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I have a question about using nexus mod manager to install a file

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12 hours ago, Zymemaru said:

Do I need to keep the file once I install it with "install from file" option? Or can I delete it and it will still run fine?


If it's so important for you to delete a mod after installing it... just install it manually.  Now you'll know 1,000,000% for a fact you don't need to keep the mod around.  

Don't delete mods that you downloaded with NMM because NMM is stupid, the next time you open NMM, it'll throw out errors that a mod is missing and it'll force you to find the mod before you can continue.  The only way to properly delete a mod through NMM after you've installed it is to select "Delete Mod Permanently and Uninstall".  Which means you're uninstalling it.... This obviously means you can't BOTH install a mod with NMM and then delete it using the program.  Therefore, if you try to go around this problem and you manually delete the mod from the mod folder, NMM will throw the error message I just mentioned.  Just install your mods manually if you want to delete the original files so badly.

I personally delete NMM's useless Virtual Install folder.  It takes so much space on the HDD and is just a waste of space.  It's created when you install mods so that NMM will know what files to correctly remove and which files should be put back whenever you uninstall a mod.  Effectively this means it's doubling files on your HDD that you will most likely never use.  If you're really running low on HDD space, it's because of the NMM Virtual Install folder.

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