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  1. Unfortunately some mods do not check the Sexlab gender, but the actual base game flag. However, iirc Defeat should work with the Sexlab gender, Arousal masturbation doesn't, but I could be misremembering.
  2. Absolutely speechless. Really looking forward to the release!
  3. Is it possible / could it be made possible to hide a users uploads on the downloads page? Would be a nice feature to have imo.
  4. https://github.com/johanneszab/TumblThree/releases Here you go friend
  5. This has nothing to do with "SJW Feminist Libtards" as you put it, this is Verizon/Yahoo making the site cleaner so that advertisers don't need to feel uncomfortable being seen next to video of someone getting DP'd or something like that.
  6. Pillowfort.io seems to be Tumblr except much better, the site is down right now due to some maintenance and generally still in beta. Right now you need to make a one-time donation of 5 bucks to make an account there, but mid 2019 they intend to be out of beta and available freely.
  7. You need to download a female schlong plug-in in order to do so. You can use the ones from Skyrim LE in SE.
  8. You really should put that tin foil to better use than making hats out of it. If EA really wanted to kill mods, they could do so in a heartbeat. Considering that they haven't done this yet, and that they have gone out of their way to inform the modding community about these changes ahead of time, it's safe to say they don't want to break mods intentionally.
  9. I very seriously doubt that we'll get 3 major Fallout announcements in a single E3, so I doubt that there is anything to those rumors of remasters.
  10. No because Skyrim Together is not out yet. And chances are it probably will not work, or at the very least be very buggy and crashy. Can't say for sure until it's out.
  11. I thought about this too, but I use a bodyslide customized UUNP penis which far as I can tell is not compatible.
  12. Does anyone here know the best way to add body paint to schongs? I'm trying to figure out a matching schlong paint for a body paint I am working on, but I'm kinda stumped on it.
  13. Made some matching hand, feet and face paint and gave it a dried war paint look with some cracks and shit. Technically also have a shlong paint for it made and ready, but I have honestly no idea how I would implement it. Any ideas?
  14. heavy WIP body paint and Draugr armour remesh, felt I wanted to share.
  15. I was wondering if it's possible to use Slavetats or the racemenu bodypaint system to add tattoos/paint onto an SOS schlong.
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