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  1. As far as I know, there isn't any. I've tempted to make one myself, though, but I can never seem to find the time...
  2. TanookiTamaTachi

    Papyrus not dividing correctly.

    I don't think that is entirely correct. 90.0 / 100 should still return 0.9, even if in that case it is the left-hand side that is a float. As long as either one of the operators is a float, the result should be a float. At least. that was the case in pretty much any language I've ever used.
  3. TanookiTamaTachi

    Site questions, comments, and suggestions

    In some of the top-level download sections, regular users can see deleted/hidden files as red highlighted files, though clicking on them just leads to an error message. This includes the Skyrim (https://www.loverslab.com/files/category/1-skyrim/?sortby=file_submitted&sortdirection=desc) and Fallout 4 (https://www.loverslab.com/files/category/133-fallout-4/?sortby=file_submitted&sortdirection=desc) categories, and maybe others, though I couldn't spot any on a cursory glance.
  4. Have you seen the changelog yet? There's some real nice stuff for modders in there! For example, "male_temple_holders" actually made the cut! Additionally, with trait-specific *_opinion and opinion_of_* modifiers, big-breast-lover and similar traits can now actually function as expected!
  5. TanookiTamaTachi

    [CK2] Holy Fury

    The official changelog is now available in the latest dev diary: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/ck2-dev-diary-108-achievements-appearances.1127439/ Here's some highlights that might prove useful for, uh, our kind of purposes:
  6. Sad to hear that the mod has lost it's luster for you. I have been playing modded CK2 for a while now, and it has always been one of my staples. In that sense, thank you for your work. If no one else steps forward, I might make a maintenance release of this every patch or so, though I'm currently waiting for Holy Fury to maybe finally release my own mods.
  7. TanookiTamaTachi

    "4" boobs in first person bug

    This is a problem with armors not having a proper first person model. First person models for armors are supposed to only contain the arms of the actual model, but not the torso or legs. Apparently, many modders are too lazy to do this and simply re-use the full third person model - probably because this is basically unnoticeable, unless you also use a mod that lets you see your character's third person model while in first person. Enhanced camera in particular enables the body and legs (but not the arms) of your characters third person model. Combined with the previously mentioned bad first person meshes, this results in two torsos being displayed.
  8. TanookiTamaTachi


    This looks like you're starting FNIS from outside of MO. Make sure you start FNIS through MO.
  9. TanookiTamaTachi

    What character type do you prefer to play in games?

    I'm one of the lonely votes for herm/dom, though I suppose I could have voted for herm/switch or herm/vanilla, too. I think it was when playing some ps2 bike racing game (or something like that, it's been a while), when I realized, "If I'm going to be staring at this characters rear for the next few dozen hours, it might as well be a nice one to look at." Since then I've mostly played female characters in games where I'll spend a lot of time looking at my character. (By contrast, in first-person games I basically don't care at all either way.) Surprisingly, this brought me in a bit of a dilemma when I got into the kind of mods you'd find on this site - "Ain't no one else gonna touch my toy, and I don't need no stinkin' males on-screen, either." So I got mostly into F/F content, but unfortunately, that stuff tends to be rather sparse, and I'd lose out on a lot of otherwise fun options. The increasing popularity of futa/herm/etc content was a godsend in that regard, as it allowed me to take advantage of all things on offer, while keeping things eyesore-free. Nowadays I mostly herm-on-female (top) or herm-on-herm (top or switch) kinda scenarios. If a playthrough is solely "for the sexy", I might even use mods such as SkyFem (or something similar) to banish males from the game entirely.
  10. TanookiTamaTachi

    Weird Breast physics glitch (Solved)

    This kind of looks like an old bug that happened when combining HDT hair and HDT body XMLs that weren't compatible with each other, which would cause the character to collide with itself. Most modern HDT hair and HDT body XMLs should not cause that, however.
  11. Uh, I think you might have uploaded the same file twice...?
  12. TanookiTamaTachi

    Site questions, comments, and suggestions

    Thanks for getting the site back up, Ashal.
  13. TanookiTamaTachi


    MO's popularity seems to have risen recently, and unfortunately that means there's a lot of people around using it without knowing anything about it ? MO generally expects that the archive root folder corresponds to the data folder, and that there is at least one "canonical" folder (or a plugin or an archive) in that root folder. (Well, unless it's a fomod installer or something like that, those things have their own rules.) While MO attempts to recognize one level deep nested data folders, it's a lot more brittle that using the top level.
  14. TanookiTamaTachi


    This "MO2 requiring an esp" stuff is complete nonsense. If MO can't find any of the default folders (\textures, \meshes, \f4se, etc.) and no plugin or archive file, it will basically warn the user "Are you sure this is correct? This doesn't look like a mod to me?" Ignoring that warning will install the mod as normal. This is the same for any version of MO. If you want MO users to not get that warning, I suggest instead including an empty \textures folder, as that won't cause people to accidentally waste an esp slot. Also, not including a top-level \data folder, as that throws most mod managers off.
  15. TanookiTamaTachi


    Oh, I see. Shouldn't that be in the patch be then? But well, I guess if it's harmless, then it doesn't matter. It's really just the sheer volume of logged errors that had me concerned, catching exceptions a hundred times per second just doesn't sound healthy for performance.