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  1. Uh, I think you might have uploaded the same file twice...?
  2. TanookiTamaTachi

    Site questions, comments, and suggestions

    Thanks for getting the site back up, Ashal.
  3. TanookiTamaTachi

    [AAF] Animation Position Tags (APT)

    MO's popularity seems to have risen recently, and unfortunately that means there's a lot of people around using it without knowing anything about it ? MO generally expects that the archive root folder corresponds to the data folder, and that there is at least one "canonical" folder (or a plugin or an archive) in that root folder. (Well, unless it's a fomod installer or something like that, those things have their own rules.) While MO attempts to recognize one level deep nested data folders, it's a lot more brittle that using the top level.
  4. TanookiTamaTachi

    [AAF] Animation Position Tags (APT)

    This "MO2 requiring an esp" stuff is complete nonsense. If MO can't find any of the default folders (\textures, \meshes, \f4se, etc.) and no plugin or archive file, it will basically warn the user "Are you sure this is correct? This doesn't look like a mod to me?" Ignoring that warning will install the mod as normal. This is the same for any version of MO. If you want MO users to not get that warning, I suggest instead including an empty \textures folder, as that won't cause people to accidentally waste an esp slot. Also, not including a top-level \data folder, as that throws most mod managers off.
  5. TanookiTamaTachi

    School of Sappho/Lesbocracy

    Oh, I see. Shouldn't that be in the patch be then? But well, I guess if it's harmless, then it doesn't matter. It's really just the sheer volume of logged errors that had me concerned, catching exceptions a hundred times per second just doesn't sound healthy for performance.
  6. TanookiTamaTachi

    School of Sappho/Lesbocracy

    I haven't found any wonkiness in-game, but in the log I'm getting a fuckton of errors related to les_scripted_triggers.txt lines 21, 33, 45, and 57, which refer to a "female_council_law_" that I can't find defined anywhere in this mod, the required mods, or vanilla.
  7. TanookiTamaTachi

    Synth Player Gynoid AlphaTest

    Regarding my earlier comment on food and stimpaks still working: I used FO4Edit to inspect my load order for any possible conflicts. I do not have any conflicting mods. But, I can see that the SynthPlayer.esp modifies "RestoreHealthGeneric", "RestoreHealthChem" and a bunch of other MGEF records so they do not apply to the player. However, that change has not been made to "RestoreHealthFood" or "RestoreHealthStimpak", which are actually identical to the Fallout4.esm master file. This is using the current Update 180901 and was also true for at least the last 3 versions. (Also, the esp modifies a bunch of ALCH records like "WaterDirty" or "RadX", doing nothing but renaming them in some weird way for no apparent reason. Is there any purpose for these overrides?)
  8. TanookiTamaTachi

    Synth Player Gynoid AlphaTest

    Regarding the gender recognition thing, could it be that the script runs before the initial LooksMenu scene is completed? I've had problems with other mods wrongly recognizing the player as male if I installed them before creating a character. (As far as I understand, in that scene, the male character is the player, while the female is an npc. They get swapped around after the fact if the player chooses to be female,) Either way, I've been quite enjoying my time with this mod, it manages to strike a nice balance with giving me something to manage without ever getting too annoying. Though there is some things that jumped out at me: - I seem to still be able to be healed by food and stimpacks as usual (Might just be a mod conflict...?). Not that they're of much use, mind you, with the natural regenerative ability totally outclassing them in the long run. - This one is probably working as intended, but it is quite humorous to me that the best way to maintain my robotic body seems to be regularly going for a swim. Cooling + rads, yay! - The only thing that I found mildly annoying was that I would rapidly overheat while wearing any worthwhile armor. Armor having an actual downside is an interesting balance to have to care about as a player, but as-is this makes Power Armor mostly unusable. In fact, during the initial Concord quest, I found myself forced to ditch the power armor after jumping from the roof during the raider fight, just so I could use it afterwards to fight the Deathclaw without immediately getting boiled.
  9. TanookiTamaTachi

    Futa Mod?

    While the modern sense of the term "futanari" may have been popularized in the west only starting with Toshiki Yui's "Hot Tails" (1993) , the term has been used since at least the 16th century to describe figures of indeterminate or ambiguous sex, androgyny, and various depictions of hermaphroditism, and is sometimes argued to trace back to the introduction of Buddhism to Japan (ca. 7th century), as some Dharmic deities are traditionally considered neither male nor female. The term in modern usage, especially in languages other than Japanese, should certainly never be used to refer to a trans person - that is both hurtful towards the person, and simply incorrect on every level. I'd say the reverse holds also true - calling a hermaphroditic character trans is fallacious, and should be considered insulting to actual trans people. Therefore, if you see a trans person, and think "futa", you're a bigoted idiot. Likewise, if you see futa, and think "trans person", you're an idiot. (P.S. Please excuse the mild ranting here. People using these kinds of terms while having no idea what they mean is one of my pet peeves.)
  10. TanookiTamaTachi

    Futa Mod?

    A transwoman is a person of female gender and male sex, who may or may not have had surgery(-ies) or hormonal treatment to have her body reflect her identity better. This very much refers to real persons, and is therefore not something I would fetishize, personally. A futa (futanari; 「ふたなり」、sometimes 「フタナリ」, 「双成」, 「二成」, or 「二形」, literally: [to be of] two kinds) refers to a hermaphroditic person, that is, a person that possesses functional sexual organs of both sexes (producing both sperm and ova) - nowadays usually with a otherwise feminine appearance. True hermaphroditism does not exist in real humans (at least not in recorded medical history); the term thus always refers to fictional characters. However, hermaphroditic characters have appeared in in fiction and myths since ancient times (see e.g. Hellenic mythology). Since The Sims plays in a purely fictional universe, and, on top of that, already has fantastical inhabitants ranging from vampires to aliens, I don't see much wrong with adding another category of mythical figures to my game, and naming them as such. Especially in case of true hermaphrodites, where any term applicable to real-world humans would be blatantly incorrect. TL;DR: They're different things - trans person: gender and sex disagree, exists in reality. futa: both sexes (hermaphrodite), purely fictional. Do not confuse them. Edit: Not quite technically correct. While especially in amateur hentai or slang, the terms are sometimes interchanged, "futanari" by its literal meaning refers to hermaphrodites only. "New-half" on the other hand is a term that refers to certain trans persons, however their subculture and portrayal thereof can be very different from the western concept of a trans woman, and may often appear downright offensive, as the terms history and usage is closely linked with the sex industry. For androgynous or intersex characters, a common term is 「中性的」 or just 「中性」, meaning "neutral" (as in electric charge, acidity, or grammar), but which can be literally translated as "between the sexes". The official term for intersex is 「間性」, literally translating to "interval/intervening sex".
  11. TanookiTamaTachi

    Futa Mod?

    Noir's Pornstar Cock and Futanari Penis both work for this purpose, and are available in a variety of sizes. I recommend using WW's penis settings to choose your shape and size. If you want your futas to be proper hermaphrodites, you'll also want the Both Option Pregnancy Mod.
  12. TanookiTamaTachi

    Monitor Screen - Black Bar Top & Bottom?

    If you happen to be using ENB, also check if they aren't added by some option there (probably called "vignette" or something), as some preset authors are under the mistaken impression that adding random black bars to the screen somehow makes things more "cinematic".
  13. Unfortunately, Papyrus requires you have the source files for all dependencies available. You'll need the racemenu script source files, which are probably inside RaceMenu.bsa, so you will first need to use a BSA extractor to get access to them. These .psc files go to .../Scripts/Source/ (if using MO, any active mods' /Scripts/Source/ folder will do). You might also need some other mods' source files, including SKSE (they should have been included in its download though) and Skyrim itself (which for some reason are hidden in /Data/Scripts.rar). If you need any other than that, its probably easiest (if a bit time-consuming) to add whatever is missing and try again until it works.
  14. You will need to compile the .psc file into a .pex file before it does anything. See papyrus tutorials and the compiler reference. You will probably want to use the Creation Kit's Papyrus Script Manager (in the menu bar, under Gameplay). If you don't have the Skyrim Creation Kit yet, you will first need to install it from Steam, under Library->Tools.
  15. The limit of +/-2 is defined in script, and therefore relatively easy to change if you've ever done any scripting. The limit is defined in the file ".../Scripts/Source/RaceMenuMorphsUUNP.psc", in the event "OnSliderRequest". The second line inside that event should be "Float factor = 2.0". Change that value as you like. (If you haven't done scripting before, see the creation kit wiki on working with scripts.)