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How to get envolved in game modding/dev ?

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I got interests in game modding or making own game

But not sure how to start hmm


I am familiar with computer architecture (CPU and GPU), OS, compiler and parallel programming stuffs like pthread, MPI and CUDA programming

I know C, Python and Javascript and I can handle some blender stuffs


I want to try out for game but its hard to find some textbook or easy tutorial to follow

What should I do? should I use opengl to make my own game? should I learn C++ and C#?

Hope there is a tutorial for 3D game/engines guide in LINUX environment

Where can I learn basics of 3D games and how game engine is made (code and explanations)

plz gimme some advices for me

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Find a game you like that you have installed, and experiment. Some tools to get you started might notepad++, and if there's any SDKs, Creation Kits, or development tools that game, play around with them until you figure it out. Out of frustration comes experience. This site has an entire topic section dedicated to Modding tools and other modder's experiences. I'd start there, and have fun!

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Find an artist if you want to make your own game. There are too many indie games out there with abysmal art.


Modding on the other hand is easy, just put a lot of time in playing some moddable game that you like and then take a look at the modding communities around it.

If you feel like there's something missing in the game then see if someone else already made a mod for that.

Don't expect modding to be a way to get the foot in the door for a game dev career though. Then again with your skillset you might think about applying for a game dev job right away.

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I think you should start slow. Learn the basic first, and how to example create a static mod (armor/weapon etc etc) for Skyrim (just for example). And once you have gotten yourself familiar with such concept, you can move on to more organic mods (script mods/quests etc etc)

There is a lot of tools and guides for these concepts alone.


If you wanna get even deeper into these concepts, you have tools such as Unity, which is a professional game developer platform. And they offer a lot of stuff in their Store and also Asset Store.

And after a quick search, I also found this 15 Best Game Development Platforms.


But for the love of god, just don't buy assets and place them on a flat surface and then sell it on Steam as "your" game.

Steam is literally flooded with these things, and if you manage to somehow get some exposure, it will like be from people such as Jim Sterling or IAmPattyJack and be ridiculed.


Maybe you do not have any plans to take it that far, but if you do and to avoid getting laughed at, make sure to explain that you're are a beginner and open for constructive criticism.

And also include where the assets comes from, and that your whole point is to learn from scratch and slowly become more comfortable and skilled.

People are often more forgiving and understandable if you're honest and explain the purpose behind it.

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If you aren't already working in software development, I would try to get a job there. With your skills you should be able to. With some practical experience (2+ years), you can then start looking for a job in a game dev company. At some point you should be able to start making your own games. 


Unless you just want to make games as a hobby. Then I would suggest making mods. Making a decent video game all by yourself I am afraid is almost impossible if you do not commit full time. 

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