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Would a Lactation breast expansion mod even be possible?

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I was wondering this because of the many possibilities that could be done with such a mod in sims 3, New traits like milk maid, milking devices things of that nature, It would be so awesome to simulate being a milkmaid. But would this even be possible to create with the limits of sims 3 engine? Kinkyworld is one of the first mods that really impressed me, And had feature i didn't know were possible to work into sims 3, So my question to you if you are up to a challenge to try creating something like this? ;) If it's even possible in the first place. 



This probably sounds like to large of a request but still...

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On 3/8/2018 at 9:26 PM, TanookiTamaTachi said:

Breast scaling is already in the game, so I don't see why not. Just a matter of someone having the skill, motivation and time to do it.

yeah but large scale mods like that are so far and few between in sims 3. it'd be amazing though if someone did.

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There are breast slider mods so imagine if the breast slider mod was a requirement for this mod to work. Maybe a sim could force another sim to become a milkmaid by injecting them with drugs or perhaps having it be associated with pregnancy so when a sim becomes pregnant their breasts will expand like in reality.

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