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  • A quick and easy way to "bind" and "unbind" a character's wrists at will
  • Allows any set of cuffs that does not already do so to appear to bind your character's wrists
  • Designed for player but will also work on followers
  • Works for men and women
  • Works for all vanilla races
  • Uses slot 46 (Devious Devices yoke/armbinder slot)
  • No scripts



Wrist-Binder is a tiny little mod that allows bound-wrist idle animations to be toggled on and off at will. It allows you to craft three types of binder. When equipped on your character, or any NPC, the standard Wrist-Binder will apply the bound-wrist idle animation used by most of the cuffs in the ZaZ Animation Pack (ZAP). The Crossed Wrist-Binder will apply an alternate idle, also from ZAP, where the wrists are crossed rather than held side by side. The Arm-Binder will apply an idle where the arms are folded across the spine. Your general idle animation will still play, just with arms bound behind the back.


The wrist-binders can be worn without cuffs but might look a little strange, as they are invisible. They are much better used with restraints. Devious Devices cuffs work well. Given that all of the ZAP cuff sets apply their own bound idle I have added in craftable versions of each set that are purely for show and don't actually do anything. This means that you can wear a set of cuffs for general gameplay and be completely free to move about, fight, sprint and anything else, then equip the wrist-binder of your choice to effectively "fasten the wrist cuffs together" behind your back.


Basically, I wanted to have my cake and eat it.


ZAP cuffs always force the bound idle, slow your character down, prevent sprinting, jumping and fighting, and force a facial expression. This means you can't really wear them purely as a "fashion statement." Devious restraints, on the other hand, lock on but don't actually bind visibly - with the exception of the yoke and armbinders. I wanted to be able to wear my cuffs for normal, unrestricted gameplay some of the time and to be nicely bound and helpless (at least visually) at others.


Wrist-Binder is the solution I came up with. It doesn't add in quest-related bondage or slavery. It's a "just for show" mod, a roleplay mod that allows the appearance of being bound without too much restriction and will need imagination and fantasy to fill in the blanks. For example: when my submissive character Sif is trotting around Skyrim in a set of cuffs with her owner by her side I want her to be allowed to fight when needed but be kept bound at other times. The wrist-binders are simulating her owner clipping Sif's cuffs together and releasing them as and when required. In my imagination, this is what I use them for.


I've been using Wrist-Binder in my own game in one form or another for months. This file is a tidied up version. It was designed to use on my player character, though Lydia and Jordis have spent a fair amount of time trying it out. I hope other people get a kick out of it, too.


How, Where and When?
Go to any blacksmith's forge or anvil. If you possess at least one roll of paper you should see a recipe to make "The Handy Wrist-Binding Manual." It requires one piece of leather and one roll of paper to craft. Once you've made the book and have it in your inventory some more crafting recipes should appear. Both types of wrist-binder require just a single iron ingot. The arm-binder requires a single leather strip.


With the manual you can also craft cosmetic versions of the main ZAP cuff sets - leather binds, rope 01 and 02, simple black and brown, iron black and brown, GSB and the handcuff-only wrist irons. These sets do not bind you, do not slow you down or stop you sprinting, jumping or fighting, and do not change your facial expression. They are purely for show and entirely optional. Depending on the set, they require iron ingots and/or leather strips and/or linen wraps.


If you do not have the manual in your inventory you will not see the crafting recipes for the new cuffs or binders. The manual can be read. It includes further instructions and illustrative images of the three idles, as well as giving you a skill boost (that is useless to you when wearing a binder!)


The wrist-binders themselves will not slow down your jogging speed or set a facial expression. They will prevent you from sprinting, jumping and fighting/drawing weapons/readying spells.


As with the original ZAP cuffs, NPCs wearing a wrist-binder can still sprint and fight, breaking the bound idle. If the idle does not reset after these events (it should with the sprinting) remove and re-equip the wrist-binder to "bind" them again.


This mod does not alter anything from ZAP, just adds a little.


An updated copy of Skyrim
ZaZ Animation Pack and all of its requirements.
If you use ZAP 6.05+ you will need v1d
If you use ZAP 6.04 you will need v1c


Recommended, but not required
Devious Devices Assets, Integration and Expansion - lots of cuffs that work well with Wrist-Binder. Plus loads of other tight, shiny, restrictive and (sometimes) vibrating bondage goodness
PetCollar - be thrown down and ravished by your followers, or non-hostile NPCs if you're alone. What I use for the slavegirl and owner partnership in my game



  • Be sure to install the ZaZ Animation Pack and its requirements by following the instructions on its download page. Currently the textures for ZAP are in a separate file to the main download, so double check you have those installed as well
  • Download the correct Wrist-Binder file for the version of ZAP you use (v1d for ZAP 6.05+ / v1c for ZAP 6.04)
  • Install Wrist-Binder with your favourite mod manager, or unzip it and drop the contents into your Skyrim Data folder
  • If you want the SexLabNoStrip keyword attached to the arm-binder, wrist-binder and crossed wrist-binder - so they will never be removed for SexLab animations - download the optional NoStripPATCH file for the version you use (either v1d or v1c) and install it over the main file, overwriting when asked.




Deactivate through your mod manager and/or delete the following from your Data folder:

  • wristbinder.esp
  • textures/clutter/books/images/armbinder.png
  • textures/clutter/books/images/wristbinder.png
  • textures/clutter/books/images/wristbinderX.png




Some Tips


Good Pet! ^_^


In real life, always practise safe, consensual and very kinky sex.
For best results, favourite your wrist-binder of choice and assign it a hotkey. With a single button you can then toggle binding on or off.


While the Crossed Wrist-Binder and Arm-Binder will always force the same pose and animation, the Wrist-Binder is a little more versatile. Look for the "Bound Hands" option in the ZAP MCM. It can be set for Default, No Struggle, Legacy or Light Struggle. Whichever setting you choose here will be applied to the standard wrist-binder. Try them out and see which one you like best!


Might I humbly suggest that "Light Struggle" would be a fine choice?


Naughty Pet! :angry:


Never remove a wrist-binder without permission from Master or Mistress.
Don't try to wear a wrist-binder with any other item that forces a bound idle - such as another wrist-binder, a Devious Devices yoke or armbinder, or the original cuff sets, yokes or armbinder from ZAP. It's possible nothing bad will happen if you do. It's also possible you will trigger the Apocalypse. You have been warned.


Known Issues

  • Wrist-Binder does work with NPCs but they are prone to breaking the idle from time to time. The only way I know of to keep NPCs bound is to put them in a Devious Devices yoke or armbinder and in the DD MCM be sure to set the number of "slotted NPCs" to at least the number of NPCs you want to be bound. If you're going to use a wrist-binder on an NPC it is best to do it on a follower. (See next point.)
  • Some animations will break the binding, just as happens with the original ZAP cuffs. Things like swimming, sitting down or using furniture such as crafting stations will do this. (NPCs can break the idle by sandboxing the way Serana does, and the way vanilla followers can if you have a follower framework installed.) To reapply the bound idle simply take the wrist-binder off and put it back on again. If your follower framework allows it, you may also want to consider switching off sandboxing/auto idle for followers.
  • If you use Devious Devices there are some events that will break the bound idle. Strong vibrations will often do it, as will being forced to orgasm from them. Shocks may do it sometimes. The "Tight Corset" and "Horny" events will always break it. Either set the chance for these to zero (and be aware that they may still play in the next round of events but then shouldn't occur again) or be prepared to remove and re-equip a wrist-binder afterwards.
  • Despite having no enchantments, my versions of the ZAP cuff sets seem to have the enchanted symbol next to them in the SkyUI menu. This seems to be completely harmless.
  • Wrist-binders use slot 46 - the Devious Devices yoke and armbinder slot. This means anything else you're wearing in that slot (such as cloaks, which tend to use it) will probably be unequipped when you put one on.
  • It appears that multiple wrist-binders can be worn at the same time, despite all using the same slot. I have no idea how that's possible (perhaps because they use no Armour Addon) and nothing bad seems to happen when you do, but it's probably advisable to only wear one at a time, as well as not wearing a wrist-binder with any other item that forces a bound idle.
  • When bound, wrists may clip through buttocks. This would be a ZAP issue and is beyond my control, but it doesn't personally bother me. The amount of clippage depends on the general idle animation you use, and the size of your chosen body replacer's arse. Eating fewer sweetrolls may help alleviate symptoms.



Thanks to ZaZ and XaZ for the wonderful ZaZ Animation Pack
Thanks to brother number two for helping me put this together into a (hopefully) releasable state
Huge thanks to my great friend Coopervane who had to put up with lots of silly questions over the months and without whom I never would have managed to make even so basic a mod as this. Thank you, Coops!


Final Note
If you're having problems or have requests or suggestions feel free to post in the support thread.


Before posting problems please:

  • read the description and installation instructions
  • correctly install the requirement
  • correctly install the requirements of the requirement
  • correctly install the requirements of the requirements of the requirement
  • read the support thread to see if anyone else has already reported the problem and any solution
  • offer yourself in sexual sacrifice to the cruel overlords of Papyrus

If you have done all of those things (well, all but one of those things - I can't actually expect anyone to read the description, after all) then feel free to post your issue in the support thread, but please no PMs for bugs, thank you.


Having said all that, I can't guarantee I will be able to do much in the way of support or development. Due to a long-term illness and a serious recent accident I currently struggle to either play or mod. With that in mind if anyone wants to use this mod, or the idea, in their own project you have my complete permission. Anyone can do anything they like with this as long as it remains freely available for all to use at no charge. And a credit would be nice.


Change Log


  • fixed compatibility for ZAP 6.05+ (thanks, ffonGoom!)
  • all cuf sets should now show up properly and have go.nifs
  • stay with v1c if you use ZAP 6.04!


  • change to the manual's crafting recipe - it now won't appear in your forge menu unless you have at least 1 roll of paper
  • manual tidied up, photos reduced in size, arm-binder photo added
  • adds Cuffs Wrist Iron to cosmetic cuff sets
  • adds Readme for people to not read


  • adds "arm-binder"
  • adds optional patch so SexLab won't strip binders


  • Initial release
  • adds "wrist-binder" and "crossed wrist-binder"
  • adds purely cosmetic ZAP cuff sets



Have fun!
- Mord Sif

What's New in Version v1d


  • v1d
  • - fixed compatibility for ZAP 6.05+ (thanks, ffonGoom!)
  • - all cuf sets should now show up properly and have go.nifs
  • - stay with v1c if you use ZAP 6.04!

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