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Looking for ideas/info involving light-weight submissive play!

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Hey friends, here's the deal - I'm looking for a way to play Skyrim with a dominant follower who won't disrupt regular play too much. Basically, I want to be able to play Skyrim mostly normally, but while doing that my character would be in some sort of submissive relationship with the follower (slave, sub, indentured servant, etc), occasionally forced to provide sexual services and income. The idea is - the follower wouldn't restrict my movements and adventuring too much because isn't it in their interest for me to go out adventuring and get them a bunch of treasure?


I know at a glance it seems like there's a ton of mods that do that type of thing, but I tried what I could find and they just kind of toe the line of what I'm looking for. Here's some examples:


SD+ - fantastic mod, played it to death, but it's too restrictive. I don't want my movement/freedom to be that limited - I want to be able to go adventuring like normal, but everything I find/earn belongs to the follower and, as I said, occasionally forced to provide sexual services. Would also love to be allowed to wear armor.


Maria Eden - also great, but too restrictive in a similar way as SD+. I want the follower to be as close to a normal follower as can be.


Leon/Leah dominant followers from DCL - also very restrictive and I don't like that I, the player, have to initiate most of the interactions (offer sex etc.). And also, sadly DCL is a fantastic mod, but it requires a pretty hefty setup that has to be tweaked a looooot in order for all the devious devices not to limit my play too much (which I don't want).


Submissive Lola - actually comes really close to what I want, but again I have to initiate everything and, well...not enough sex. Unless my setup was bugged, the follower would force me to do everything but the sex. I want the sex.  :confused: I want all the sex.


Pet collar - again, comes so, so close but restricts too much. I really like the 'fucktoy' mechanic, but I really don't want to be forced out of my armor so much. Naked play is hot, but getting whacked (in the bad way) by draugr while naked is...not.


A mod whose name I forgot but it involved a dude bumping into you and being like 'yoink, gotcha you mine now!' and you were like 'yeah sure buddy' but he took control of you with a spell or something - I would...actually love to find this again, but I remember the focus of the mod wasn't really on the sex and, y'know...I want the sex. Also don't remember if the dude was a follower or not. EDIT: Found it, the mod is called "Slut". Fun idea, but the 'master' wants clothes/food...I want a more sex-oriented thing.


Sex Lab Mind Control - oddly enough, if I maxed out the setting for the 'slave' to be dominant this came really, really close to what I want. Also the idea of a follower you tried to enslave dominating you instead is weirdly awesome. I use this nowadays, but I'd love it if I could have a setup where the follower initiated the sex, not me.


So, tldr - what I want is really simple and I was hoping someone had the idea of how I could set up what mods we do have to get the following:


- Have dominant follower
- As few gameplay/adventuring restrictions as possible
- Occasionally initiates/demands sex/riches
- Genders don't matter, I'm up for anything
- No strictly enforced naked play (for practical reasons more than anything)
- Devious devices - heck yeah if we can tweak it to filter out the most disabling ones (armbinders, etc. blindfolds/gags are fine), but not mandatory
- If at all possible I'd like the follower to initiate most stuff, but if I absolutely have to I'd live with it


I'm not expecting anyone to make me a mod, but I'd love some ideas on how I can tweak one of the above to be just right in combo with other mods. If there's at least a mod or mod setting that just lets the follower have random sex with you sometimes in combination with the above, that would be awesome. Most of mods that do the random sex kind of ignore followers most of the time.


Sorry for the long post I don't know what's wrong with me sometimes, this was supposed to be simple. :')

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It's been a while since i tried myself, but afaik PetCollar has a lot of options to disable what you don't like. Or if the armor thing is only due to combat reasons, there are some "naked armor" mods, the only one i remember by name currently is Dibellian defender which provides slave tats with armor/fighting buffs if naked. Might be an option to play naked and fight both at once. :smile:

Something i only tried for a few hours is Devious Follower. The point here is that you have to pay your followers regularly, OR do what they demand. May be sex, or wearing devices (will be taken off in dungeons) or other more or less humilating tasks. 

And there is Scent of Sex which needs definitly some time to set it up, but it allows you to create more or less your own sex mod while in game. Create rules who will where when in which circumstances ask for sex or just initiate it. Mix it with mods not offering sex often enough and you might get what you want.


Finally there's sexslaves (Mias Lair) which has a dominant male follower (including a story line) once you've played through the introduction. Might be what you want, but possibly again not enough sex. If i remember right, your subs actually demand sex more often than him, but... at least if you never tried it it's worth it imho. :smile:


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Just chiming in about PetCollar as well. I use it and have all clothing/armour/inventory restrictions switched off in its mcm. My dragonborn's followers make use of her when they're aroused enough and she has no restrictions on nudity or equipment at all. She doesn't even wear the collar itself, just has the effect applied to her through the mcm.


For something a little different that requires imagination and roleplaying on the part of the player you could also take a look at wrist-binder. You have to equip/remove a binder yourself, and it uses zaz idles rather than devious ones, so the pose can be broken easily, but it's a great visual aid to back up whatever submissive/slavery mods you have, and it's as light-weight as they come. If you do decide to give it a go the most up to date version is in the support topic, posted by Dreamweaver.


Another good recent mod is Devious Device Helpers. It's still developing but already works very well, and it's designed to allow for playing the game without devices grinding everything to a halt until you can get free. Your follower will help you out of devices if possible, and the most recent updates allow for them to tie you up for a configurable period and in configurable places, using whatever devices you're carrying around which allows you to pick your own devious outfit. It doesn't initiate sex but it already comes with quite a few options to tweak. Really adds to a devious game in my opinion.

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Thanks so much for the suggestions!


@Nazzzgul666 I actually didn't know Scent of Sex worked that way. I have no idea how I slept on that, I guess just from the title of the mod I thought it did something totally different. That sounds like something interesting to tinker with in combination with PetCollar like Hannahavok and SleepyJim suggested. I'll shift my mod setup around and give it a go - wish me luck!

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