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S³ - Skyrim Slavery System 0.1b alpha

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...will take you captive.

~ Warning: This mod is in an early stage of development. Be advised that bugs will occur! ~


I. Introduction

I have created this mod, knowing that DocCloxx would not return to finish the SSG project, at least not too soon. Since I had released a very basic version of a slavery mod months ago, but then discontinued, I had some knowledge about how things work. I recently decided to get back to the CK and continue working on S³.


I am proud to present to you the new S³, completely written from scratch.




II. Requirements

At the moment the only requirement is mastercchris' ZaZ Animation Pack. Always keep it up to date and be sure that you have installed it correctly, which also includes installing a custom skeleton. If you did not install a custom skeleton, your game will CTD at some point.


You can get the superb animation pack here.




III. Installation

To install this mod, simply copy the content of the archive into your Skyrim/Data folder. It should not replace any data, except for older versions of S³. Don't forget to enable the .esp in your Skyrim launcher or mod manager.


Important information: The alpha versions (0.1a & 0.1b) do not support the dialogue correctly yet. For dialogue to show up as intended, load the game and save instantly. Then reload the exact same savegame. That will not take longer than 20 seconds, but fixes the 'bug'.


To get started, travel to the small town of Morthal and visit the sewers. The sewer entrance is found near the riverside.




IV. Features

In the following I will describe the features of S³. Be aware that there might be some things not working correctly, since it is an early release.





1. Slaves

  • Enslaving people
    Of course, the most important feature of this mod is the ability to enslave others. It works for both male and female.
    It is not possible to enslave guards and followers. Also, children are excluded.
    To enslave NPCs, the player does not even need to have a collar or similar with him. It is always possible to take someone as a slave, but beware: unrestrained slaves will easily escape! (see "Escape engine")
    To enslave a person, you must either beat them into submission (they have to be in bleedout stance) or paralyze them. More ways will be added later. At the moment this mod supports up to 8 slaves. Be aware that you need to raise you slavery skill (see: Slavery skill) in order to unlock more slave slots.
  • Control menu
    Commands are easily issued to your slaves via an almost self-explaining command menu that opens on activation. You can tell your slave to [follow], [wait], show his [inventory] and [talk]. In additon to that you can [select] a slave for further treatment (e.g selling or using torture instruments) or use the [special] function to open up a second menu with... well... special stuff. Like tying your actor down. Keep in mind that you may need to buy a skillbook prior to having [special] options.
  • Escape engine
    Slave trade is not an easy business in the middle-ages. There are no explosive collars, threatening slaves with death if they dare trying to escape. If you want to have your slaves to stay with you, you'll have to restrain them!
    Currently there are three levels of slaver gear with collars, cuffs, blindfolds and gags each. The quality levels are rope, iron and steel. Once a player leaves a slave behind and runs too far from him, the escape engine starts calculating the slaves chances to escape. To make it as realistic as possible, a slave would first have to untie his hands, then remove the gag and blindfold and at last open the collar to become free.
    The slaves escape skills are calculated individually and based on the real attributes. Also there are two seperate skills for physical and magical ways to escape. While a strong fighter's escape skills suffer more from a blindfold, it would be more appropriate to gag mages, since it silences them. The safest way would be to simply apply all kinds of restrains.
    The combination of gear is also important, since an uncuffed actor will quickly remove gag and blindfold, but once his hands are bound, the gag and blindfold add lots to his security rating.
    A slave is considered free after he manages to open his collar, for which to achieve he must get rid of all other restrains first.
    If you leave a slave somewhere and he is not there when you return, keep your eyes open for restrains on the floor. You might at least find your slaver gear.
    It is possible to immediately recatch any runaway slave the same way you would enslave him the first time.
  • Tying down & using devices
    Since good slaves may be worth a thousand gold pieces, I have thought of two ways to make escape impossible or at least much harder.
    Using the [special] command you can bring up a menu showing you further options. There you have e.g the command [hogtie]. Using two ropes, it puts your slave down to the ground, neatly tied up!
    Of course, you would first have to read the appropriate skillbook.
    The other way to secure a slave is to use static devices, like stocks or crosses. These devices are a hundred percent safe and you can leave your slave behind without the omnipresent fear of him running away.

2. Slaver base: Kollaryng

  • Slave market
    This is also one of the most important features of this mod. The Kollaryng slave market, located deep down in this old nordic ruin, offers both the possibilities to sell your slaves as well as buy slaves from the merchants. Right now it is possible to sell up to three slaves a day. The sold slaves disappear after 24 hours and are then put into a dummy cell, from where different scripts are able to grab them and use them, e.g. to fill the slave market with slaves for sale.
    Currently, the slave market updates once per hour and only if the player is not in the same cell.
  • Merchant & Tavern Tavern still WIP. Merchant done.
    The merchant in the 'Binding Goods' store sells all kind of stuff, including slave gear and skill books. For example, you may buy the book that teaches the hogtie skill here. In the store you also find a tanning rack which you may use for free.
    'The Collared Neck' is the place to go if you want to hang out or gather information. Some more or less shady people are found around here and also most inhabitants of the ruins go here after work to relax and have a beer.
    Probably the best place to pick up quests and rumors.
  • Dungeon Major WIP! Not implemented yet!
    The personell in the dungeon offers all kinds of services to the wealthy slavedriver: you may have your slaves locked away safely, freeing the slave slot for some other unlucky bastard, use the torture gear down in the darkest area of Kollaryng or even have your slaves executed.
    You may consider talking with the dungeon master to find out more about slave training.

3. Miscellaneous

  • Slavery skill
    To give the whole action a little more spice, I have added a new skill, namely the Slavery skill. This skill keeps track of the players abilities as a slaver. It influences the amount of money you receive for slaves as well as the prices you have to pay in order to buy a s lave. The slavery skill determines how many slaves you are able to command. You gain a new slot at: 15, 20, 35, 55, 75, 90, 100.
    Also it is needed for several other things, as crafting and tying actors down.
  • Crafting system
    The player is able to create all items via the crafting system. Most of the low quality stuff can be crafted at the tanning rack, metal items can be forged at any forge in Skyrim. Logically, the player needs to have certain perks in order to be able to craft all these beautiful items: steel item require the steel smithing perk and so on.





V. Future plans

... I will update this soon.




VI. Bugs

... I will update this soon.





Here you will find awnsers to the most common questions asked about S³.


Q: My game crashes on entering Kollaryng. Why is that so?

A: That is most likely because you are too stupid to read the "Requirements" section and forgot to install a custom skeleton.




VIII. Words from me to you

First of all, I will not take responsibility for any damage this mod does to your Skyrim installation. I have never ran into any severe problems with this mod, neither while creating nor while testing it, but if your name is Bad Luck Brian: don't download this. You will probably manage to fuck things up.


Also, I realize that there are other modding teams out there working on the topic of bringing slavery to Skyrim. I do not intend to get into any rivalry. I would appreciate if my work is not copied 1:1, since I don't do that neither, but I'd willingly help people out and give further information on how I handle stuff.


Oh, and I should probably mention: I condemn slavery in real life. All people are equal and nobody should live in fear or submission, except he/she likes it that way. I simply think that slavery should be a part of Skyrim. Because it's fun. And enjoyable.


This is the thin red line: There is not and will never be anything along the terms of child slavery in this mod. I will take all requests towards that as personal offence, showing me how much the moral compass of the demanding person is fucked up.




IX. Credits

There are some people I would like to thank.

Of course, I would like to give kudos to Chris, who creates terrific animations and gives me the possibility to use them in this mod. Also, I'd like to shout out to xaz for first testing and helping Chris to make the ZaZ.


Last but not least, there is kudos due to DocCloxx, who had the great idea of a slavery mod long ago (for F:3) and inspired me to create this mod. Cheers!



By the way: if you like this mod and would like to encourage me on developing it further, please click "follow this file" and/or like this post.

What's New in Version 0.1b alpha   See changelog


  • quite the same as 0.1a. fixed some issues, still some bugs.

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