patch patch in the POP support thread. I fixed those issues there (technically the disappearing pillory is for ZAP, but until a fix is coming here....) There were two identical pillories included in the pack. Since I wanted to reduce compressed size I had to drop obviously redundant meshes. It's just that the animation object still pointed to wrong one. Pointing it to the right one restores the pillory. There is a patch for POP in the support thread that fixes most POP issues (that I caused).
  15. Yeah, i hardly noticed! At the end i had to reload, i couldn't stand this. Why, the most natural question in the world! The answer is "mostly". However, as "mostly" doesn't cut it for most of you, I've taken the liberty of patching the patch. Inte will still have to merge this back for something official,.... Here is the Prison Overhaul v33 Patch Patch: xazPrisonOverhaul - PatchPatch.esp Add it last to your load order. It changes some very specific records of POP and should be easy to merge back (thgough I probably did a bunch of mistakes there). Some changes: - Fixed the pillory which was a problem in ZAP itself (but it is safe to override through POP for the time). - Stopped using the xpo/pillory.nif mesh, because ZAP includes those fixes now (collision geometry) - Removed armor scaling for some meshes where only one size existed anyway (which caused cuffs to not show on characters) - Added some keywords for completeness and compatibility. - Inventory/ground object fixes to some items (there is only one zaz ground object now), but I opted to revert to defaults. Some things I did not do: - Gag compatbility with khajiit and argonians I'm putting it here in this thread rather than in a private message only, so that you can test it to see if this fixes any issues. This is not a replacer for the patch and should only be used temporarily until a proper new version or fix can be released. Inte: Let me know if this is an issue for you, and I'll take the file down.